I am building a people of power

I am building a people of praise

Who will move through this land by my Spirit

And will glorify my precious name.


Build your Church Lord

Make us one Lord

Join our hearts Lord,

Make us one Lord

In the body

In the Kingdom of your Son.


The words of this song depict the mind of God in calling for co-labourers. God wants us to labour together with Him but not by our own strength or wisdom.

He desires to build, prepare and equip us for every level of Kingdom assignment.

The parable in Matthew 20:1-16, makes it clear that the Lord is constantly calling for labourers at every hour. He is not calling for Christians or church-goers but co-labourers; people who will bear burdens with Him, bear the heat of the day if need be, conform to His principles by refusing to complain and by show casing Him in every place.

To become a co-labourer with God you must understand the requirements for acceptable service.

Jesus says that on judgement day, there would be two groups of people; one group will be told, ??Well done, good and faithful servant??, while the other will be told, ??Depart from me, I know you not, you workers of iniquity?? (). Note that both groups served, they laboured ? but how? The ?how? determines the reward. How have you been doing the work of intercession?

It is time to call ourselves to order once again by the Spirit of God, and enlist in the Lord?s camp so that we can be built into a people of power; a people of spiritual maturity and Kingdom focus.




1ST ? 30TH





Many nations of the world are currently grappling with diverse magnitudes of crisis as a result of wars, collapsing economies, terrorist activities, natural disasters, etc. There is indeed a shaking of the nations as prophesied in HAGGAI 2:7, but God has helped Nigeria. Despite our national issues and challenges, it could have been worse if it had not been the Lord who was on our side. Despite all we have gone through, Nigeria still exists as a nation. Therefore we have many reasons to praise and thank the Lord.

Start today?s prayers by singing praises to God; worship Him from whom all blessings flow.

2 CHRON 20:22-25, PS. 20:1-2

On August 15, 2015 Ahmed al Assir, an ISIS chief cleric was arrested with a Nigerian visa in Beruit Lebanon on his way to Nigeria via Egypt. Only the angel of the Lord could have made such arrest possible because the ISIS chief cleric was heavily disguised. Give God quality thanks and praise for watching over the destiny and the borders of Nigeria. (PS 127:1)

Another world notorious terrorist also was recently arrested in Germany as he attempted boarding a flight heading for Nigeria. A Cameron journalist was also arrested while spying into the Nigerian refugee camp in order to gather information to smear the image of the nation. Give God the glory for all these testimonies and many others that we cannot count.

PS 18:37-42

Also, the Department of State Services (DSS) in liaison with Aviation Security of Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (NAIA), Abuja, recently arrested a 14-year old boy for spy networking with terrorists. This is the doing of the Lord! The arrest was made while on a routine check which revealed a spying network mounted by the Boko Haram terrorists. The boy was assisted by an airport official who is at large at the moment. The new strategy of these under-cover terrorist agents is to bear both Moslem and Christian names and apply any as occasion demands. But God in His mercy turned their wisdom to foolishness. Give Him thanks. (1 COR. 3:19-20).

Praise God for the renewed zeal and determination of the Nigerian armed forces in the prosecution of the ongoing war against insurgence and terrorism. Praise Him also for the victories they have achieved so far. DEUT 20:4, 1 COR 15:57

Give God thanks for the Government’s show of leadership and public support in fighting insurgence and terrorism in the country. A few weeks ago the National Security Adviser (NSA) alongside four other service chiefs went to Maiduguri for reassessment of military operations in the North East and renewed their efforts to put an end to the insurgency and return the North-east to the path of orderliness.

Give thanks to God for improvements in the areas of intelligence gathering, synergising, and training of personnel, coordination as well as provision of the necessary equipment for prosecuting the war against terrorism.

Thank Him for bringing an end to mutual suspicion among the security operators and the renewed determination to work and fight together to put an end to terrorism in our dear nation Nigeria.

By September 5, 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari would have done 100 days in office. Thank God for all the arms of government – the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary, that despite the initial rumblings and turmoil, things are gradually settling down. 1 TIM. 2:1-4, HAB 3:17-19, 1THESS 5:18

Praise God for the extent of help and support that Nigeria has received so far in this war against terrorism and insurgence. ISA 49:23

Praise God for the rising good image and respect that Nigeria is galvanizing in the committee of nations and particularly in Africa. The healing has begun! Praise God for this and thank Him in advance that this testimony will not be truncated until Nigeria truly becomes a nation of integrity. 2CHRON 7:14

PS 136:1-4, 57:7-11

Give thanks also to God for the just concluded 35th National Prayer conference in Abuja, with the theme ?Labourers together with God.? Thank Him for the peace and security in the nation all through the period of the conference, the journey mercies, preservations, protection, provisions and the word of God that came expressly. Ask that the Word would take hold of every hearer and empower them to become co-labourers with God ? EZE 2:2

PS 65:2

Thank God for answers to all the prayers, deliberations and spiritual transactions that were carried out in the conference.

Present your personal thanksgivings before the Lord; thank Him on behalf of yourself, your family, business and other endeavours.

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