MATTHEW 14:23-33
23 And when He had sent the multitudes away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray. Now when evening came, He was alone there.
24 But the boat was now in the middle of the sea,[a] tossed by the waves, for the wind was contrary.
25 Now in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went to them, walking on the sea.
26 And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, ?It is a ghost!? And they cried out for fear.
But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, ?Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid.?…
?32 And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased.
33 Then those who were in the boat came and[c] worshiped Him, saying, ?Truly You are the Son of God.? New King James Version (NKJV)

We have no doubt, come to a crucial bracket of time in the history of our dear nation.

NIGERIA, as it is today, can best be likened to that boat in the above referenced scripture; caught in the middle of a mighty sea, in the thick darkness of the night, tossed by angry waves as a result of the contrary wind.

But suddenly intervention came as Jesus showed up in the midst of the disciples’ fear, doubt and confusion and brought them calm, comfort and reassurance.

What He said to them that day, He seems to be saying to NIGERIA today ? ?BE OF GOOD CHEER! IT IS I, DO NOT BE AFRAID?. I am also hearing God say to NIGERIA in the words of Psalm 46:10 – BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD, I SHALL BE EXALTED IN YOUR NATION, I SHALL BE EXALTED IN THE EARTH.

May I assure all watchmen that God has set an open door of divine help before this nation that no demon, men, power, or whatever it is can shut.

Let us therefore, not cast away our confidence because it has a great recompense of reward.

NIGERIA is in God?s hands and even when it passes through the valley of the shadow of death, she shall not die. God will surely intervene and save her.

I counsel you rather, to make the most of this season. Be sure to walk in deep consecration, be properly clothed in the Spirit and learn to follow the leading of God?s Spirit.

Use this PRAYER GUIDE to mobilize other believers to pray and fast as never before so the hand of God’s intervention will come down strongly in our favour. Circulate the GUIDE widely among Intercessors and Prayer Warriors in all Fellowships/local Assemblies.

My prayer is that God will depend on you to make every Prayer Watch strong whether at personal or corporate levels.

This PRAYER GUIDE must not be allowed to stifle the leading of the Spirit in the Prayer watches. This will make the Prayer time exciting and rewarding.


National Coordinator


DAY 1, 8, 15, 22

It is not always easy to give thanks, especially in very difficult circumstances but it is one thing that actually breaks and defeats the power of Satan. It helps us move into higher realms of faith for ourselves and for our Nation. Above all, it really brings pleasure to God?s heart.

Begin today with SSS 23 ? ?To God be the glory great things He has done?

Continue with these listed songs.

Thank you, thank you Lord
Thank you, thank you Lord
Thank you Lord
For many things you have done.

That is why, you are called Jehovah
That is why you are called Jehovah
What you say, you will do
That is what, you will do
That is why you are called Jehovah

Add other songs of praise as led by the Spirit.

Proclaim JOB 12: 13-25

Use the above scripture to declare God?s sovereignty over our lives and the Nation of Nigeria.

Proclaim JOB 26: 6-14

Use it to further extol God?s greatness and sovereignty over all things.

PSALM 65:1-2
Praise waiteth for thee, O God, in Zion: and unto thee shall the vow be performed. O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come.
Let us begin with advance payment of praise to the Almighty God for what He is doing in our country and for what He will yet do in pursuance of His divine agenda for Nigeria, the Church and our generation.

Thank God for the position of Intercession the Church in Nigeria is gradually gaining before God in this season.

Thank God and worship Him for the various comforting revelations and visions received so far in the place of prayer concerning Nigeria. He has not left us alone.

Thank God for the growing understanding of unity and networking amongst watchmen in Nigeria. Praise Him for the success of the just concluded first ever Intercessors Without Walls Prayer Conference.

Read PSALM 135: 4-6
Thank God for choosing Nigeria as a Nation in prophecy and as His peculiar treasure and as a place of His glory.

Thank Him according to JOB 12: 14-15

– Whatever He breaks down in Nigeria cannot be rebuilt
– Whoever He imprisons cannot be released
– He has power to withhold water to produce dryness
– He also has power to send out waters to overwhelm the earth

Read ISAIAH 14: 24:27
Thank God because of His determination that only His counsel and purpose shall be done in Nigeria irrespective of the Ragings of His enemies.

Read PSALM 34: 1-22
Use this to generally thank God for your life, family, personal blessings, vocation, answered prayers, provisions, forgiveness of sins, etc.

Father, we thank you for your mercy over the different tribes that make up Nigeria. Despite our ethnic or tribal hostility and animosity to one another, You have continued to be merciful to us and have kept us together as one nation over these many years.

Thank You Lord for raising intercessors and watchmen who labour day and night for the fulfillment of Your purpose in the nation. We thank You for Nigeria Prays, Intercessors for Nigeria, Wailing Women, Watchman Prayer Ministries ,Ministers Prayer Network, Throneroom Trust Ministries, Gethsemane Prayer Ministries and other national intercessory bodies. Thank You Lord for the work of national intercession at all levels of society.
Our Lord, we thank You for the many results of prayer we see in our nation on a daily basis. We thank You for encouraging us with answers to prayers over national issues. Thank You for the answers to prayers recorded daily at various national prayer altars. Thank You also for sustaining the fire of prayer on those altars.

We thank You Lord for Your interventions at various instances in our history when the nation was at political or leadership crossroads. We thank You for Your intervention during the turbulence of military dictatorships and the June 12 saga. We thank You also for Your interventions during the coups and the unpatriotic attempts to break the nation into fragments. Thank You also for not allowing the civil war agenda to prosper. Father, we say we are grateful that Nigerians did not become refugees all over Africa.

Our Lord, we bless You for the successful elections and transition of governments in the past. Even though we cannot guarantee the credibility of some elections, we however thank you for bloodless and violence-free transition of governments. We thank You Lord for the legal provisions that encouraged these smooth transitions. Thank You for allowing aggrieved politicians to seek redress through non-violent means. We covet your same hand of mercy in our February 2015 elections.

Take personal and family prayers. Conclude by breaking bread.

DAY 2, 9, 16, 23

ACTS 23:11
But the following night the Lord stood by him and said, “Be of good cheer, Paul; for as you have testified for Me in Jerusalem, so you must also bear witness at Rome.”
(New King James Version)

No doubt, the devil is fighting the word of God over Nigeria. He did it also in the case of Apostle Paul who was called to carry the gospel to Jews, Kings and Gentiles. Paul was resisted. He suffered imprisonment for 2years, assassination attempts, experienced storms, shipwreck, viper attacks but in the end, that word of God over his life prevailed. It does not matter what Nigeria is passing through, WATCHMEN must understand that it is a battle to rubbish the integrity of the word of God over the land.

It will surely end in victory for God and the Nation. All we need is to cheer up and refuse to be discouraged by the negative things we may see or hear. The word of God over Nigeria is already settled in heaven forever.

Sing this hymn: –


Courage, brother! do not stumble,
Though your path be dark as night;
There’s a star to guide the humble:
Trust in God, and do the right.
Let the road be rough and dreary,
And its end far out of sight,
Foot it bravely; strong or weary,
Trust in God, trust in God, trust in God,
And do the right.

Perish policy and cunning,
Perish all that fears the light!
Whether losing, whether winning,
Trust in God, and do the right.
Some will hate you, some will love you,
Some will flatter, some will slight;
Heed them not, and look above you:
Trust in God, trust in God, trust in God,
And do the right.

Simple rule and safest guiding,
Inward peace, and inward might,
Star upon our path abiding,
Trust in God, and do the right.
Courage, sister! do not stumble,
Though your path be dark as night;
There’s a star to guide the humble:
Trust in God, trust in God, trust in God,
And do the right.

Proclaim the following scriptures and pray them into your Spirit to encourage and build your faith. ? ACTS 23: 11-35, ISA. 41: 10-20, ISA. 55: 8-13, PSALM 46: 1-END

Pray that God will give us the grace to build enough faith to last us and take us through this period of insurgency.

Ask God to give us courage and enable us to be of good cheer as things begin to unfold in the Nation.

Pray that beyond courage, God will help us with patience and long suffering to endure all that may yet come the way of the Nation during this period of our trial.

Ask God to give us a clear knowledge and assurance of His prophetic calling upon our Nation.

Read ACTS 27: 33-38
Pray that as the faith of Paul helped 276 passengers who travelled with him, that our faith will also be strong to carry many others along.

Pray that after all these clouds of fear and uncertainty we shall witness and experience a new and better Nigeria.

ACTS 23: 11 ? Invite God as He did in the case of Paul, to come and defend the integrity of His word over Nigeria.

Read ACTS 27: 23-25
Ask God to enable us hear Him constantly and clearly in the midst of this raging battle.

ACTS 23: 11 ? Invite God to stand by Nigeria as He stood by Paul during all the period of his trial.

Read DEUT. 28: 1-14
Pray and renew the following seven layers of Covenants over your life and family:
– The covenant of LIFE
– The covenant of HEALTH
– The covenant of SAFETY and PROTECTION
– The covenant of VICTORY
– The covenant of FAVOUR
– The covenant of GREATNESS
– The covenant of SALVATION

DAY 3, 10, 17, 24

Divine intervention can be described as help from GOD to effect a change that is impossible for man. It is a supernatural act of GOD?s help that makes people marvel at GOD?S awesomeness.

We need divine intervention when everything around us physically and spiritually point to a definite tragedy or when GOD?s enemies are almost boasting of their victory over His people.

Presently there seems to be a corporate bewitchment and hypnotism over NIGERIANS to believe a lie, let us therefore pray down the hand of GOD?s intervention to arrest this situation, so that only the perfect will of GOD is done in this coming election.
Begin by singing this song over and over again.

?Only believe, only believe
All things are possible
Only believe?

Read 2 SAM. 23 14-29
Give GOD quality praise and worship because He will always show up at the nick of time. He will never be late in the affairs of NIGERIA especially in the forth-coming general elections.

2 SAM. 23:27
Pray that GOD will raise a holy distraction in the camp of Saul so that David will be spared and crowned according to the will of GOD.

2 SAM. 23:14
Pray that the GOD-factor that delivered David in the days when Saul frantically sought to eliminate him will play out strongly in our coming election. Let GOD make all the difference in NIGERIA?S 2015 general elections.

2 SAM. 23: 16
Request GOD in this election to raise a ?Jonathan? company that will cross over to the Davids? to strengthen their hands in GOD.

2 SAM. 23: 19-20
As the Ziphites were disgraced who volunteered to betray David into the hands of Saul, so shall they be disgraced in NIGERIA, all who have risen up to betray the will of GOD in this coming general election.

2 CHRN. 20: 29
Invite GOD to set an ambush against every camp or philosophy that seeks to defeat the will and purpose of the Almighty for NIGERIA.

2 CHRN. 20: 23
Pray that the enemies of the purpose of GOD in NIGERIA will on their own accord help to waste one another directly and indirectly.
2 CHRN. 20: 29-30
Pray that the fear of GOD will grip our neighbouring countries when they will hear how GOD fought for NIGERIA during this election. As it happened during the reign of Jehoshaphat, ask GOD to bring NIGERIA unusual calmness and rest both during and after this election.

Read ESTHER 6: 1-14
The night before Mordecai was to die, GOD intervened and he was rather honoured and promoted. This is the year the enemies of NIGERIA have plotted to destroy her ? let us cry out to GOD and say ? JEHOVAH INTERVENE and honour NIGERIA instead.

Declare and say even if it remains one day for NIGERIA to die, GOD will intervene and save her.

When GOD intervened in the case of Mordecai, the death intended for him never occurred. Let us in the same vein, decree that the deaths, humiliation, shame, dismemberment and evil expected of NIGERIA this year will not occur.

ACTS 12: 5-9
The night before Herod was to execute Peter GOD intervened and sent him an Angel who masterminded his release.

In this crucial year, 2015, when the destiny of NIGERIA is hanging on the balance, let us request GOD to dispatch strong Angels to every polling station, wards and constituencies to forestall danger and violence.

ISAIAH 37: 33-35
As it happened to the king Assyria, pray that all the enemies of NIGERIA will be forced to make a ?U? turn because GOD will intervene to defend NIGERIA for His name sake.

PSALM 20: 1-4
NIGERIA seems to be passing through a time of trouble. Pray that GOD will intervene and hear the cry of the praying community in this season. Pray that the name of the GOD of Jacob will defend NIGERIA and that He will send her help from His sanctuary.

In the natural, NIGERIA is like a plane about to crash. Therefore, pray and say ?Father in our situation in NIGERIA INTERVENE! Declare this 21times.

DAY 4, 11, 18, 25

Begin today?s prayers by singing this simple song many times

?Amen, I have found Jesus
Amen, He is able to do all things?

Proclaim ACTS 12: 1 ? END

ACTS 12: 1, 1 CHRN. 12: 32
Pray that GOD will give the church in the nation an understanding of the times in which we live, that the church may collectively receive a spiritual appreciation of what is going to. Help us to know that beyond politics, the ?Herods? of this world have stretched out their hands to harass the church..

ACTS 12: 13-15
It is so evident that the church in ACTS 12 prayed in fear and unbelief. Ask GOD to deliver and heal the church in NIGERIA from fearfulness, unbelief and confusion. Present yourself, mention your name request GOD to look into your heart, soul, mind, thoughts and deliver you from every trace of doubt and unbelief. Ask Him to anoint the church in this season with confidence.

ACTS 12: 7
The first thing the Angel did when he showed up in Peter?s prison was to wake him up. Pray as follows: – LORD stir us up to really wake us up. Help us to be thoroughly spiritually awake. Ask Him to quick our mortal bodies by the Holy Spirit in this season to do His will.

ACTS 12: 8
Notice that the angel said to Peter ? ?Put on your garment and follow me?.
We cannot contest it that most of us are not properly clothed in the realm of the Spirit. Let us therefore ask GOD to help us put on humility, love, kindness, tenderness of heart, righteousness, shield of faith, girdle of truth, bowels of mercy, iron and brass for our shoes and indeed the whole armour of GOD.

ACTS 12: 13-16
Reading this account, one cannot fail to see that unless GOD intervened, that church, though they prayed could not have made any progress.

Let us pray that GOD will deliver us from all the spiritual and mental blocks, locks, shackles and gates that impede us. Notice what time it took to open the door and their wrong perception that ?it is his ghost?. Ask GOD to deliver us on every side and bring us up to the speed of GOD.

ACTS 12: 9-10
One of our greatest undoing as the church is inability to follow the will of the LORD especially when it comes to the matter of elections and this has kept this nation moving in circles.

Let us ask GOD to forgive us for following political calculations, tribal sentiments, money, fickle fables and spurious promises instead of His will.

JOSHUA 24: 15
Let us on behalf of the church in NIGERIA enter into a covenant that from this period, going on, we shall follow the will of LORD, follow the Holy Spirit, no longer promises by men, money or anything else especially during general elections.

In our repentance, let us acknowledge that none of our tribes went to the cross to save us, none of our tribes filled us with the Holy Spirit, but when it comes to election matters, we make it look like GOD doesn?t know enough to direct and instruct us. Let us cry out in lamentation and plead for GOD?s mercy and forgiveness.

Notice as Peter followed the angel and his instructions, the chains fell off his hands, gates opened of their own accord. He was released from prison. Let us repent of all the divine interventions we have denied this nation by refusing to follow the will of GOD, especially during elections in this nation. Ask GOD to have mercy on the church.

Ask the LORD to loose the church from the shackles of unbelief, chains of fear that impede us and make us refuse to believe even the answers to our prayers.

GAL. 3: 3
Let us repent of our unresolved idolatrous backgrounds that make the devil use any small thing to manipulate and bewitch us in the church. Ask GOD in all sincerity to examine your foundation to see if there is anything that predisposes you to sorcery and enchantment such that you are easily deceived into corruption and falsehood.

The Israeli election campaign is in full swing. All primaries are over and most of the parties? lists of candidates are complete. This election slated for the 17th March 2015, is coming at a crucial time as we see more chaos, confusion and anti-Semitism rising up in the world, as well as a more dangerous situation developing surrounding Israel.

Pray from LEV. 25: 23; EZEKIEL 36: 5; JOEL 3:1-2
Lord, You have said Israelis are often stubborn and stiff-necked. Use that for good as they see that Prime Minister Netanyahu is the only real electable choice to stand up to the world powers wanting to divide Your land.

DANIEL 4: 25
Lord, overrule and raise up Your chosen servant to lead Israel into the future. “?until you know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He will.”

JER. 3: 14-15: 23: 3-4
Almighty One, we remind You of Your precious promises to Israel, that when You bring them back to this land, You would give them Shepherds after your heart.

We ask for an overwhelming victory to be given to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party, to be able to run this nation with a minimal amount of compromise.

PSALM 115: 1-3
Abba Father, give us a government through whom You can be glorified in Israel.

Pray for protection over the nation of Israel from the deceptive manipulation of most of the media – both Israel’s and internationally.

Lord, deal with the huge arsenal of missiles in Hezbollah’s possession.
Give the Israeli Defense Force a map and plans to take this threat out of existence.

Continue to give Israel game-changing weapons.
Reveal the truth of Syria’s nuclear program and give wisdom to Israel as to what to do.

DAY 5, 12, 19, 26

Our power to overcome Satan is based on Jesus Christ?s exaltation in heaven, having conquered sin, death and the grave. He rose for our justification and is now exalted above every name that is named not only in this age but also in the age to come. At His name, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord. It is on the basis of these indisputable facts that we make bold to instruct and pray to control the heavens, waters and earth of NIGERIA so they will align to the purposes of God for us in this New Year.

Sing this song many times to commence today?s prayer.

In heaven, He won the battle
On the Earth, He won the battle
In the sea, He won the battle
Praise Jesus, the Man of War

Proclaim PSALM 148: 1-END

PSALM 19: 1-6
Proclaim the victory of the cross over NIGERIA as we into this New Year that the Lord has made. Command the heaven to declare the Glory of God and the firmament to declare His handiwork, over the nation in this Month of February.

Speak to the heavenlies – the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets in the galaxies ? to abort, delete and cancel whatever covenants, agreements and pacts that have been made with them to enable God’s enemies prevail and dominate the most of this February in NIGERIA.

Pray to halt any powers or Agencies seeking to manipulate the courses and the ordinances of the moon for evil purposes against the peace and unity of NIGERIA in this month of February.

Prophesy into Satan?s archives in the heavenlies and destroy all files, records, programmes, handwritings and ordinances against the church and the Nation in this February of 2015.

Cancel and render null and void all incantations, divinations and enchantments made into the heavens to negatively manipulate and control the destiny of the land, government and people of NIGERIA in this month of February.

Renounce all evil inheritances, patterns and cycles of violence, deaths and destruction in all territories especially the North East of NIGERIA in this month of February.

Petition the Father, Jehovah the Man of war to shake the foundations of everything that is hidden in the heavenly bodies used to orchestrate violence, deaths, destruction, and evil hegemony over NIGERIA..

We renew and strengthen the altars of the Lord in all locations in NIGERIA and provoke them to fight and destroy the works of the enemy over individuals, families, institutions, states, cities and the nation of NIGERIA in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

ISAIAH 27: 1
?In that day the Lord – with His severe sword, great and strong ? will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent; Leviathan that twisted serpent. And He will slay the reptile that is in the sea.?

Pray to break the powers of the leviathan and the waters spirits that inhabit all the bodies of waters in NIGERIA. Destroy all legal rights and grounds that give them reason to operate in the affairs of the Nation.

ISAIAH 28: 18
We cancel, revoke and vacate and destroy all covenants, tokens and agreements made with you water Spirits by the leaders. Those covenants, pacts and agreements are hereby declared null and void in the name of Jesus.

Every sacrifice (human or animal) made in any body of water in the Nation to draw power by wicked men is hereby rendered useless and declared null and void by the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ the Son of the living God.

According to PSALMS 24:1, the land and all its fullness belong to God, therefore we proclaim and declare to all false gods and powers (claiming ownership of NIGERIA) – You have not made the heavens and the earth.

We command you to perish in the name of Jesus. For the scripture says in JER. 10: 11, ?Thus shall ye say unto them, The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, even they shall perish from the earth, and from under these heavens.”

We revoke all contracts, pacts, agreements, covenants, obligations that evil men have made with the mountain gods, forest spirits, queen of the coast, queen of heaven, grave spirits and demon-ancestors. We forbid you to speak into this New Year in Jesus name.

According to ISAIAH 2: 2-4, we proclaim the exaltation of the mountain of the Lord?s house over every mountain of this location.

From this day, we decree that all who will work upon this earth of NIGERIA will begin to hunger after, seek for and submit to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ and His church.

This land will no longer devour its inhabitants thereof in Jesus name. In this year 2015, we silence all evil speakings from the earth of NIGERIA (graveyards, road junctions, mountains, forests, groves, all evil altars, all praying mats, witches covens, the rivers and all other water bodies) by the superior speakings of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We proclaim a new dawn and a new day of peace, unity, progress, development, revival and sanity to you, oh land of NIGERIA.

DAY 6, 13, 20, 27

This 15th Year season no doubt is a time of manifestation of GRACE as never seen before. The Church as well as the Nation ought to experience the glory of grace in a more spectacular dimension. Let us approach today?s prayers with this in mind.

Start with this hymn

Amazing grace! how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch; like me!
I once was lost, but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.

?Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
And grace my fears relieved;
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed!

The Lord hath promised good to me,
His word my hope secures;
He will my shield and portion be
As long as life endures.

When we?ve been there ten thousand years,
Bright shining as the sun,
We?ve no less days to sing God?s praise
Than when we first begun.

Thank God for bringing us into the season of triple or multiple grace and ask Him to help us find grace in all our endeavours in 2015.

PSALM 140: 1-11
In this season, our character must be in conformity with the season of rest. Let us therefore repent of various sins outlined in the scripture above including imaging mischief, planning wicked actions and speaking to slander people. Pray for grace to confirm to the protocols of the times so that we can enjoy the blessings of the seasons.

The season of grace is connected to the time of rest and release into new directions. Ask God to help us experience true rest from all restiveness as well as release us into new directions and dimensions of doing things to the glory of God.

Let?s ask God for grace to receive what we don’t even deserve despite our negative dispositions to the things of God as individuals and as a nation. Mention them: peace; security; rapid development of human capital and capacity, adequate allocation of resources to all sectors etc

2 CHRN. 15: 1-19
That God will give the Church, a revelation of His word on how to possess the land and be relevant to the kingdom service/agenda.

That we will begin to move by grace and not by sight and deepen our hunger for righteousness and holiness in these last days.

When a man finds grace, he takes responsibility and does what will distinguish him from others like Noah, Ruth and Esther. O Lord, grant me the grace to do better things that I have never done before for your glory and kingdom.

PSALM 102: 13
Announce to the heavens and the earth of Nigeria that the Lord’s time to favour and manifest His graciousness over our country has come.

2 COR. 2: 11
Ask God to open our eyes of understanding to the situation around us and to uncover the enemy’s devices against our nation.

ISA. 62: 6-7
Remind the Lord not be silent over the accusations, character assassinations, campaigns of calumny and other schemes of deceit in the coming elections.

2 THESS. 3: 16
Pray that the grace of God will overturn the fears and insecurity that seem to have covered the nation. Declare that God is our peace and that He will give us peace always and in all ways.

Read JER. 16:19-21
Ask the Lord to show forth His hand of grace and might over this election. Let us silence the voices of mockery against our nation’s destiny.

Invite the heavenly army to overtake, undertake and assist the security agencies and other physical measures being put in place for the safety of lives and properties of our citizens during and after this election.

Ask God to remember that by His grace of divine election; Nigeria is still His inheritance in Africa – the first-born of the African nation, hence, His investments over us shall not be wasted especially within this season of general election.

Overthrow every hidden agenda by INEC, political parties and other interested agencies in this election; let us insist that only God’s sovereign will must be done.

DAY 7, 14, 21, 28

God is the Almighty. He is eternally capable of being all that His people would need at any point in time. When we call Him the El Shaddai, we call Him by His true name, because He is indeed our sufficiency. Let us go into this day?s prayers with this understanding.

Sing this song many times to commence today?s prayers.

?Jesus never fails
He will never fail
Heaven and Earth shall pass away
But Jesus never fails?

Proclaim PSALM 91 loudly two times over the nation NIGERIA.

PSALM 91: 1
Decree and declare that because the watchmen in the nation are dwelling in the secret place of prayer, that the coming election will hold under the shadow of the Almighty.

PSALM 91: 2
Declare that JEHOVAH is the Refuge and Fortress of NIGERIA. He is the only God in whom NIGERIA will trust all through this month of election and beyond.

PSALM 91: 3
Decree and declare that God will surely deliver NIGERIA from all the satanic traps of wicked and desperate politicians.

Ask GOD to protect and deliver NIGERIA from every perilous pestilence that may be stirred against her from any satanic altars and thrones.

PSALM 91: 4
Heavenly father, in this season of election cover the entire nation of NIGERIA with your feathers of love and peace. Cause NIGERIA to take refuge under your wings. Go ahead and enlarge this prayer.

PSALM 91: 5-6
Prophesy and say ? NIGERIA,
You shall not be afraid of any terror by night.
You shall not be afraid of any election arrow that lies by day.
You shall not be afraid of any election pestilence that walks in darkness.
You shall not be afraid of any election destruction that lays waste at noonday.

Generally, pray and break the siege of fear over the nation of NIGERIA in this season.

PSALM 91: 7
NIGERIA, a thousand nations may fall at your side, as a result of terrorism and political turmoil, ten thousand others at your right hand, but it shall not come near you. You shall not be a failed nation. Your case and story shall be remarkably different.

PSALM 91: 8
Heavenly father, do something drastic that will give NIGERIANS the opportunity to witness the reward, and disgrace of all the wicked “human lions” in politics and governance. Lord, Cause them to drink of the cup of your fury. Make this prayer strong.

PSALM 91: 10
NIGERIA, because the Praying Community in you is relying on the Most High, therefore no “election evil” shall befall you; neither shall any “election plague”come near your dwelling ? GOD shall be into you an Abiding defense against all political and “election affliction” in Jesus name. PRAY!

PSALM 91: 11
NIGERIA, GOD shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your states, cities, polling stations and communities. They shall bear you in their hands all through the period of election and beyond. You will not crash as a nation, you will not dash your feet against any stone. Pray this hard.

PSALM 91: 13, ROM. 16: 20
Pray that the GOD of Peace will crush Satan and all his wicked agents – the human lions, cobra, young lions and serpents under the feet of NIGERIA. Let them discover that their strength is so small to destabilize this nation.
PSALM 91: 14-16
NIGERIA, because of the cry of the church in your midst, GOD will deliver you and set you on high; your citizens will call on GOD this season and He will answer you; He will be with you even in trouble; He will deliver you from all evil and honour you. GOD will cause you to live long; He will satisfy you and show you His salvation.

Nigeria, you will defy the negative prophecies of international Observers; You will remain a United nation, never to be fragmented.

Take personal and family prayers. Conclude by breaking bread.

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