My anger is stirred up, says the LORD, against the nations; for they are dividing My land and seeking to destroy My heritage. My furious anger is like a boiling cauldron against those powerful states that have produced such strategies, and who by pressure and manipulation are seeking to implement them. Now I will become their enemy, says the LORD, and I will judge them with natural disasters, by physical catastrophes, by fire, by flood, by earthquake and by eruptions. I will touch the seas, and the atmosphere, the earth and all that is within them. Moreover, I will touch them where it will hurt them the most, for I will touch their power and the foundations of their affluence and prosperity. I will smash their prosperous economies, says the LORD. They sit like potentates, so safe, so secure, believing in their own cleverness and wisdom and power; but I, the LORD, I will cause them to stumble. I will lead them into confusion and disorder. I will blind them and delude them so that they will make mistakes because they have not regarded Me, nor honoured Me; but rather they have devalued Me, deriding My word and ignoring My covenants.

For too long have I been quiet, says the LORD, but now will I arise in overflowing anger and fury. In dividing My land and seeking to demoralize and destroy My people, Israel, they have thrown down the gauntlet. I, the LORD of Hosts, the Almighty One, I will take them on.

Therefore, you who know Me, whom I have redeemed and saved at such cost, who seek to serve Me and to stand before Me in the place of intercession, learn to abide in Me. For all these storms and troubles will come upon both the redeemed and the unredeemed. I am your true refuge and shelter. Do not fear but trust in Me and I will be your strength. Beware of uncommanded work that you may not uncover yourselves and become casualties. For all that which I command you to do, there is grace and power and wisdom and you will be fully covered.

Do not fear, says the LORD, for I am in charge and I will fulfill all My purpose. Out of this turmoil, I will bring a saved multitude beyond number from amongst the nations. And I will bring the Bride, the Wife of the Lamb, using the pressures, the afflictions and the turmoil, to purify and to refine her, if, only in a faithful remnant. And in the midst of all this shaking, in the very eye of the storm, I will save Israel. For I will open her blinded eyes and her closed mind and her locked heart and she will recognize her Messiah, her LORD and her Saviour. Tenderly and with unfailing love and I lead Israel. She who is bespattered with blood, persecuted and hated, I the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, will bring out of this turmoil, redeemed and with glory.

Therefore in love, fear Me, says the LORD, your Saviour and your Deliverer, and learn to wait on Me and wait for Me. To such I will look, to those who have laid down their lives for My sake, who have humbled themselves before Me; to them will I open My heart, and reveal My mind and give understanding. For those that wait for Me shall never be confounded nor ashamed. But the self-centered, the self-serving and the self-contained, those who are proud and superior, they will be broken, says the LORD. Put your trust in Me alone. Let me be your all and you will come through this time with treasure, for I will be your eternal and unfading treasure.



Do not fear the conflict you are in, says the LORD, for I will be your refuge, your shelter and your triumph. This present strife is nothing compared with what is soon coming. It is but the prelude for something much more powerful and serious. Do not be afraid for I am in these storms and I am preparing and equipping you to stand in what is coming. I am shaking the nations, even the great world powers and I will make them as harvest dust, especially those nations who became great and powerful through My grace and My Word but who are now rejecting ME.

Do not fear for out of this shaking will come multitudes whom I shall save. They will come from Russia and Asia and every nation that was affected by Marxism. I will also reap a huge harvest out of Islam, in the day that I will break its power.

For I have seen its cruelty and its wickedness, says the LORD, and I will judge as I judged Marxism. I will cast it to the ground and shatter its power and influence, and humble its arrogant spirit. In that day I will avenge all the blood it has spilt, and my faithful and precious ones whom it has martyred. Young men and young women in multitudes will come out of Islam, saved by my grace and filled and anointed by My Spirit, to serve me with boldness and power. You shall see it and rejoice and you will worship me. For I have not forgotten those who served me in those lands and saw little fruit. In that day their prayers and their sacrificial service will be remembered says the LORD.

Do not therefore fear the events that are coming. For those who dwell in the secret place will find safety under the shadow of My wings, and in an especial manner, in ways that you have not known before, I will be your refuge, your shelter and your fortress.


Do not fear neither be dismayed for that which is coming upon the face of the earth, for I am with you, says The Lord. Nevertheless I have a serious controversy with the nations. They are seeking to divide My Land says The Lord, the land that I covenanted to give to Abraham and to his seed after him through Isaac and Jacob, as an everlasting inheritance. This I will not allow without devastating judgment upon those nations who pursue this plan. I have arisen with intense and furious anger and will not back down until I have destroyed their well-being. I will cause their economies to fail, and their financial system to break down, and even the climate to fail them! I will turn them upside down and inside out and they will not know what has hit them, whether they be super powers or not. For I am the only One, the Almighty God and besides me there is none to compare.

Do they believe that in their arrogance they can contradict and nullify covenants that I the Almighty have made? Do they believe that they can change what has gone forth from My mouth with impunity? It is My Word and My decree that has gone forth concerning the seed of Abraham. It will not be changed by man. I and I alone am Almighty. Do not fear!

For this reason a new and a far more serious phase of judgment is commencing. Do not fear, it is I who is shaking all things. Remember that in Me you have peace but in the world tribulation. Trust Me! I am shaking all things so that which cannot be shaken may remain. When all your circumstances become abnormal, discover in Me your peace, your rest and your fulfillment.

In this phase the old and powerful nations will become as if they are third world countries, super powers will no longer be super powers but countries such as India and China will arise to take their place. A great company of the redeemed will come out of these two countries. In all this change, do not fear.

I know your weakness and your tendency to fear, but do not be dismayed at these things. In the midst of all this shaking, this turmoil and strife, there are two peoples that lie at it’s heart, the true and living church and Israel. I will use these matters, these events, to purify one and to save the other! Do not fear, above the storms, the shaking, and the conflict, I am the Everlasting and Almighty One. In Me you cannot be shaken, you can only lose what is not worth holding!



It is well with you that you intercede for Israel that she be saved, for it is My purpose to save her. I will complete the circle of Redemption that began with Abraham and my promise that a great nation would come forth from him, and that in him would all the families of the earth be blessed. And so it has happened! For Israel became the vehicle through which My Word has come to all the nations; And also My Salvation; and the knowledge of My Purpose. From this nation, above all, came the Messiah. Soon the fullness of the Gentiles will have been saved, and I will turn again to Israel, to My Jewish People. They shall be reingrafted into their own olive tree, and My promise to Abraham will be gloriously fulfilled. Then their hardness of heart will melt, their blindness be turned into sight, and their suffering to radiant Glory. This is My determined purpose, and I shall not be turned from it. It will shortly begin to be fulfilled. I will turn all their weakness into unbelievable power, and I will use this nation as the last witness to the world as to who I am.

Take very seriously what is taking place in the Arab world. It is no good for Israel! It is not a move toward freedom and true democracy, but an enormous gain for militant Islam. They will seek to annihilate and liquidate Israel, but they will not only fail; their strength and power will be broken, and a huge harvest of souls will be saved from amongst them.


Hear Me, I call you to intercession! It will not be easy. All the powers of My enemy are centred and focused on stopping this people from coming into My Redemption and Salvation. But he will fail! I look therefore for those who will stand in the gap, who will build up the wall; those who will stand in the place of intercession.

Shortly also I will begin more serious judgment on the Western nations. I will bring them to nothing; I will turn them upside down; I will grind them to powder. They will not know what has hit them. It will seem as if there is nothing left of what once I worked in those nations; Especially that Superpower. I will bring it to weakness; she will no longer be super, but a pity of the nations.

Hear this Word of Mine; I call you to intercede for those who belong to Me in those nations; that they will be saved from it! Hear this cry. My heart yearns for those who belong to Me, that they might be clear in their understanding, clear in the way that they are to walk in the midst of all this. Do hear Me! For I speak to you who love Me, and who have this morning remembered Me; I do not desire judgment, but judgment of the most serious and devastating kind will fall upon those nations. Hear this Word from Me, and obey My call to intercession!

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