Recently in one of our prayer sessions, we asked the Lord, ?Where are we in the scheme of things? What are you saying about Nigeria? What would you have us do?? and He said to us, “I have the power, I can do all things, but I need helpers of the war. Don?t take the peace of your nation for granted, do more and I will perform more for you.?
?Now these are they that came to David at Ziklag, while he yet kept himself close because of Saul the son of Kish; and they were among the mighty men, helpers of the war.? ? 1 CHRON. 12:1
Reading through the entire chapter, gives us a real insight into the type of HELPERS OF THE WAR God is calling for in this season. The helpers God used in the days of David had these right credentials.
They were:-
???????? Champions
???????? Experts who were fit for battle
???????? Men of virtue, strength and power
???????? Men who were dedicated, discipled and determined
???????? Undistrated men, who were detribalized and loyal to the cause
???????? Men who were selfless, fearless, lion-like
???????? Ready, equipped, prepared for war.

Concerning our nation Nigeria, God has said so many things, and He is able; He has the power to bring every word of those prophecies to pass. But He is calling for helpers of the war ? men and women like the ones that helped David, who would come with one heart, one mind and one language for one purpose – to see God?s word fulfilled in Nigeria.
Yes, we have prayed and taken many responsibilities in the past, but God is saying, ?Do more!? If we desire to see more prayer results then we must pray more and do more. The watchman ministry is for men and women with backbones!
May the Lord make you like one of the David?s mighty men.
Also, feel free to print, photocopy and circulate this Prayer Guide widely among praying people and local assemblies. This Prayer Guide will last for the months of NOVEMBER and DECEMBER 2015.
God bless all who contribute to these Prayer Guides and those who diligently use them.
National Coordinator




As priests of God who are called to intercede for our nation, we must be careful never to downplay the importance of giving praises and thanks to God. Even when it appears as though we have put so much into praying for our nation and have little or no results to show, we must continue to do our duty as priests and let God determine how and when to perform His will. He says in MALACHI 2:1-2, “And now, O priests, this commandment is for you. If you will not hear, And if you will not take it to heart, To give glory to My name, I will send a curse upon you, And I will curse your blessings.? Grumbling and murmuring attract curses but thanksgiving and praises are potent weapons of spiritual warfare (2 CHRON. 20:20-25)
1 TIM 2:1-2
Start today?s prayers by giving thanks to God on behalf of all Nigerians wherever they are in the world; thank God for the men, the women, our youths and children. Most importantly give thanks for the President and all those in authority. The fact that there is a government in place in Nigeria today, contrary to the plans and expectations of the wicked, is the Lord?s doing and He deserves our praises.

LAM. 3:22
Thank God Almighty that Nigeria has not been given as prey to the teeth of global ?lions.? It is by the mercies of the Lord that we are not consumed, for His compassions fail not.

PSA. 106:1-2
Declare God’s praise and thank Him for giving our armed forces and other security agents such level of victory over the insurgence in our land. Praise God for the renewed and sustained determination among the Nigerian armed forces to work and fight together to put an end to terrorism in Nigeria.

EXO. 23:30; JOHN 14:27
Let us continually thank God for the increasing peace in our land. Thank Him for gradually driving back the wild beasts that sought to overrun and devour this nation.? Worship the Prince of Peace who sits enthroned over Nigeria.

PSA. 106:3
Lift your voice and praise God for the various election tribunals that have concluded their hearings and delivered judgement in the past few months. Let us thank God for the shorter timeline that has been set for resolving such issues, unlike before when such cases would be in court indefinitely.
JER. 30:17
On Monday 26th October 2015 the WHO handed over a letter of clearance to the President, declaring Nigeria a polio free nation! Let us thank God for this milestone achievement in our health sector considering some of the cultural beliefs that had to be surmounted in fighting this deformity virus.

1 SAM. 16:7, EXO. 18:21-22
Give thanks to God for the progress that has been made so far in the screening of the various ministerial nominees by the senate. Even as we trust God to take over the entire process and approve the men and women that will do His will, let us thank Him ahead of time for the incoming executive arm of our government.

ACTS 6:7
Praise God for the achievements in the mission thrust of the Church. Thank Him for the open doors and strategies He has given, for soul winning, conferences, discipleship and training programmes, etc.? Recently, through this move of God, Intercessors for India was established by one of our brothers. Give God praise.

PSA. 133:1-3
Thank God also for the coming together of major intercessory groups in Nigeria to form a united body to uphold the cause of the Lord in our nation. Praise God for the Intercessors Without Walls Conference (IWW) that held in January and the monthly covenant prayer platform that has began every first Saturday of the month through this awakening.

1 TIM 1:12
Give thanks to God for delighting in and choosing you to be an intercessor for this nation. By this, He has made you a co-labourer with Himself.

ISA 62:6-7
Praise Him intensely for our spiritual fathers and mothers in intercession who have remained tirelessly consistent over the past three to four decades, labouring over this nation in prayers, covenants, trainings, etc. Thank God for sustaining, preserving and protecting them. Praise Him for helping them to maintain focus and vision in the ministry of intercession.

Praise God for the light that is beaming to other nations of the world through the priests that God has raised in Nigeria for the fulfilment of His purpose in Africa.

PSA. 95:1-7, 100: 1-4
Offer high praises and thanks to God for His goodness and mercies towards you and your family all through the year. The song writer says, ?Count your blessings; name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.? Diligently recount all that the Lord has done for you in these past months, present your thanksgiving with joy and dances before the Lord for His blessings upon all your endeavours.

PSALM 103:8-12
Thank God for not dealing with us according to our numerous sins as a nation. Thank Him for forgiving our many sins as a nation. Despite the fact that wickedness pervades our society, He has always forgiven our sins when we cry unto Him in repentance. Thank Him also for the blood of Jesus Christ by which we receive atonement.

Thank God for the commitment to transparency and accountability that the NNPC has began to show in the month of October 2015 by publishing its revenue and also making the bid of the sale of the Nigerian oil public. Presently Nigeria has over 20 unsold cargoes in the oil market. Let us pray that God would raise buyers for these products.
EXODUS 34: 6-7
Use these exact wordings of the above scripture to proclaim the name of God over NIGERIA and to hallow the sum total of the human endeavours that will take place in NIGERIA. Do this proclamation 7 times.

The Church, which is the body of Christ, is ordained by God to establish His Kingdom on earth. However, the most important need of the Church today is revival and such revival cannot be birthed without fervent prayers. Therefore the call to pray for the Church is the duty and responsibility of every believer as a priest of God.
ROM 12:4-5
Let us pray earnestly for the unity of the Church of God in our nation Nigeria. We may belong to different denominations but as far as we believe in Jesus Christ and the word of God we are one body and must operate as such.

JOHN 13:35, 1 JOHN 3:14-18
Pray that the supreme value of God which is love would be restored in the Church; that Christians would express genuine brotherly love and be willing to sacrifice for one another and for the sake of God?s kingdom.

1PET. 2:9
Pray that the Church in Nigeria would be awakened to the understanding of our redemptive calling as priests and begin to function in that capacity; that we would see every platform, trade or profession as an extension of God’s throne where we are ordained to rule and reign for Him.

2TIM. 2:19-21
Ask God to help the present day Church to embrace, teach, and uphold the foundation of righteousness and Holiness without which we cannot function as priests of God.

1 SAM. 2:30-35
Instead of faithful priests, what we have in the Church today are wolves and lions in sheep clothing who feed on God?s people rather than care for them. Pray that God would sweep them out as He did Eli and His sons and raise faithful priests in the body of Christ who would hear God, do His will and teach others the ways of God.
LEV 21:17-21
God requires a priesthood that is not deformed or defiled in any way. Let us pray for the fire of purification to come upon the Church in Nigeria, that she would be purged of all forms of deformity and defilement. Pray that the spirit of conviction and true repentance would come upon the Church to cleanse, purge and prepare her for greater glory (EPH. 5:25-27)

JOEL 2:28-29
Cry to God for a new and unprecedented outpouring of His Spirit upon the Church in this season, so that every bit of lukewarmness in the Church would be flushed out and replaced with the zeal of the Lord.

GAL 5:22-23, 1COR 12:4-11
Pray for the manifestation of the fruits and gifts of the Spirit like never before in the Church, beginning with the baptism of the Holy Ghost to the receiving of ministry gifts.

ACTS 1:8
The reason God endues us with the power of the Holy Ghost is to be His witnesses from our primary locations to the uttermost parts of the earth. Indeed the Gospel has been preached far and wide but there is still much ground to be covered and the labourers are few. Let us pray for a renewed burden in the Church for the harvest of souls into God?s kingdom.

Pray that our churches would engage in evangelism with the right motive. The aim of evangelism and follow up is for the salvation of souls with lasting evidences of repentance, it is not just to boost church attendance or membership. Pray that God would help the Church to get this right by focusing much more on messages of repentance and salvation from our pulpits.

MATT. 28:19-20
God has said in prophecy that Nigeria is the hope of Africa, that He has given Nigeria a missionary spirit and that many Nigerians would be used to plant churches all over the world. In other words, Nigeria has a prophetic part to play in the global harvest of souls. Pray that the words of these prophecies would take hold of the church in Nigeria and begin to move her into its fulfilment. Pray also that Nigeria will not fail God but would do the will of God.

GAL. 4:19
The culture of mentoring and discipling younger believers unto maturity is gradually dying off in the Church. This needs to be revived because it is the process by which virtues, grace and principles are passed on to younger generations of Christians to prepare and guide them in their walk and work with God. Pray that this culture would be revived in the Church to handle the problems of immaturity, irresponsibility and unnecessary rascality that we see among believers today.

Discipleship calls for a great sense of commitment and faithfulness on the part of mentors and humility, submission and teachability on the part of mentees. Pray that we all would embrace these qualities in our respective positions.

LUKE. 11:8
Let us pray against generational gap in the body of Christ. Pray for proper and adequate passing on of the baton of revival to the future generation of Christians in our nation.

LUKE 16:19-31
Joshua said, ?As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord?. Every member of Noah?s household was saved in the time of the flood. When Rahab had the opportunity to be saved during the destruction of Jericho by Joshua?s army, she interceded for her family and they were also saved. Are your family members saved? If you have loved ones who are yet to be saved begin to agonize and interceded for them. Pray for them until God saves them.

1 COR. 9:19-22
Pray also for the Islamic world. There have been astounding testimonies of Muslims converting to Christianity through miraculous revelations of Jesus Christ. Pray that Jesus would continue to reveal Himself to as many of them as are ordained for salvation.

ROM. 1:14-16
Pray also that the Church would be encouraged to express the love of God towards them by preaching the gospel to them more passionately at every opportunity.

(JANUARY 7- 10, 2016)

PSALM 136:1-26
Thank the Lord for the choice of Delta State to host this 36th IFN National Prayer Conference.

PSALM 99:1-3
Ask the Lord to reign in Delta state and Nigeria using this conference as a window of opportunity. Declare that Delta State is the Lords and the fullness thereof.

Also bring repentance for the sins of the Church in Delta State (lies, disunity, prayerlessness, self-centeredness, false teaching, immorality, self will, jealousy, competition, tribalism, idolatry etc.) Repent of all the sins that make the Church in Delta state unworthy of Gods divine visitation.

Lament and repent over the increasing spate of bloodshed, kidnapping, corruption, prostitution, ritual sacrifices, pipe line vandalism, ethnic clashes etc in the state.

Remind God of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross over Delta State and Nigeria and ask Him to show mercy. Plead the blood of Jesus over Delta state, the people, land, waters, heavens, mineral resources, vegetation, etc.

REV 20:2-3, ISA 14:12-15
Bind the territorial prince of darkness over the land of Asaba, Delta State and Nigeria.

JER 10:11, ZECH 13:2
Bind the idols of the land (onitshe, omu, simingi ,aja, mkpitime, ani, ogwugwu, ngene, olokun, umalokon, egbesu, okere etc). Declare to them that the gods that have not made the heavens and the earth shall perish from the earth and from under the heavens. Command these gods to be cast into hell.

MATT 12:29, ISA 27:1
Release the sword of judgment against the ancestral serpent (spirit) of the land, the prince of the power of the air, the water spirit (dragon\crooked serpent) of the land. Declare that their siege over the land and resources of Delta state is broken.

JOB 5:12, EXO 15:16
Ask the lord to arise and frustrate all the wicked plans and devices that witches, occultists, satanic priests, marine powers/agents have made or are about to make against the coming 36th National Prayer Conference.
Pray that the arm of the Lord would be mighty against any spiritual forces that would work against the successful hosting of the conference. Let God cast His fear and dread upon them.

PSALM 24:7-10
Speak to the various gates in the waters, on the land, and the alignment in the heavenlies to lift up their heads for the Lord Jesus to come into Asaba and Delta state.

Bind and command the evil gate keepers to release the people and resources of Delta state for the reign and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

ISA 49:24-26, HOS 13:14
Ask the Lord to contend with the ancients spirits of Asaba and Delta State, the idols and their priests, marine powers and their priests, the witches, territorial princes of darkness, occultists, spirit of the bondwoman religion, all satanic gate keepers etc. Tell the Lord to feed them with their own flesh and cause them to be drunk with their own blood.

Prophesy that the people and resources in the land of Delta State and Nigeria have been ransomed and must be released to the Lord.
Speak to the demons and evil personalities and command them to hear the voice of the Lord. For, all creation shall hear the voice of the Lord.
Pray that in this season of our 36th National Prayer Conference, Zion which is the Church in Delta State would be united in one accord. Pray that the Church would lift up her voice with strength and might to proclaim the name and glory of God.
Pray that God would help the Church to know that good tidings (something good and great) are about to happen in Delta state through this National Prayer Conference. Say unto the cities in Delta State and Nigeria, ?Behold Your God!?
ISA 32:15-18, 45:8
Ask God for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh, the land and its resources in this preparatory stage, also during and after the conference.

Let the Holy Spirit brood over the hearts of the people in preparation for the conference. Request the Lord that in this season of the conference, the heaven will pour down righteousness and the earth will release salvation. Ask God to send the rain of revival on the Church in Delta State and Nigeria.

HAG 2:8-9
Ask God to bankroll the cost of hosting this 36th National Prayer Conference.

Ask the Lord to empower His people with resources in this kairos time. Pray that Individuals, Business, Communities, the State Government, Government agencies, Churches and other organizations would release money, material and human resources to the Lord for the successful hosting of the 36th National Prayer Conference.

PSALM 46:1-11
Declare the above scripture over the Land of Delta State and the people- God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Ask that the glory of the Lord be revealed in the upcoming National Prayer Conference. Pray that God would speak through all the speakers, declaring His purpose, directions, burdens, desires and will for Nigeria.

PSALM 91:1-16
Pray for all those that would travel for the conference, for Gods safety, cover and protection over them. Pray also that God would make provision for as many whose hearts are willing to attend the conference. Ask that the atmosphere over Nigeria would be conducive for the success of this conference- spiritually, physically, economically and politically. Pray for open heavens over the conference and peace in the nation.

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