A British Newspaper recently published a remarkable story of an Interview with a Terrorist who was complaining about the failure of Hamas to do huge damage inside Israel, despite firing hundreds and hundreds of rockets and missiles at the Jewish people. He had a unique explanation: ?Their God changes the path of our rockets in mid-air.?

Brethren, our PRAYERS to God of Israel matter a lot! Israel is not just defended by the courageous men and women of the Israel Defence Force (IDF) and the Iron Dome Missile Defence System. Israel is defended by the Unseen hands of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. That same God is the God of Nigeria.

He is our Judge, our Lawgiver, our King and He is the one keeping Nigeria
(ISA. 33:22). We should therefore never hold our peace day or night, nor keep silent. We will give Him no rest till He establishes and till He makes Nigeria a praise in the earth. (ISA. 62:6-7).

Recently I had a dream in a Retreat in Lagos that has again boosted my confidence in this God of Israel. For want of space, let me share only the Scripture God gave to explain the dream.
2 KINGS 3: 16-17
16 And he said, “Thus says the Lord: ‘Make this valley full of ditches.’
17 For thus says the Lord: ‘You shall not see wind, nor shall you see rain; yet that valley shall be filled with water, so that you, your cattle, and your animals may drink. NKJV

God is saying ? if you can raise me Prayer Altars all over this troubled Nation, then get ready for an uncommon, sudden and supernatural intervention from My presence. This to me is very exciting.

It is, therefore my pleasure to send out the Prayer Guide for the Month of August.

Please don?t let this Prayer Guide limit your liberty in observing these Prayers. Feel free to use the first 30minutes to generously worship and enjoy God?s presence before latching on to the prescribed prayers for the day.

As usual, I encourage you to make copies and circulate widely in churches and fellowship groups.

Finally, may I encourage you to plan to participate in the forthcoming National Prayer Conference of the INTERCESSORS FOR NIGERIA slated for the 3rd- 6th of September in Abuja. Check out other details in APPENDIX I. God?s hand of help will never depart from you.


1ST AUG. ? 31ST AUG. 2014 (12MIDNIGHT ? 3AM)

DAY 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

God is ALL we have in this life. He is our refuge and strength. Let us truly appreciate and exalt His awesome majesty as we sing this song.

?Lift Him up Higher
?Lift Him up Higher
?The Lord is Good
I will lift Him up Higher
Everywhere I go
I will lift Him up Higher.?

???? Proclaim JOB 38: 1 ? END
Use it in prayer to acknowledge and declare God?s omnipotence over all the problems and challenges we experience in our lives and as a Nation.

???? Proclaim 1 CHRON. 16: 24 -36
Use it to further give Him glory and extol His greatness over all the Earth.

???? Proclaim 1 SAM. 2:6-10
Declare all God?s abilities as evidenced in these verses of scripture. Crown Him the Lord of all History.

???? Proclaim EXODUS 15:1-18
Let us use this to give God advance praise and thanks for what He is poised to accomplish in Nigeria.

???? Proclaim JOB 9:4-13
Use this passage to celebrate the sovereign power of God over and against the abilities of man.

???? Proclaim JOB 12:16-25
Go ahead and eulogize Him for all His capabilities as reveled in the above scriptures.

???? Proclaim JOB 26:6-14
Prayerfully reflect and magnify God, His great power and awesome majesty as shown in the scriptural passage.

???? ISA. 46:9-11
Lift up your voice and declare that there is nothing that is greater than God. He does all things according to the counsel of His will.

???? ACTS 15:18
Praise Him generously because known unto Him are His works from eternity. He already knows what He will do in Nigeria.

???? ISA. 42:8
Praise Him because He is a God of Jeaslosuy who will not share His glory over Nigeria with no other.

???? Proclaim PSALM 5:4-6
Magnify His greatness according to the words of this scripture.

???? Proclaim PSALM 7:11
Repeat this proclamation 7 times.

???? Take personal and family prayers ? Conclude by breaking bread.

DAY 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Begin By Singing This Song:
Jehovah is your name
Mighty warrior
Great in battle
Jehovah is your name

???? Proclaim NAHUM 3:1-END
The past few weeks have been high spiritual seasons. Satanists the world over, have been making Sacrifices and Enchantments. They practice witchcraft and sorcery under the guise of religion and tradition. Their fasting and enchantments are ways of spoiling for Power, Control and Dominions.

Let us therefore pray as follows:

???? ISAIAH 52:11
Ask for grace to walk in holiness, avoiding all defilement and touching nothing unclean.? This is the correct insurance against witchcraft.

???? Read NAHUM 3:19
Pray against all forms of witchcraft activities that have been strengthened over the last one month by continuous enchantment.

???? The Lord is currently shaking the Kingdom of darkness and their major structures are daily being destroyed by the hand of the Lord. Pray therefore against their satanic activities to heal themselves through sending afflictions to the Church. Insist that their injury will have no healing. Declare that Nigeria will be their burial ground.

???? Read NAHUM 3:4
The spirit of Ishmael cannot survive without sorcery, witchcraft and manipulations.? This is the means by which she sells Nations and she has sold quite a lot. Ask the Lord to buy Nigeria and Her destiny back in whatever capacity we have been sold as a people.

???? Read NAHUM 3:5-7
Invite the Lord to visit and take vengeance against the network and priesthood of witchcraft in every area of governance and authority in Nigeria.? Let them not cease to suffer public shame and disgrace.

???? JER. 10:11
Renounce the witchcraft invocations made around coven circles.? Cancel the sorcery invoked using the four elements:? Wind, Fire, Earth and Water.? Command these elements to rebel against all their enchantments.? Command the elements to praise the Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth.

???? Proclaim MICAH 3:6-7
Pray that there will be no vision to the camp of Ishmael.? Let the Sun go down over their prophets and let their seers be ashamed and confounded.? Let there be darkness over the strong enchantments of those who demonically hijack the affairs of Nations.

???? PSALM 148:1-END
Ask the whole creation to revolt against the army and camp of Ishmael and their just concluded global enchantment.

???? The Sun and the Solar Winds
???? The Moon and Stars
???? The Mountains and Hills
???? The Clouds and the Rains
???? The Planets and the Constellations
???? The Pleiades, the Archturus
???? The Orion and the Mazzaroth
???? The chambers of the South
???? The water and all water Creatures
???? The Ancient trees, animals, and Peoples
???? The creeping thins and flying birds
???? All things visible and invisible

???? Take Personal/Family prayers and give God praise for answered prayers.

DAY 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

Starting with this Warfare song
Send down fire
The Holy Ghost fire
Send down fire again
The Holy Ghost fire

???? Proclaim ISAIAH 47:1-15

???? Use ISAIAH 47 to pray against the activities of Queen of heaven networking with the spirit of witchcraft. Command them to come down from their throne and sit in silence and darkness in Jesus name.

???? Read ISA. 10:27
Ask the Lord to break every negative programming of evil, chaos bloodshed and calamities by the camp of Ishmael. Let the anointing of the Lord destroy their yoke over the nation of Nigeria.

???? 1 SAM. 12:23
Witchcraft thrives least in prayerless environment. Deal with the wave of vanities, distractions, sleep and weakness they project to make a greater part of the Church carefree, drowsy and prayerless.

???? ISAIAH 25:2
Ask the Lord to ruin all the satanic fortifications and infrastructure raised to strengthen and sustain witchcraft activities and the Jihadic ministry of the spirit of Ishmael in the Nation.

???? PSALM 59:12-15
Deal with the Curses of witchcraft together with their associated arrows, falsehood, spell and ceaseless bloodshed in the Nation.? Let the wrath of God sweep and consume them out of the way of His people.

???? COL. 2:15, PSALM 59:12-15
Lift up the cross of Jesus and declare that it is the terminator of all curses, spells, satanic bewitchments over you, your family, business, finances Church and Nation.

???? AMOS 5:7-9
Plead with God who made the seven stars and Orion to overturn the sentences of witches and sorcerers against our families businesses, church, the presidency, Nigeria.

???? ISA. 64:1-3, PSALM 144:5-7
Ask God to rend the heavens in His fury and anger and come down in Nigeria. Let the mountains, the strongholds, the covens, the esoteric centres, the satanic altars and thrones fall down at His presence and melt as wax melts before fire.

???? Ask God to instruct the territorial angels to set unquenchable fire on covens, shrines and witchcraft altars in the cities of Nigeria, especially in Abuja.

???? ISA. 29:6, JER. 17:27
Invite God to visit all shrines, occult houses, groves, traditional trees, sanctums, covens in all geo-political zones in Nigeria with thunder, earthquake, great noise, hailstones, tempest, and flame of devouring fire.

???? Let the Lord turn the shadow of death situations in our lives and circumstances unto the morning. Let Him strengthen us against the army of Ishmael and their strong witchcraft network.

???? AMOS 9:1-6
In this month of August, ask the lord to stand upon His altar to fight for you, your family, the Church, Nigeria and Israel.

???? Finally proclaim REV. 5:1-14 and use it to acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus over the spirit of witchcraft behind terrorism in all the 36 states of Nigeria and Abuja.

DAY 4, 11, 18, 25

???? Begin by singing this song many times:

In heaven He won the battle
On the earth He won the battle
In the waters He won the battle
Praise Jesus the man of war

???? Open your mouth with strength and speedily proclaim NAHUM 2:1 ?
ZEPH 1:12 (100 verses in 20mins)

???? Command these proclaimed 100 verses of scripture to move the stars in their courses to fight against all the suicide bombers and troublers of Nigeria.

???? READ PSALM 74:3-4
From this scripture ask the Lord to lift up his feet and step into all the perpetual desolations in Nigeria and bring judgment upon all that the enemy has done in the land. Let Him silence their voices and break their banners.

???? NAHUM 2:11-13
This is God?s declaration of war against all the networks of wicked human lions in the land. Lift up your voice and declare it 7times and turn it into prayers

???? Pray and invite God as the LORD OF HOST, MAN OF WAR and as the LION of the tribe of JUDAH to visit the strategic hideouts, installations and strongholds of every terrorist organization in Nigeria

???? Raise a mighty lamentation against the renewed activity of terrorists who are now recruiting your girls wearing hijabs as suicide bombers and changing tactics just only to hunt down innocent lives.

???? EZK. 12:21-28
Declare that henceforth none of God?s word of judgment over the house of Ishmael in Nigeria shall any longer be postponed or delayed. Plead with God to sovereignty hasten the ruin and burial of this house.

Prophesy that Boko Haram and all it represents shall be a proverb that shall be laid to rest in this country.

???? READ EXODUS 7:10-12
Ask God to extraordinary empower the Rod of the church in this season to swallow the evil rod of the wicked in the land.

???? HOSEA 9:14
Pray and target the spiritual womb and breast of Boko Haram. While the womb speaks of the source or foundation of it, the breast refers to means of nurture and discipleship. Invite God to scuttle the whole structure with miscarriage and dryness.

???? DEUT. 27:18
Ask God to begin to expose those behind radicalizing and indoctrinating youths into suicide bombing. Decree that God will take vengeance on them to cut them off from the land of the living.

???? EZEKIEL 7:3
Pray that all the contemporary sons of “Haman” and all those who promote terrorism and insecurity will be judged fiercely in this season. Let God recompense upon them all their abominations.

???? Prophesy the following scriptures against all the Apostles of terrorism who have renewed their vow to unleash misery and destruction on Nigeria and Nigerians

-??? ISA. 33:10-12 ??? ??? ?- PSALM 37:35-36
-??? PSALM 37:10??? ???????? – JER. 17:18, JER. 15:2-3

DAY 5, 12, 19, 26

GEN. 1:9-12
???? Thank God for Nigeria as a territory that came to be by divine will not that of Nigerians.

???? Thank God for the fruitfulness of the land of Nigeria, a place where things grow on their own, a watered and blessed land.

???? The National Conference has recently unanimously adopted a proposal that Nigeria should revert to the Old National Anthem. Many have argued that it is a better expression of the Nigeria spirit. Let us today rehearse the two Anthems as well as the National Pledge and use it to renew our commitment to this land of our inheritance. APPENDIX II
???? If words can make a country great, Nigeria ought to have been the envy of the world because of the solemn and great words of both our Anthem and National Pledge. Most times we regurgitate them without understanding the grave implications and responsibilities inherent in the lyrics of the Anthems as well as the content of the Pledge. Take generous time today to turn these Anthems and Pledge into PRAYER POINTS.

???? Whatever ways you have felt short changed, policies of government, acts of government, relations who have suffered, whatever complaints, find in your heart to forgive the Nation.

???? Repent on behalf of ourselves and Nigerians for the lack of value for this treasure of God (the 3rd most endowed Nation on the earth) which God has entrusted to us.

???? GEN. 2:7-8, PSALM 49:20
Repent also for lack of value for ourselves whom God has elected as divine treasurers over NIGERIA

???? PSALM 105:11, PSALM 115:16
That God will use the forth coming INTERCESSORS FOR NIGERIA National Prayer Conference to renew in us the understanding that the Land is our inheritance. Pray that God will touch our hearts to love the land of Nigeria and be married to her.

???? EZK. 32:23-26
Prophesy that because the earth belongs to God, the merchants of blood and death shall not possess the Land of Nigeria. Decree that idolaters shall not possess this land.

???? GEN. 2:5-8
Lord please bring a fresh breath of His spirit upon us so we will be alive to all the responsibility which this divine and great inheritance places upon us.

???? As we draw towards 2015, let us pray that all efforts and demonic intrigues to dismantle the Nigeria state as predicted by agents of Babylon be defeated and paralyzed.

???? ISA. 52:10
Pray that God will lay bare His Holy hand to sovereignly rescue our Chibok girls and that this will be a great sign in the eyes of all the Nations.

???? PSALM 104:9, PSALM 125:2
Use these scriptures to set a boundary over the president?s life such that no assassination attempt shall succeed against him.

DAY 6, 13, 20, 27

???? Proclaim ACTS 15:1-29

The whole essence of the National Conference is to re-engineer the Nigeria Nation and to give it a new beginning. It became a platform to talk, dialogue and reach consensus on how to better live together and be governed.

???? JAMES 5:16
Thank God for the opportunity it has offered Nigerians to speak the truth to one another.

???? Thank God for all the revelations of injust

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