A popular hymn says ?

Christian seek not yet repose

Hear thy guardian angel say

Thou out in the midst of foes

Watch and pray.

It is the attitude of many Christians to seek repose; to retire or withdraw the moment they have some respite or peace. But as soldiers in the Lord?s army, every intercessor must know that it is in the time of peace you train and prepare for war. You don?t begin to train when your enemy is already at your door step; that is not the time to declare a fast, engage in vigils, prophetic actions, etc.

From the happenings at the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus taught us to pray before our battles arise. Before the mob came to arrest Him; Jesus travailed in prayers and asked His disciples to do the same, but rather than pray, they slept. When the mob arrived, Jesus said to the disciples,

?Arise, let us go?

At that moment the window of opportunity to pray closed. In self defence and in a bid to defend the master, Peter pulled out his sword and began to fight the mob. But Jesus said to him. ?Put back your sword?. Making them to understand that that was not His method. He had already won the battle in prayers before it arose. Prophet Isaiah puts it succinctly when he said, ?Seek ye the Lord while He may be found?.

Brethren, this is the time to arise and do prayer walks and journeys while the opportunity lasts. A time may come when you would no longer have the liberty to enter certain quarters to do prophetic actions.

This is the time to pray as if the enemy is right at your door steps. If the peace that we have in our nation today came as a result of prayers, then we need more prayers to sustain it. We need to pray more to win more victories.

Let us seek the Lord while He can be found. Let us work the work of Intercession while it is day, for the light comes when no one can work.

May I encourage you to print out this guide and circulate it widely among praying and concerned watchmen and churches.


God bless you


National Coordinator





1ST AUG. ? 31ST AUG. 2015 (12MIDNIGHT ? 3AM)

DAY 1,8,15,22,29


Watchmen owe it as a duty to daily thank God for Nigeria. It is only when we count our blessings and name them one by one that we get surprised at how God is keeping and sustaining our Nation. Unfortunately most times, we are so preoccupied with the obvious challenges around that we fail to appreciate His never- failing tender mercies and compassions on our Nation. Let us therefore dedicate today?s prayer time to appreciating and thanking the Almighty on behalf of Nigeria.

  • Begin by taking 3 or 4 songs of Thanksgiving and praise.
  • Proclaim PSALM 145, 146, 147
  • Let us extol the God and King of Nigeria for His unsearchable greatness. Give Him praise and bless His name forever and ever. He has sustained Nigeria as a Nation up till now. He enabled us hold a successful National Elections and Inauguration of a new government that surprised the world. We will never thank Him enough for that.
  • Recently adultery has been legalised in South Africa by the Constitutional Court; Gay marriage legalized in America by the Supreme Court; Incest has been legalized in Germany; Japanese Court has ruled that Adultery is okay for business purpose. Thank God that despite this growing global rebellion and abominations against the God of heaven, Nigeria has taken a strong stand to remain on the side of God.
  • Before Mr. Buharis? celebrated trip to America, Nigerians were apprehensive that he may be pressured into legalizing homosexuality in Nigeria by Barak Obama. Thank God that our President clearly stated there that sodomy is against the law in Nigeria and abhorrent to our culture.
  • Thank God for Mr. Presidents? successful diplomatic shuttles that have seen him visiting many nations and conferring with many powerful world leaders. Thank God in advance for the benefits these trips will finally bring to the nation.
  • NNPC on Wednesday 29th of July announced that Port Harcourt and Warri Refineries have successfully restarted production after a 9 month phased rehabilitation. It is also hoped that the Kaduna refinery will also come on stream soon. Let us give God praise as those developments will drastically reduce the amount of fuel the nation will now be importing.
  • Let us thank God nonetheless for the Nigerian troops that have increased the tempo of their offensive as they killed many terrorists during a recent combat operation in Borno state. They also recovered lots of weapons.
  • Thank God for the recent financial ?Bailout? to some states in Nigeria to enable them pay outstanding salaries of workers. Though some commentators have argued against it, the truth is that it has brought some relief to many families whose breadwinners have been owed salaries for more than 9 months.
  • Let us also thank God for the inauguration of the 8th National Assembly with election of the Principal Officers, one of which is a born again Christian ; Hon Yakubu Dogara, the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives who is a member of the Living Faith Church.
  • Give God thanks that after one month of break the senate on 28th July 2015 resumed plenary and has finally filled all the ten leadership positions in the Red Chamber after so much ?horse trading?.
  • The House of Representatives has recently named Femi Gbajabiamila the majority leader. This has helped to calm the house that has been frayed for weeks by leadership tussle since its inauguration on 9th June 2015. Give God quality thanks and praise for this development.



  • Acknowledge and Praise God as Lord over creation and thank Him for our calling as co-heirs with Christ. PSALM 24:1-2; ISA. 33:22
  • Thank and praise God for the governmental authority that He gave to us as a Body.
  • “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him [shall] the gathering of the people [be].”GEN. 49:10;
  • Renounce the spirit of ignorance arising from lack of consciousness of who we are: as representatives of God here on earth. GEN. 32:28; PSALM 49:12


  • ISA. 11:1-2, GEN. 41:38

Ask for the endowment of the Spirit of God upon the Body of Christ: for the birth and release of the ‘Josephs’ and the discovery of the ‘Daniels’ of this generation.

  • Proclaim DAN. 5:11-14

Ask God for the following through the Joseph and Daniel generation:

  1. Release of Christians who will distinguish themselves in the nation’s public

service in the current dispensation

  1. Christian public servants and true Ambassadors of the Church through whose distinction in public service God would be glorified. EPH. 3 : 7- 11
  • Pray that God would create opportunities for service, elevate and show-case

Christians as solution providers both in the public and private sectors.

GEN. 47:5-6

  1. That He would raise men of sacrifice, personal discipline and integrity who

would eschew the lures of public office.

  1. Just as Joseph’s brethren were brought and introduced to Pharaoh; and

Daniel’s 3 friends were appointed by Nebuchadnezzar. Pray that God would

raise and anoint Christian leaders with the kindred spirit. Let the spirit of selfishness and vindictiveness Christians be destroyed.

Take personal/family prayers, give thanks for answered prayers. Seal it by breaking bread.


DAY 2,9,16,23,30



Right from the time of election till now the President has maintained that anti -corruption will be one of the cardinal programs of his administration. He has always been quoted as saying, ?unless Nigeria kills corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria?. This also lines up with the scripture that – Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people. We will do well to pray along this line in today’s prayers.

  • Let us come before The Lord now in humility and let us not take His love and mercies for granted… The scripture says that He sets Himself against the proud but gives grace to the humble… JAMES 4:6, 2 CHRON. 7:14
  • Let us bring confessions of our individual sins to The Lord. From the sins of malice, hatred, anger, resentment, greed and covetousness etc. Let us ask God to have mercy upon us and forgive us.
  • Let us confess our individual involvement in the wicked sins of corruption in our society, let us humbly and truthfully tell God our contribution to this evil that has made our nation to stink and sink into hopeless frustration.
  • 1 SAM. 2:12-17,22

Now we must represent the Church in confession of her contribution to the sins of our nation and the society, especially the evil of corruption, tell God how we have aided and covered corruption by both the leadership and membership of the body of Christ.

  • Let us also confess the sins of corruption in all the many places of our nation, from Politics, governance, business & marketplace, public and civil service, to our institutions of learning, our Customs, Police, Immigration, all arms of the military, our families and Foreign Service etc.
  • Let us confess the corruption in our traditional institutions, our royal fathers and their thrones have been politicized, our chieftaincy stools, titles and honours are so terribly corrupted, we are products of these royal thrones.
  • Bring confessions of our family sins, the corruption that started from the breast of our mothers, to the instruction of our parents, teachers and our associations of friends etc.
  • COL. 1:14… Bring the blood of Jesus Christ to make atonement for us, our families, our cities our nation, and the Church of Jesus Christ in Nigeria.
  • Ask God to redeem us from His wrath and judgment that we rightly deserve for our sins of corruption.
  • Let us bring renunciation of the evils of corruption at all levels of our national lives and break the power of this monster over our leaders and citizens alike.
  • Let us also renounce the agents of corruption who have infiltrated our institutions and agencies of governance, from the Military to the Police, from the Customs & Immigration to Institutions of learning, from our homes to the Public and Civil Service etc.
  • MATT. 15:13

Insist that Corruption will not become our way of living, ask The Lord to visit the roots of corruption and to uproot this evil system and way of life.

  • Ask God to arise and dismantle the powers, systems, supporters, sympathizers and supply system of Institutionalized Corruption in our nation and the Church.
  • JOB. 15:34 – Invite the LORD Almighty to judge the spirit and mystery of corruption in every area of our nation.
  • Specifically ask God to grant Mr President the boldness and will to deal with all who are convicted on charges of corruption and embezzlement of public funds. Pray that in fighting corruption he will do it excellently without treating any persons as sacred cows.
  • The National Assembly has hitherto been a cesspool of corrupt practices, working in tandem with high profile citizens to rip off the nation. Bring strong Lamentations over the monumental frauds that have characterized the National Assembly.
  • The Security Agencies are critical in our fight against corruption, ask the Lord to visit and judge agents of corruption in these security agencies, especially those 5th columnists.
  • Ask God to help our men and women in Uniform at our seaports, airports & boarders, especially the Customs, ask that God will judge the corruption among them and that God will purge them of the evil seeds among them.
  • Oh’ LORD arise and contend in battle with wicked contractors and other agents who collaborate with officials to do sub-standard contracts at all levels in our government and society.
  • Pray that The Lord will visit the marketplace and overthrow the altars and thrones of corruption and judge those that that minister upon them in Jesus name!
  • Pray that Church leaders will stand strong against the evil of corruption and preach boldly against it and be examples of purity and excellence in service.
  • Ask God to destroy all forms of corruption in our educational sector, especially the matters of cults, occultism, prostitution and exam malpractices.
  • Pray that the Spirit of God will be poured out mightily upon our institutions of learning to blot out cultism and bring in mighty transformation to our educational sector.
  • Pray for the supervisory bodies and other unions in our educational system, like WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, ASSU, NASSU, NUC, etc. Ask God to visit them, root out corruption and make them strong to bring about qualitative and affordable education to all Nigerians and other people.


DAY 3,10,17,24,31



Begin today’s prayer time by singing 3 or 4 worship songs.

  • Proclaim NEH. 5: 1- 19


  • ISA. 33:22

Let us lament before the Almighty God that our Nation does not have a unified legal system: The dichotomy between the Sharia legal system operating in the Northern States and Common law legal system operating in the Southern States is responsible for deep cleavages in the nation.

  • Ask the Lord to unify our legal systems to make for proper nation building. Ask Him to shake Nigeria?s legal structure and remove every provision that promotes any group of people over the other.
  • Ask the Lord to compel this new administration to look into the National Conference documents and adopt the resolutions on the National question and translate them as bills to the National Assembly.
  • Pray for all the Nations Judiciary heads: Supreme Court Chief Justice, President Federal Court of Appeal, Chief Judge of Federal High Court, the Attorney General of the Federation. Ask the Lord to use them to dispense and guarantee justice in this nation. DECLARE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AS THE CHIEF LEGAL OFFICER, AND CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE NATION OF NIGERIA.
  • Let us lament before the Lord for the multitude of injustice against the poor in Nigeria: massive corruption in the Nigerian Prison Services regarding feeding of prisoners, poor prison conditions, conspiracy between the Police and the courts to extort money from helpless Nigerians. The rich buy justice and the poor have no access to legal aid. Let us plead with God for reforms in the nations justice system.
  • 2 KINGS 9:16-37

The Criminal Justice System in Nigeria is weak against ?white collar crimes?. Let the Institutions responsible for enforcing the laws be reorganized, with the injection of God fearing men and women who have the righteous zeal of Jehu, to enforce the laws against law breakers no matter their status in society.

Certain ethnic nationalities are denied justice in the nation of Nigeria. Let us plead with God to revisit the National Conference resolutions, and enforce them through legislation so as to establish a new foundation of justice and judgement for all the ethnic nationalities that constitute Nigeria.

  • PROV. 21:1 The Kings heart is in the hands of the Lord. Let us present President Mohammed Buhari and the 36 Governors before the Lord and ask Him to take hold of their hearts and cause His fear and dread to come upon them.
  • Ask the Lord to give them visions of a new Nigeria built on righteousness and justice. That the Spirit of the Living God will begin to circumcise their hearts to do justice and judgement with their various mandates.
  • President Buhari in his inaugural address said: I belong to everybody, and I belong to nobody: Proclaim that these words will ensnare him, that he be delivered from Regional, Religious and Party stranglehold, and be a father to the nation of Nigeria. ISA. 21: 22
  • Ask the Lord to raise Nationalistic leaders around him to help him drive his agenda of change. Pray for real Structural, and Institutional changes in the political and economic administration of Nigeria. PROV. 25: 5
  • Ask the President and the Governors form their cabinets, and appoint advisers, pray for wisdom to appoint prudent men and women, competent people to man various positions in the Federal and State administration.
  • Pray that no irresponsible and corrupt Shepherds will make it into this Federal Executive council that will soon be constituted. EZK. 34:1-10
  • Let the Lord deliver these would -be ministers and key government Appointees from every form of profligacy and make them accountable to the electorate.
  • Let corrupt leaders who won elections through manipulations be dethroned.
  • Let the Electoral tribunals be fair judges to dispense justice wherever it was denied by the Electoral umpire. ISA. 1: 26
  • Ask the Lord to bring healing upon Nigeria through these new set of Political leaders. NEH 5:14-16
  • Take personal/family prayers, give thanks for answered prayers. Seal it by breaking bread.


DAY 4,11,18,25


Begin by singing one or 2 hymns

  • Proclaim ACTS 15:6- 29


Since the inauguration of the 8th National Assembly on June 9th 2015, the Assembly has been rocked with crisis at both the upper and lower chambers. Thank God the Senate and the House of Representatives have both resolved all their crisis and finally appointed their principal officers.

  • Declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ over the two chambers of the National Assembly and proclaim Him as the LAW GIVER IN THIS 8th session.

ISA. 33:22

Discipline is a key indispensable ingredient required for any enterprise to be successful. Unfortunately this has been in short supply for so long among our legislators.

  • Let us bring repentance for all acts of indiscipline as has been displayed in the National Assembly in recent times.
  • Pray for the restoration of dignity, respect for law and order, humility, honesty in the National Assembly.

The 7th National Assembly failed to fulfil the mandatory constitutional requirements for house sittings and were only able to pass 108 bills in 4 years. They ended up passing 46 bills within 10mins, which many saw as legislative rascality.

  • Let us pray that this 8th Assembly will excel and leave a much more enviable legacy.
  • Pray that the Lord will now stir up the hearts of the members of the NASS to do His will and be concerned with the issues that affect the masses of Nigeria.
  • Pray that the members of the National Assembly will properly articulate the needs of Nigerians and have a well-defined 4 year strategy of making laws that will address the major challenges facing the nation instead of doing nothing till the last minutes
  • Pray that the members of the NASS will have regular interface with their constituencies and become representatives of these constituencies indeed.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to brood over all the deliberations of the NASS so that only the will of God will be reflected in all their motions and resolutions.
  • Ask the Lord to visit the National Assembly, and shake their foundations of greed, avarice and graft. Let their extant laws that empower them to appropriate a chunk of our National revenue just to maintain 485 legislators at the National Assembly (109 Senators and 376 House of Reps members) as well as State Assembly Legislators in 36 States be reviewed.
  • Ask the Lord to raise arrowheads for this review from the two chambers, and push it until their salaries and allowances are drastically reduced in line with our National economic realities.
  • Ask the Lord to make our National and State Assemblies rise up to their responsibilities to make laws for the welfare and wellbeing of majority of Nigerians. That they become institutions of integrity to carry out proper oversight functions over the Executives, Ministries and Parastatals.
  • Plead with the Lord to raise proactive National and State Assemblies that will be institutions of change to stop executive impunity, block leakages in the financial system and hold government appointees accountable.
  • Plead with the Lord to raise nationalists among the current crop of Assembly members at State and National levels who will bring effective constitutional amendments to correct the lopsidedness in our Federation. Let this crop of Assembly men and women leave a legacy of a balanced Federation, practicing fiscal federalism.


DAY 5,12,19,26



  • Proclaim PSALM 83: 1- 18
  • Thank God that He is still the same yesterday, today and forever. He will never cease to be the covenant God of Israel. Let everything that has breathe praise His holy name. PSALM 150:6
  • Thank and praise the God of Israel who exists in eternity. Time does not limit our God. REV. 21:6. Declare that it is an awesome privilege to serve and glorify Him. Thank Him for being a prayer-answering God. 1 JOHN 5:14-15
  • The nations of America, UK, France, Russia, China + Germany in their nuclear talks with Iran, have given Iran everything they wanted and more. The US President Obama pressed for the UN Security Council to approve this deal which they did by 15-0 vote. Pray that God will expose all of the lies that are hidden in the foundation of this agreement. Let the fear of God be on the American Congress as they review this deal.
  • Recalling ROM. 8:28 and knowing that Israel is “called according to His purpose”, ask God to turn this wicked deal into “good” for this nation.
  • Lord, with gross darkness already covering the earth (ISA. 60:2), please help Israel to “Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of The Almighty has risen upon you”. ISA. 60:1
  • Give Israel’s government wisdom on how to respond to this Iranian deal. Cause this situation to press Israel to start depending on You for its protection. PROV. 21:31
  • Use this Iranian deal to bring a deepening sense of unity to both the government and the people. JUDGES 20:1
  • Cause this situation to press Israel to start manufacturing all that it will need to defend itself – without having to look to America. ISA. 31: 1
  • Raise up voices that will speak the truth in the Knesset – Israel’s parliament.

ZECH. 8:16-17

  • You have raised up Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu for just this time. pray for him in the words of this scripture- “Let Your hand be on the Man of Your right hand, on the Son of man whom You have made strong for Yourself.” PSALMS 80:17
  • Iran’s leaders today are all proud and arrogant, having gotten all they demanded – and more -from these negotiations. Yet God’s Word declares, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”(PROV. 16:18). So ask God to use their conceit to bring down this wicked and dangerous regime.
  • Ask God to set His throne in Iran by saving multitudes of Iranians. Set the Iranian Church free from all anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist tendencies. In fact, cause them to purposely bless Israel and in return be blessed exceeding abundantly. EPH. 3: 20-21
  • If need be Righteous father use these nuclear ‘gallows’ that these modern-day Hamans are building to hang Israel on, just as You used the gallows Haman built for Mordecai. ESTHER 7:10
  • As the Iranian Revolutionary Guards declare their love of death, we ask as per Your Word: “Rebuke the wild beasts of the reeds, the herd of bulls, with the calves of the peoples, trampling down with the pieces of silver. He scatters the people who delight in war.” PSALMS 68:30
  • Send Oh! LORD a spirit of confusion into the minds of Iran’s nuclear scientists and destroy this program from the inside PSALM 129:5
  • Thank You for the tens of thousands of young Jews who are here on various summer tours. ‘Marry’ many of them to this land (ISA. 62:4-5), and make them lovesick over it when they return to exile.

May all of Israel, and especially its leaders agree with Nehemiah: “The God of Heaven, He will bless us, and we, His servants, will arise and build. But you have no portion nor right nor memorial in Jerusalem.” (NEH. 2:20). Lord Continue to anoint all of Israel’s foreign ambassadors to speak a word in season that will confound all the anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic forces.

  • Give great wisdom and courage to all of Israel’s leaders as they face the world trying to divide this land and create another Islamic terror state.
  • Pray for the maturing of the Israeli Body of Messiah. Let God Raise up mature elders to build up Your flock. EPH. 4:11-16. Ask for an awakening in the Israeli Body to watch and pray. MARK 13:33



DAY 6,13,20,27




It is no longer news that well over 750 people have been murdered in a marked upsurge in attacks by Boko Haram since President Buhari’s inauguration on 29th May 2015. Whatever be the reason for this, Watchmen need to resist and deal with this ugly trend in renewed prayers.

Begin by singing a couple of songs to prepare for today’s Prayers.

  • Proclaim PSALM 74, 75 and 76
  • Read PSALM 75:2-3

Let us pray that God will choose this season as the proper time to judge wickedness from the womb of Ishmael in Nigeria. Ask God to intervene and dissolve all other mayhem they may have planned against this Nation.

  • PSALM 74:22:23

Invite God to arise as the one who created all these lives that are being wasted daily, to plead His own cause against all terrorists and mischief makers in the land. Let God silence their voices and the tumult of all who rise up against His purposes for Nigeria.

  • PSALM 75:4-5

Ask God to serve notice of warning to these wicked terrorists who are boasting themselves out of measure. Pray and deal with their horns in all sectors of our national economy.

  • PSALM 75:6-7

Ask God as the judge of the earth to stamp out the forces of terrorism and the stronghold of religious fundamentalism in our nation’s. Let His anger and indignation not depart from their different camps.

  • PSALM 75:8

Pray and compel these wicked enemies to drink from the cup of God?s fury and judgment. Command them to drain and drink it down. Let them find a place with the doomed of this earth.

  • PSALM 76:1-3

Pray that God will reveal Himself to these terrorists. Let Him be jealous for His name. Ask Him to make Himself known in all their hiding places. Invite Him to break the arrows of their bow, their shields and their swords.

  • Read ZECH. 6:1-8

Plead with God to release the four chariots from between the two mountains of brass to execute His sovereign judgment against all their camps in the nations of Africa. Ask God to give these chariots specific instructions and matching orders against their satanic altars, evil spirits, satanic sacrifices and evil gatherings.

  • PSALM 76:5

Prophesy that God will plunder these proud and stout hearted people who have continued to destroy lives in our nations. All their satanic mighty princes in Africa must lose the use of their hands in this season.

  • PSALM 76:6, 2 KINGS 19:35

Pray and stir up the rebuke of the Lord against these wicked Terrorists so that their chariots and horses be cast into a deep sleep.

  • PSALM 76:8 (Repeat this seven times)

Oh Lord cause your judgment to be heard from heaven against all classes of Jihadists and oppressors in the land of Africa who oppress by bloodshed, sorcery, intimidation, victimization, discrimination, corruption, cultism etc.

  • ISA. 40:23-24

Proclaim the above scripture 7 times with lifted up voices. Pray and fasten this 7 fold judgment against the wicked Princes, Judges and champions of terrorism in Africa. Pray it verse by verse.

  • ISA. 51: 12(b)

Pray that Boko Haram insurgency, Al-shabaab and all other forms of Islamic fundamentalism will wither away like grass and disappear from Nigeria and Africa.

  • HAG. 2:6-8

Silver and Gold belongs to God. Ask Him to remove it from the hands of the Ishmaelites and put in the hands of Christians who will use it for the furtherance of His kingdom.


DAY 7,14,21,28


  • Proclaim ISA. 60:1-22

Fasten and appropriate these prophetic scriptures on all aspects of the operations of Intercessors for Nigeria.

  • Praise and thank God for the journey so far. Thank Him for all the impacts and victories that He has achieved for Himself through IFN since inception; the raising of men and women, deliverances at diverse levels, answered prayers for the nation and the Church, etc. 1 THESS. 5:24
  • Thank God also for His provisions for all IFN programmes and projects over the years; for protection, preservation and journey mercies on behalf of all the leaders and members.
  • ROM 8:28

God has plans and purposes for every arm of IFN, for every meeting, conference or gathering convened. Let us pray that His will for all of these initiatives be manifested to the full, especially in this year 2015.

  • PSALM 32:8, PROV. 3:6

Pray for direction and guidance for all IFN leaders at their various levels ? the board of trustees, the NEC members, etc; that the Lord would speak expressly to them concerning IFN and the issues of the nation. That this ministry would indeed fulfill her calling as the voice of the Lord to the nations.

  • PHIL 4:13

Pray that the Lord would strengthen and specially endow the leaders and members of IFN with every grace and strength required for the work of intercession. Ask that God would take away weariness, discouragement, distractions and disenfranchisement of every kind from us. And that He would subdue the enemy and destroy all his works (satanic manipulations, sorceries, witchcraft, attacks, etc) against IFN and its members.

  • Tell God to baptize every IFN member with the spirit of urgency and to take away slackness and lethargy from us.
  • Ask that God would help us to understand the desperation and determination of the enemies of God?s Kingdom and thereby arise to enforce the victory that we already have through Christ Jesus.
  • JOEL 3:9-10

Pray that the Lord would awaken His mighty men in this land, through the School of Prayer that has started in earnest in Abuja, the upcoming Youth Conference in August, National Prayer Conference in September and other programmes lined up for this year and beyond.

  • MAL. 3:10-12

Ask that God would open the windows of heaven over IFN and supply all our needs, especially for the upcoming national conference. Lets God?s favour, mercy and glory cover all aspects of the preparations for this conference.

  • 2 TIM. 2:2

Pray that the Lord would raise faithful and committed workers for IFN; those who would run tirelessly with His vision for this ministry.

  • Let us ask that the glory of the Lord be revealed at the upcoming annual prayer conference from September 2- 5, 2015. Pray that God would speak through all the speakers, divulging His purpose, directions, burdens, desires and will for Nigeria.
  • 1 COR. 3:9

The theme of the conference is ?labourers together with God.? Pray that God would impart every participant and indeed every intercessor with the understanding and grace to labour with Him for the birth of a new Nigeria.

  • Oh that God would help us to go beyond praying for our nation with our lips only, but also with our acts of intervention where and when necessary. So that we would not stop at praying prayers but go also by work out our prayers.
  • PSALM 91

Pray for all those that would travel for the conference, for God?s safety, cover and protection over them. Pray also that God would make provision for as many whose hearts are willing to attend the conference.

  • Ask that the atmosphere over Nigeria be conducive for the success of this conference ? spiritually, physically, economically and politically. Pray for open heavens over the conference and peace in the nation.
  • Proclaim ISA. 60:1-3

Make this declaration: Intercessors For Nigeria, ARISE, SHINE for your light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you! The Lord shall arise upon Intercessors For Nigeria and His glory shall be seen upon you!

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