37th National Prayer Conference

Amidst Word expositions, prophetic declarations and outpourings of the Holy Spirit, the 37th Intercessors for Nigeria Prayer conference themed “I WILL DO A NEW THING” held between Wednesday 7th and Saturday 10th of September 2016 at Royal Tropicana Hotel, Utako Abuja. Here are excerpts from the Conference teachings:   PLENARY SESSION 1 TITLE: UNDERSTANDING THE CONFERENCE THEME – ‘BEHOLD I WILL DO A NEW THING.’ SPEAKER: Dr. Steve Ogan SCRIPTURES:

Lance Lambert Prophesies, Given At Mount Carmel, April 1986

It will not be long before there will come upon the world a time of unparalleled upheaval and turmoil. Do not fear; it is I the LORD who am shaking all things. I began this shaking with the First World War, and I greatly increased it through the Second World War. Since 1973 I have given it an even greater impetus. In the last stage, I plan to complete it

Prophetic Word For Great Britain: Saturday 6 August 2011

Hear the voice of the Lord, O Isles that I have so greatly loved and favoured. I the Lord the Almighty, I took you when you were nothing, clothed with skins and woad, and through My saving power, I made you great. When you were nothing, through My Word and your faith in Me, I lifted you and made you Great Britain. Through many awakenings and many revivals, stage by

International Intercessors Leaders? Conference: (Word From The Lord Released Through Lance Lambert)

CALIRAYA, LAGUNA, PHILIPPINES SUNDAY 2 NOVEMBER 1998 My anger is stirred up, says the LORD, against the nations; for they are dividing My land and seeking to destroy My heritage. My furious anger is like a boiling cauldron against those powerful states that have produced such strategies, and who by pressure and manipulation are seeking to implement them. Now I will become their enemy, says the LORD, and I will

Prophecy Given Through Lance Lambert: Monday 3 November 1992 In Jerusalem

INTERCESSORS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Hear this that I speak, says the LORD, and wait upon Me in stillness. You shall not be afraid of the turmoil that will shortly come upon all the earth, for the days of judgment have begun, and I will overthrow, and overthrow, and overthrow. I will not cease until the real spirit and character of fallen man manifests itself. I will allow My adversary, Satan, one

Prophecies Concerning Nigeria

INTERCESSORS FOR NIGERIA GOD?S PROPHETIC AGENDA 1983- National Prayer Conference Christians Students Social Movt. (CSSM) This year was the year of the coup that ousted the Shagari Government. The Lord spoke to us as we gathered in prayer in Port Harcourt, not even aware that a coup had taken place. ?Son of man say to Nigeria; though you have passed through the valley of the shadow of death, thus saith