As we draw very close to the much-talked-about 2015 general elections in Nigeria, God is expressly calling on the praying community to?switch?to higher gears on all fronts. He needs us to see the entire month of December as a month of?fasting?not?feasting. He needs us to pay the price for increased spiritual strength and stamina.

This entails occupying ourselves with Him and eschewing all frivolities. He instructs us to break bread on daily basis and actively engage in spiritual warfare. No one should choose to be a spectator or abandon his watch or duty post.

Some days ago, I watched a video of terrorists using an axe to behead some women whose hands were tied. It was a most gruesome sight that could unnerve and despair anyone. As I knelt to bring the matter to God, He quietly told me ? ?Their cup is full?. That gave me no small comfort and courage.

Now that God is about to judge His enemies because the cup of their iniquity is full, I call on all the Watchmen to be willing and ready for God is about to Passover the land in judgment against His enemies and the enemies of His covenant people.

Please print out these Prayer Points and circulate them widely among praying people and local assemblies. See these points of prayer as mere guides and trust God by the Holy Spirit to enlarge them and give you His liberty and flow as you pray them.

God bless all who contributed to this last Prayer Guide of the year 2014.

I celebrate you all! NIGERIA IS IN GOD?S HAND.

National Coordinator




1ST?DEC. ? 31ST?DEC. 2014 (12MIDNIGHT ? 3AM)



DAY 1, 8, 15, 22, 29




God is ALL we have in this life. He is our refuge and strength. Let us truly appreciate and exalt His awesome majesty as we sing these songs.


Who is like unto thee Lord

Who is like unto thee Lord

Among the gods, who is like unto thee

You are glorious in Holiness

You are fearful in Praises

You are doing wonders oh! Lord


Praising the Lord

Praise Him

In the sanctuary, praise Him

In the firmament of His power.

I will sing unto the Lord

For He has triumphed gloriously

The horse and the rider

He has thrown into the sea.


  • Read?REV. 4:8

Wire the atmosphere of Nigeria with this declaration. Do it 21 times.


  • Read?REV. 4:9-11

Join the living creatures and the 24 elders to give glory and thanks to the one sits on the throne and lives forever. (Use the very words of the above scripture).


  • Proclaim?REV. 5:8-14

Repent this proclamation and use the words of this scripture to extol the worthiness and power of the God of Heaven.


  • Proclaim?1 CHRON. 16: 24 -36

Use it to further give Him glory and extol His greatness over all the Earth.


  • Proclaim?1 SAM. 2:6-10

Declare all God?s abilities as evidenced in these verses of scripture. Crown Him the Lord of all History.


  • Proclaim?EXODUS 15:1-18

Let us use this to give God advance praise and thanks for what He is poised to accomplish in Nigeria.


  • Proclaim?JOB 9:4-13

Use this passage to celebrate the sovereign power of God over and against the abilities of man.


  • Proclaim?JOB 12:16-25

Go ahead and eulogize Him for all His capabilities as reveled in the above scriptures.


  • Proclaim?JOB 26:6-14

Prayerfully reflect and magnify God, His great power and awesome majesty as shown in the scriptural passage.


  • ISA. 46:9-11

Lift up your voice and declare that there is nothing that is greater than God. He does all things according to the counsel of His will.


  • ACTS 15:18

Praise Him generously because known unto Him are His works from eternity. He already knows what He will do in Nigeria.


  • ISA. 42:8

Praise Him because He is a God of Jealousy who will not share His glory over Nigeria with no other.


  • 2 CHRON. 25:8-9

Praise Him because He has power to save and to overthrow.


  • Proclaim?PSALM 5:4-6

Magnify His greatness according to the words of this scripture.


  • Proclaim?PSALM 7:11

Repeat this proclamation 7 times.


Take personal and family prayers ? Conclude by breaking bread.




DAY 2, 9, 16, 23, 30




Now that we are fast approaching the 2015 General Elections, so much will be required of the watchmen in the Nation. God will need us among other things to walk in deeper consecration and circumcision of heart, because it is only the effectual, fervent prayers of the righteous man that avails much.


Take this song three or four times


Touch me one more time oh Lord!

Touch me one more time oh Lord!

I need the touch of the Master

I need the touch from Above

Touch me one more time oh Lord!


  • Read?1 PETER 2:1

First of all, acknowledge and confess every known Personal sins, transgressions faults and flaws.

Be specific and detailed ? Malice, Deceit, Hypocrisy, Envy, Hatred, Complaining, Murmuring, Lies, White Lies, Half Truth, Jealousy, Emotional Infidelity, Pride, Arrogance, Financial Impropriety, Flippancy, Prayerlessness, Gossiping, Anger, Quarrelling, Lateness to Appointments, Unfaithfulness, Stubbornness, Disrespectfulness, Disloyalty, Rebellion, Strife, Craftiness, Impatience, Sexual Immorality.


  • Use?PSALM 51:1-END?to ask GOD to have mercy, to blot out every transgression, to cleanse you from sin, wash you to be whiter than snow, to create in you a new heart and to make you blameless in His sight.


  • MAL. 3:3

Invite GOD to sit over your life as a Refiner?s fire and a Washerman?s soap. Plead with Him to purify you as His priest.


  • Proclaim?ROM. 12: 9-21?- Repeat the passage two times with strong lifted up voices. Pray and appropriate all the Christian virtues in this passage.


  • PSALM 68:31

GOD desires to transform us into Princes and Honourable Personalities. Pray therefore and ask GOD to cloth you with the character of honour, diligence and integrity.


  • 1 CHRON. 4:9

Jabez had brethren but he was MORE honourable than all of them despite his unpleasant circumstances. Ask GOD to make you like Jabez.


  • You remember Reuben and Esau in the bible. While Reuben was always unstable, Esau despised his birthright. Cry out to GOD and reject the anointing that worked in these two men.


  • MICAH 4:13

Pray that GOD will make your horns like iron and give you running shoes of brass in the spirit. Commit yourself henceforth no longer to operate with plastic and wooden horns.


  • Pray and agree with GOD in that all He purposes to achieve in you and through you will not be aborted in this season on account of weaknesses and laziness.


  • Proclaim -?EPH. 6:10-18?? Repeat the proclamation two times.

-???????Ask for the grace to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

-???????In this coming season of Nigeria?s Election, ask GOD to make you strong spiritually, to make you strong in character, to make you strong financially and socially.

-???????Ask GOD to cloth you with the whole armour of GOD. Mention them one-by-one and appropriate them in your life. ? The Belt of Truth, The Breastplate of Righteousness. Shoe of the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace, The Shield of Faith, The Helmet of Salvation, The Sword of the Spirit.

-???????Ask GOD for the grace to persevere in Prayer always. Pray that your appetite in praying all manner of prayers will receive a boost in this season.

  • Proclaim this Scriptures aloud -?GEN. 39:1-23

-???????Notice that the secret of Joseph?s character of honour was that GOD was always with him.?SEE VERSE 1 ? 2, 21 & 23.

-???????Take time to pray that your life be always plugged in GOD.

-???????Joseph held to the vision GOD gave him and it restrained him from sin. (1 JOHN 3:3). Pray that GOD will give you the focus, purity and concentration of Joseph.

-???????Pray that you will not stand in the way of God but always to be on His side.

-???????Joseph held to the vision GOD gave him and it redeemed him from sorrow, complaining and murmuring. Pray that GOD will give you victory in these areas.

-???????Read?GEN. 37:5-10?- Pray that like Joseph, you will receive every promise and dream GOD has given you with childlike faith.

-???????Read?GEN. 39:4, 21?? Ask GOD for the grace to triumph over every bad situation and not be bitter.

-???????Read?GEN. 39: 9?? Pray for GOD?s enablement to stand with the fear of GOD and integrity in trials and temptations.

-???????Read?GEN. 41:16?? Pray for the grace to always walk in humility before GOD and man.

-???????Read?GEN. 45: 5-7?? Ask GOD to open your eyes so you can see everything in life from GOD?s perspective.





DAY 3, 10, 17, 24, 31




  • LAM. 3:22

Let?s thank God for the victories that He has given to Nigeria in all the blows of frustrations, political and religious crises, plagues and terrorism, etc that we have been through and yet not consumed, also for helping us remain a unified nation called Nigeria.


  • JER. 31:11-14

Let?s thank him for our economy that has boomed and for making us the largest economy in Africa, the tokens of liars of the international community that predicted that we will disintegrate has failed so far and will continue to fail.


  • Let?s praise The Almighty for destroying the satanic covering cast that formally bewitched the entire nation to fear, helplessness and confusion.


  • Thank our great God for the forthcoming general elections scheduled for 2015 and for the electoral body and their preparations to give Nigerians a free and fair election at the right time.


  • Thank God for the Church in Nigeria, God has stirred us up to understand the seasons appointed to our nation, and also giving us understanding about the secret agenda that the enemy is up to.




[6] And they gathered together to Mizpeh, and drew water, and poured it out before the Lord, and fasted on that day, and said there, we have sinned against the Lord. And Samuel judged the children of Israel in Mizpeh.


  • Let?s bring repentance for all of our rebellion towards The Lord our God. Our nation is a lover of falsehoods and corruption. We delight so much in turning our back on God. We are unpatriotic, full of violence, prostitutions and all manner of perversions. Let?s cry to God for forgiveness and mercy.


  • Let?s weep and bring repentance on behalf of our leaders in various levels and across the various stratagems beginning from the presidency to the local government chairmen, from Senators to House of Assembly legislators, from our Public Servants to Civil Servants, from our Business persons to our family members, from our teachers to our children in all institutions of learning.


  • DAN. 9:11…, Yes all NIGERIA have transgressed and rebelled against you LORD..! Let?s ask our God to forgive our selfishness, greed, hypocrisies and lies, falsehood and sectionalism, nepotism, applauding and sponsoring of evil works but demoting good works.


  • Let us cry out for mercy of God upon the Church of Jesus Christ in Nigeria, we have failed God! We have loved pleasure more than the LORD. We have desired Mansions instead of Mission. We and all the leadership of the Church have only served for what we expect to gain, blood and immorality are all over the place from pulpits to pews.


  • Oh my brethren, let?s bring the blood of Jesus Christ to make atonement for all that we have confessed and repented of.


  • Let?s reach out to the Throne of Grace to seek for mercy and help from The Lord our God. And let us plead for the redeeming of our land, vegetations, natural resources, leaders and the citizens through the blood of the Lamb.


  • Let us proclaim the Lordship of JESUS CHRIST over our lives, the families, the villages, communities, cities, states and the entire nation Nigeria.


  • Let us re dedicated our lives and our nation to be God’s heritage forever and through the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord.


  • Let?s enthrone the leadership and the Lordship of Jesus Christ over our entire nation. Let?s decree that He is the Lord of all and above all, He rules in the entire nation.



  • Let?s command the covering cast that is over the heavens of Nigeria which has brought demonic sedations and bewitchment to be destroyed In the name of Jesus Christ.


  • Let?s judge the sorceries, enchantments and other diabolic practices that have been used to strengthen this covering cast of evil and wickedness over Nigeria.


  • Command the heavens not to align with the bowing down to and worship of the queen of heaven, the sacrifices of the children of the bond woman, and the enchantments from their altars.


  • Prophesy against all manner of evil that people do to open doors for demons to be trafficking & causing havoc all over Nigeria. Command them to be void and destroyed all those works in Jesus Name.


  • From?ISAIAH 47:1-15, let?s judge the woman of whoredom who sits over many families and nations and arousing the heart of men to be filled with wickedness and violence. Let?s dethrone her and destroy all her government.


  • Let?s burn with fire of the Lord the altars raised in different places which receives sacrifices from men to oppose our God and His counsels. Let?s judge their priesthood and command their activities to cease in Nigeria.


  • Let?s judge and cast down the stars of the enemies and troublers of Nigeria. The men and women who have vowed to fill the land with violence, blood and insecurity.


  • By the blood of Jesus Christ, blot out the words of those who has spoken like gods and immortal beings. Let?s command trouble to befall them since they are troubling the inheritance of God.


  • Let?s rebuke all the international witchcrafts and conspiracies to hunt down the economy of Nigeria, Let?s insist that out economy will never go down. The enemy will not bring us down from where God has positioned us.


  • Prophesy against the international conspiracy of the new world order and agents of darkness to frustrate our military forces In their combat operations against book haram.??Insist that God will not allow the enemy to remove the ladder by which He has lifted us up as a nation.




DAY 4, 11, 18, 25




  • Release the spirit of the fear of God to arrest INEC and all their officers. Decree that they shall not manipulate the results of the Election in any way.


  • Prophesy these following scriptures over the General Elections:

-???????PROV. 16:33

-???????PROV. 21:31

-???????EZK. 21:27

-???????PSALM 20:7

-???????PSALM 127:1

-???????GEN. 22:17


  • Pray that God will give us a peaceful and secure 2015. Cancel every prediction of doom, disasters and disintegration from the pits of hell.


  • Pray that the Independent National Electoral Commission will receive great grace and help from God to conduct a free, fair and violence- free elections come 2015.


  • Let?s insist that the plans of the enemy for Nigeria will fail, but God?s counsel and agenda shall stand in 2015 elections.


  • Let?s insist that our nation will not split and only God?s elect and candidates will emerge as winners in the various elective posts come 2015.


  • MALACHI 1:4-5

Remind God of His promise to have indignation against the borders of wickedness forever and therefore arise to punish terrorists and all those who perpetuate wickedness in the land of Nigeria. Tell God to overthrow all their evil plans concerning 2015; throw down all their installations, plans and machination to take over government in Nigeria by all means in 2015.


  • MALACHI 3:5

Let us lift up a cry against all forms of sorcery, occult practices, projections, witchcraft, etc being carried out by desperate politicians and the sons of Ishmael that have vowed to take over the government of Nigeria by all means come 2015; that God would witness against them, frustrate all their tokens and put them to shame perpetually.


  • 1 KINGS 1: 38-49, DANIEL 4:17

Pray that God, the fearful and dreadful God, who rules and reigns in the affairs of men and gives the kingdoms of the earth to whoever pleases Him, would be pleased to establish upon the throne of Nigeria ? a man after His own heart, come 2015. That no matter how far any man or party may go in advancing, promoting and even enthroning themselves, God?s counsel concerning the presidency and all political posts in Nigeria shall stand.


  • Cancel all the negative prophecies of some International bodies and observers concerning Nigeria. Declare that Nigeria will survive the 2015 elections to become the envy of other nations.


  • Pray and receive divine protection for our families and ourselves during the election.


  • 2 CHRONICLES 20:30

Pray that God would give us in Nigeria, all round rest, peace and quietness, before during and after 2015 election.


  • GENESIS 37:9-10, PROVERBS 16:33 MSG

Let heaven and indeed all the elements of creation begin to endorse the men that God has chosen to fill all the political posts in Nigeria, as we prepare for 2015.


  • Send the arrows of election failure into the camp of God?s enemies and frustrate their political ambitions.


DAY 5, 12, 19, 26




  • God is the author of the family; let us cry to Him to visit the families in Nigeria with the power of the Holy Spirit in such a way that godly values will become common teachings in our homes, schools and society.


  • Pray that men will arise and take their positions of responsibility in families; ask for godly fathers and mothers in our homes.


  • Let?s pray that God will visit the families in Nigeria and give us deliverance from poverty, immorality, and false sense of success.


  • Pray that all families in Nigeria experience God’s peace, love, Joy, harmony and protection in these seasons.


  • Pray for journey mercies as many families begin the end of year traveling from one part of the country to another. Let there be safety on all our roads, our airways and water-ways.


  • Prophesy against the evil forces that destroy lives and properties in the month of December; insist that our travels shall all be in safety.


  • Pray for all drivers on our roads, captains of boats and ships and our pilots on the air etc. Ask God to help them to have a high sense of duty and discipline when moving people from place to the other.


  • Ask God to protect, guide, strengthen and encourage President Goodluck Jonathan and the rest of our leaders and their families at all levels.


  • Let?s take out insurance for our transport systems by the ministry of the Blood of Jesus Christ. Use?PSALM 91:1-16?to secure yourself and other travellers.


  • Ask the God of heaven to pour out His spirit and thoughts upon His people in this season/month of December ? let Him pour it upon the elderly men and women, youths, children, families; to teach them and to guide them.
  • Pray to God to pour out His spirit, that the sons and daughters of this nation of Nigeria will prophesy and the elderly will dream dreams and the young men sees visions in this season.


  • In this season, as the devil also pours out its own spirit of madness, envy, vanity, wickedness, crime, death ? Lets pray that the Spirit of God Almighty will overrun them and subdue their manifestations.


  • Let the knowledge of the Word of God increase in every family. Pray that God will inspire His word in the mouth of His ministers in this season of celebration.


  • Ask God for the grace to listen to Him, so that we will dwell safely and be at peace in this Christmas season. ??PRO. 1:33


  • Let God stir us up to seek Him and schedule our hearts in order to seek Him effectively and hear Him for this nation. ??ISA. 26:20


  • Let us renounce every trace of manipulations, bewitchment into rebellion against the ways of God and His words in this season.

-???????Pray that we will do better than Saul who God instructed to kill Hagag, but he spears because of the voice of the people.

-???????Pray that God will give us sobriety in this season both to the small and great.


  • PSALM 116:8

Ask God to deliver our souls from death, our eyes from tears and our feet from falling. (3 ? Fold Deliverance)


DAY 6, 13, 20, 27




  • Let us cry to God to make violence cease from our land & all the borders of Nigeria, ask that the Almighty will turn the hearts of the youths who are being led astray to return to sanity and respect the sanctity of life, home and marriage.


  • Let?s judge the bloody and violent forces of Islam in the form of Boko Haram and other militant groups that are in the North-Eastern states of Borno, Yobe, Adamawa and Nassarawa. Let God give them trouble since they decided to trouble the nation.


  • Ask God to destroy their confidences by whish they make boast to terrify us. Let their altars where they make sorceries, their enchantments, armory and weapons be destroyed by the Angels of God’s vengeance.


  • Prophesy that all of them will be in confusion and frustration from now on and let?s pray that they will go down everyone by the sword of their brothers and sisters.


  • Bring God’s judgement upon all supporters and sympathizers of terrorism in Nigeria, ask that their resources be dried up and also their confidence be destroyed. Yes let the LORD confuse their language and overthrow their counsel.


  • Prophesy the peace, prosperity and mercy of God upon our nation Nigeria.


  • 2 CHRONICLES 20:5-12

Our God is a covenant keeping God; let us remind Him of His promises to us concerning Nigeria. He said ? ?I have given you Nigeria as the allotment of your inheritance.? Let us call upon Him to judge all those that have risen up with the intention to Islamize the land and put an end to Christianity.


  • That the dates and times the so called Jihadists have planned to ?strike? in Nigeria would become the time of their own downfall and shame (ESTHER 9:1)


  • JER. 1:10

Pray for God?s boldness and strength to President Jonathan?s administration to root out and pull down every evil?Religious Sect?and demonic movement threatening the peace and unity of our Nation.


  • Pray that the 1Billion Dollar loan approved by the Senate and Reps in line with the presidency?s request will be truly deployed to buy superior arms and weapons to successfully prosecute the war against terrorists.


  • 2 CHRONICLES 20:22-24, GENESIS 11:7-8

Ask that God would perfectly and permanently confuse the ?language? of the Ishmaelite in this land, that they would never be able to form quorum at any level ? let there be confusion between Boko Haram and their sponsors, between the evil politicians and their sorcerers, etc.

-???????Let God break their bond and brotherhood eternally. Let God set ambushment against all those that are planning for war in Nigeria, come 2015; that they would rise up against themselves and use the weapons they have stockpiled over the months to destroy themselves ? while innocent Nigerians would be spared.


  • Command all creation to become weapons in the hands of God to totally destroy book haram.


  • Pray for the persecuted Christians & victims of boko haram that God shall give them grace and strength to remain steadfast in the faith.


  • Pray for God to comfort all those who have lost their loved ones to persecution.


  • Pray for healing for the injured.


  • Pray for the release of the kidnapped Christians.


  • Pray for the orphaned Christian children for resources to take care of them and that they should not grow up bitter.





DAY 7, 14, 21, 28




Sing the song:

We serving a living GOD

We are serving a living GOD Amen!!!


  • Declare?PSALM 91?? personalize and pray it verse by verse for Nigeria


  • Declare?PSALM 121?? personalize and pray it verse by verse for Nigeria


  • Declare?PSALM 124?? personalize and pray it verse by verse for Nigeria


  • DAN. 6:26

Declare that the God of Nigeria is the living God. He is not like the idols of other nations.


  • EPH. 3: 20

Declare that the God of Nigeria is able to do exceedingly; abundantly above all we can ask Him concerning Nigeria. He is able to fix Nigeria unnumbered problems and challenges.


  • PSALM 80: 3, 7, 19

Declare that the God of Nigeria will surely restore Nigeria, He will cause His face to shine on Nigeria and Nigeria shall be saved.


  • PSALM 68: 30

God will rebuke the company of spear men in Nigeria. He will scatter those who delight in war in Jesus name.


  • PSALM 46: 1-END

NIGERIA God is your refuge and strength. God is your very present help in trouble.

God is in the midst of Nigeria. God shall help Nigeria just at the break of dawn.

The Lord of Host is with Nigeria, the God of Jacob is Nigeria?s refuge.

Nigeria, God will make your wars to cease. He will break the enemies? bows and cut their spears in two.


  • ISA. 60: 20

Nigeria, your sun shall no longer go down

Nor shall your moon withdraw itself

The Lord will be your everlasting light

And the days of your mourning shall soon be ended


  • ISA. 60: 15

NIGERIA, whereas you have been forsaken and hated by Boko Haram so that no one went through you. Yet will God make you an Eternal Excellence, a joy of many generations.


  • ISA. 60: 18

NIGERIA, it shall come to pass that violence shall no longer be heard in your land. Neither wasting nor destruction within your borders. But you shall call yours walls Salvation, and your gates Praise.


  • 2 KINGS 19:32-33 -?Therefore thus saith the LORD concerning the king of Assyria, He shall not come into this city, nor shoot an arrow there, nor come before it with shield, nor cast a bank against it. By the way that he came, by the same shall he returns, and shall not come into this city, saith the LORD.


  • By the same way Boko Haram and any other jihadists have come into any LGA or part of Nigeria, by same let them return and disappear forever. Let them be completely unable to shoot an arrow, gun or detonate any ammunition here or anywhere else.


  • ISA. 40:24 -?Yea, they shall not be planted; yea, they shall not be sown: yea, their stock shall not take root in the earth: and he shall also blow upon them, and they shall wither, and the whirlwind shall take them away as stubble.


  • Let the whirlwind of the lord blow upon Boko Haram and any other jihadists in every LGA or anywhere else in Nigeria and let them be taken away as stubble.


  • ISA. 14:24-25?- The LORD of hosts hath sworn, saying, surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand: That I will break the Assyrian in my land, and upon my mountains tread him under foot: then shall his yoke depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their shoulders.


  • Let the Assyrian and anything associated with the Assyrian and every enemy of Jesus Christ, the church and the gospel in Nigeria be broken; let any attempting to enter in the future be instantly broken; let the angel of the Lord blockade them as were the horses of Balaam.


  • JER. 22:30?- Thus saith the LORD, Write ye this man childless, a man that shall not prosper in his days: for no man of his seed shall prosper, sitting upon the throne of David, and ruling any more in Judah.


  • Earth, earth of Nigeria and of all Africa write Nigeria and Africa ?the Lord?s and for the Lord Jesus alone; write Boko Haram and all jihadists banished. Give them no place and resist them actively as the earth fought for the woman with the child against the dragon. In every LGA and all over Nigeria, o stars join also to fight for Jesus your maker and against all his enemies as you fought against Sisera. Let everything contrary wither and disappear.
  • Lift up your heads o ye gates of every LGA and of Nigeria; let all contrary to the gospel be flushed out of the lifted gates and let the king of glory, the lord Jesus come in. Let the gates of hell by no means prevail now or in the future in every LGA or elsewhere in Nigeria. Of the increase of the government and peace of Jesus Christ over Nigeria, there shall be no end.
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