Theme:?Recovering Our Territorial Inheritance

  • Speakers:
    Pharm Iheanyi Uzoma
    Bro Joshua Israel
    Apostle Uche ?Ogbuja
    Pst Ugochukwu Obi

Date: 7th – 9th May, 2015

Venue:?St. Andrew?s Ang. Diocesan Church Centre (DCC) Anglican Communion beside Nkwo Triangle Nnewi.

Scriptures: Jeremiah 12:14, Ezekiel 36:12 Joshua 2:9, Job 35:8, Ezra 4:13, Genesis 6:1-4


Prayers led by Pst. Ugochukwu Obi

The Conference Commenced with a Spirit filled Prayer session by Pastor Ugochukwu Obi thereafter was a welcome remark from Bro. Chris Okechukwu and the Chairman, Local Organizing Committee – Bro. Ephraim Edeh.


Apostle Uche Ogbuja’s Ministration

Speaking on Recovering our Territorial inheritance, Apostle Uche Ogbuja said that God expects every one?to Guide, watch over, Beautify and Maintain the territory God?has placed them in, just like the case of Adam and EVE.


From Left to Right: Apostle Uche Ogbuja. The National Coordinator, Pharm. Iheanyi Uzoma and Bro Joshua Israel

As born again Christians we have been given a divine inheritance from God, we should let go of every thing that hinders us from achieving our God given inheritance.


Listening to the Word.

Shortly after the Sermon, was a Prayer of Cleansing for the Nation led by The National Coordinator, Pharm. Iheanyi Uzoma.

Dealing with the Giants from the North was a topic taught by The National Coordinator on Day 2 (8 May).


Pst. Ugochukwu Obi & The IFN National Coordinator, Pharm. Iheanyi Uzoma

We were made to understand that there are several giants opposing the continent of Africa;

Religion of the Sword
Western Civilization
Africa Idolatry


To deal with these giants we must use Kingdom principles and methods of approach. David killed goliath not with weapons of Mass destruction but by Faith in Jehovah. Likewise the Goliath’s we face today, until our obedience to God is complete we cannot judge them. We must preach the gospel to all Nation and in doing so note that the Ministry of the Gospel is a twofold Mission;

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