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November 2015 Prayer Guide

PREAMBLE Recently in one of our prayer sessions, we asked the Lord, ?Where are we in the scheme of things? What are you saying about Nigeria? What would you have us do?? and He said to us, “I have the power, I can do all things, but I need helpers of the war. Don?t take the peace of your nation for granted, do more and I will perform more for

October 2015 Prayer Guide

INTERCESSORS FOR NIGERIA PRAYER POINTS FOR OCTOBER 2015 CONTENTS SUNDAY?? ?? Thanksgiving and Praise MONDAY? ??? Prayer For The Church TUESDAY? ?? Prayers For The Church WEDNESDAY ? Prayer For Nigeria THURSDAY ?? Prayer For Nigeria 2 FRIDAY ???? Weights And Measures SATURDAY ?? Prayer For Israel ================================================================================================================================ Preamble In the year 1517 when Martin Luther wrote his 95 thesis that led to the protestant reformation in those days, the

August 2015 Prayer Guide

PREAMBLE A popular hymn says ? Christian seek not yet repose Hear thy guardian angel say Thou out in the midst of foes Watch and pray. It is the attitude of many Christians to seek repose; to retire or withdraw the moment they have some respite or peace. But as soldiers in the Lord?s army, every intercessor must know that it is in the time of peace you train and