The new government that took over power barely four weeks ago is already being criticized by Nigerians for the slow pace at which the components of the new regime are being put together. As we reflected over this in prayer, God quickly reminded us of PSALM 127:1

Except the LORD build the house

They labour in vain that build it: Except

the LORD keep the city, the watchmen

waketh but in vain.

As the praying community in the nation, we must never forget the fact that only God can guarantee the much needed change that our people are clamoring for. Prophet Isaiah captured this very well when He said:

For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; it is he who will save us. ISA. 33: 22

God alone is our Nation’s?judge, lawgiver and King. He is the only one that will save Nigeria. This therefore, places a renewed responsibility on us; His chosen co-labourers.

Intercession for us in this season must become a lifestyle and not merely an occasional activity, as the nation cannot wait to experience transformation and God?s intervention.

Our hearts as individuals must begin to flow with God?s heart as a habit of life. This is what God requires in order to fully express His will in our cities and nation through our spirit-led prophetic actions and prayers.

Remember there was a king in Israel when David was used by God to bring down Goliath.? We must arise and build our nation for the Lord is ready to build with us. It?s time for the emergence of the ?David company?. These are men and women that have undergone training in the secret place with God. They must come forward now to bring God?s intervention to the nation.

The onus is on you therefore to locate yourself in this ?David company? and play your part rather than join the critics and complainers who will receive nothing at the end of the day.?????????

Please print out copies of this Prayer Guide for the month of June and circulate widely in the local assemblies and among all intercessory groups. Remember to give room to the leading by the Spirit of God which is what makes the Prayer watches exciting and rewarding.?

I pray that God will depend on you to make every Prayer Watch in the month of JULY very exciting, whether at personal or corporate levels.?




National Coordinator





1 JULY ? 31 JULY 2015 (12MIDNIGHT ? 3AM)

DAY 1, 8, 15, 22, 29



PROCLAIM PSALM 127 and 128

Take 2 or 3 songs to adore and worship God.

Give God all the Praise and thanks for His Mercies and Grace that have carried us through from the beginning of the year till the end of the sixth month.

Bless God for our great Nation Nigeria, for His enduring mercies that have sustained our unity as one nation despite the challenging differences and beliefs.

Bless Him again for the newly installed administration led by President Mohammad Buhari; the Legislature and the Judiciary, all other governing bodies, etc.

It is about one month since the inauguration of the new government and God has graciously maintained peace in the country, to the shame of the devil. Let us give Him quality praise.

Thank God for the war He is winning against insurgency and terrorism; for breaking the gates of brass and cutting the bars of iron in sunder. PSALM 107:16

Let us thank Him for the availability of fuel, for our rehabilitated refineries that would soon commence crude refining and other ongoing nationwide reforms.

Express deep gratitude to Jehovah on behalf of the Church of Jesus Christ in our Nation Nigeria, for binding us together in mutual love and healing our fragmentations and walls of partition.

PROCLAIM JOB 12: 13-25

Use the above scripture to declare God?s sovereignty over our lives and our Nation, Nigeria.


Use it to further extol God?s greatness and sovereignty over all things.

Let us praise the Almighty God in advance for what He is doing in our country and for what He will yet do in pursuance of His divine agenda for Nigeria, the Church and our generation.

Give thanks to God because He is the only One that will build Nigeria up and bring her into her prophetic destiny. Praise Him as Nigeria’s JUDGE, LAWGIVER and KING; the only One who will save us. PSALM 127:1

Pray that all the politicians who have self enrichment agendas and motives and are fighting to usurp power over this nation by all means, would be disappointed and frustrated out of the way by the power of God. JOB 5:12

Ask the LORD to anoint our political leaders to carry out His plans, purposes, and counsel which is the reason they were elected into offices. EST 4:14

Let us pray and ask for the spirit of orderliness, discipline, focus, and wisdom upon our new government, especially in the National Assembly to avoid the present confusion and wavering in governance.

Proclaim unity over the leaders and of our nation. Rebuke every spirit of tribalism, ethnicity and nepotism that have bedeviled our public service sector.

Pray that the leadership of the nation shall be made up of men like Nehemiah who are in office not for what they will get but to serve the people and the country in the fear of God. NEH 5:15-19

Break bread and take Personal/Family prayers and give God praise for answered prayers.


DAY 2, 9, 16, 23, 30


Sing this song and others as led by the Spirit:

Nigeria will flourish again (2ce)

God will heal the land, restore us again,

Nigeria will flourish again

Proclaim PSALM 129: 1-8

The land speaks! The land of Nigeria has been speaking and lamenting for the afflictions she has suffered at the hands of hackers and looters who have ?plowed on her back? rather than take her by the hand and guide her greatness. This is why she has not been able to rise. She says, ?Many a time have they afflicted me from my youth: yet they have not prevailed against me? (Vs 2). The haters and spoilers of Nigeria shall not prevail against her.?????

Repent on behalf of all Nigerians and ask God to forgive us for our lies, hypocrisies, deceits, wickedness, indecisiveness and failure to provide leadership for our nation with the fear of God.?

Let us plead with God to turn away His anger from us as a nation, redeem us from the consequences of our sins, show us His mercies and heal us ? 2 CHRON. 7:13-14

Bring deep repentance over the inability of past administrations in Nigeria to boldly tackle corruption, which is one of the key slogans of the current administration and upon which this new government won the election.

Fasten the words of PSALM 129 into the heavens of the nation and ask the elements to witness it upon the looters of Nigeria, let the words of this scripture take hold of them and make them a public example so that others will desist from afflicting our dear nation.

There has been a lot of altercation in the National Assembly over the appointment of the Principal Officers. Let us call on God to introduce peace to the National Assembly and to facilitate the emergence of principal officers of His choice. May the Peace and Grace of the Lord be multiplied unto Nigeria. 2 PETER 1:2

Ask God to remove and judge those who are fueling the crisis in the National Assembly for their selfish interest. Pray that what they meant for evil God would turn it around for good. GEN. 50:20

Speak into the 21st Day of July 2015 when both houses are expected to reconvene. Declare that the Angels of the lord that encamp around Nigeria would take charge of the proceedings of that day and bring everyone under the authority of God?s will.

Pray that all the politicians who have self enrichment agendas and motives and are fighting to usurp power over this nation by all means, would be disappointed and frustrated out of the way by the power of God. JOB 5:12

Ask the LORD to anoint our political leaders to carry out His plans, purposes, and counsel which is the reason they were elected into offices. EST 4:14

Let us pray and ask for the spirit of orderliness, discipline, focus, and wisdom upon our new government, especially in the National Assembly to avoid the present confusion and wavering in governance.

Proclaim unity over the leaders and of our nation. Rebuke every spirit of tribalism, ethnicity and nepotism that have bedeviled our public service sector.

Pray that the leadership of the nation shall be made up of men like Nehemiah who are in office not for what they will get but to serve the people and the country in the fear of God. NEH 5:15-19

Break bread and take Personal/Family prayers and give God praise for answered prayers.

DAY 3, 10, 17, 24, 31


?????? Do something new in our land

Something new in our land (2ce) ???????? ?

Oh Lord

ISA. 43:18-19

Proclaim and announce the season of positive change over Nigeria. Plead with God to do a new thing in Nigeria that would cause us to forget all the pains, afflictions and troubles of the past.?

ISA. 22: 19-21

Recently the President ordered the dissolution of the NNPC board of directors, pray that the in -coming minister of petroleum would make the next board to function maximally and effectively for the benefit of Nigerians.?????

PSALM 7: 9?

Pray that this reorganization by the President would lead to the sanitization of NNPC and the blocking of fund leakages in the corporation.

Pray that God would intervene and perfect the ongoing renovations of our petroleum refineries so that they would at least meet the daily petroleum products needs of the nation.

Petition God for new refineries to be built so that Nigeria would not only be self sufficient in petroleum and petrochemical products, but also begin to export same.

Pray against every cartel that exists to sabotage the good efforts of the Federal Government in the petroleum and power sector of Nigeria. Let them be frustrated and overtaken in Jesus Name.

Pray that God would encourage the gallant Military men who are laying down their lives to protect our land, lives and properties against the invasion of terrorist.

PSALM 68: 17

Call for that the Host of heaven to back them as they launch offensives against the insurgents.

Pray that God would heal the places and people of the North Eastern part of Nigeria that have become desolate and seriously traumatized as a result of terrorist attacks.?

Prophesy that these horrors of terror would completely come to an end and the Land would know Peace.

NEH. 5: 18

Currently, the federal and state governments are struggling to pay salaries because of corruption and the dwindling revenues, plead with the LORD to revive our economy. Let there be diversification of income generating avenues from the exploration of other natural resources that God has blessed Nigeria with. Prophesy that the naira would rise again in value. ?

There are men and women who work relentlessly to frustrate the economy of our nation, ask the LORD to visit these ?cabals? in all the sectors of our economy, to expose their nefarious activities and bring them to justice. ISA 22:15-19

Ask God to arise and judge all the satanic siege and conspiracies against our nation both from her citizens who have sworn not to let go of corruption but to feed fat from it and other international accomplices & conspirators.

There is need to cut the cost of governance. Already, some states Governors have announced measures to cut down their salaries and that of other political appointees by 50%, and in some cases, to reduce the number of their Advisers and commissioners. Let us pray that this move would be sustained across the three arms and tiers of government. NEH. 5: 18

Pray that the LORD would raise in this present government, the ?Joseph company? who would come up with great ideas and innovations that would lead to change and improvement in our economy. GEN 41:25-36

Prophesy against all the altars that have withstood God’s counsel for Nigeria; the altars of the false religion, altars of evil traditional practices, demonic powers, satanic strongholds, witchcraft altars and voices from the pit of hell. Decree their expiry date and that Nigeria shall be turned to God as a whole through Jesus Christ. 1 KNGS 13:1-2

Bring the ministry of the Blood of Jesus to deal with every covering of sorceries, witchcraft and enchantments, evil covenants and dedications that political office holders have dedicated their thrones to. Command such investments to be blotted out and all their curses to be uprooted. COL 2:14-15

Let us dedicate the throne of our nation to God and His authority. Speak against every power that will try to contend with God over the throne of Nigeria.

Break bread and take Personal/Family prayers and give God praise for answered prayers.


DAY 4, 11, 18, 25


Take 2 or 3 worship songs to commence today?s prayers.

Proclaim ACTS 11:19-30, 13:1-3

Ask God to restore oneness and unity in the Church as was the case in the Church at Antioch. Let brotherly Love continue. Pray that God would help us to understand that we are called in Christ for one purpose despite our diverse denominational backgrounds and gifts. 1 COR

Ask God to give the Church a fresh revelation of her missionary mandate; and equip her to disciple Nigeria for a new nation to emerge: ISA. 66:7-12

Pray for divine strategies to pursue God’s Kingdom agenda in our nation, and not to be distracted from the path and course of discipling the nation. ACTS 6:4

Ask God to strengthen and deliver the Church; particularly the leadership from weariness and prophetic despondency in this season. PROV. 24:10-11, 1 KINGS 19:2-8

Read and pray ISA. 42:1-10; and ask the Lord to raise a new, truthful, quiet, obedient, but effective servant-Church that will commit herself absolutely to the service of God as a priestly company, as God had commanded in EXO. 19:6:

Pray against the spirit of bewitchment and seduction in the Church that allows worldliness, immorality, spiritual insensitivity and ignorance to thrive. REV 2:20

Judge the covering of darkness cast over the Church and demand that the ministry of false prophets come to an end. Ask the Holy Spirit to return and have His way in the Church. ACTS 13:8-11

Pray for the Ministry of Intercessors For Nigeria (IFN) and ask God to strengthen them as they bear the burdens of the nation. Pray also for all the staff; for grace, wisdom, strength and guidance in every matter concerning their personal and individual lives.

Pray for advancements and growth for IFN and her leaders. Ask God to raise helpers and partners from within and outside the ministry.

DAY 5, 12, 19, 26


The youth is the life wire of the family and society. They are the hope and leaders of tomorrow. Recent discoveries show that a lot of interest and investments are being directed towards raising and preparing these young ones for leadership and exploits.

However, the alarming rate of vices and juvenile delinquencies indicate that if something is not done quickly, we may be at the verge of harvesting a field of misdirected arrows, social miscreants and a purposeless generation. There is an urgent need to raise godly youths for the survivability of our families, organizations, nation and generation. No amount of investment is too great for the training and establishment of these ?future generals.?

Take the following songs.?

(1)?? The Church is marching on,

The Church is marching on,

The gates of hell shall not prevail,

The Church is marching on.


(2)?? Almighty God,

?????? Almighty God,

??????????????? Our generation shall praise your name- 4x

Proclaim ISA 60:1-3, ECCL. 12:1-2

Give God thanks and praise for the gift of youths in our families and societies. LAM. 3:27, DAN. 11:32

Appreciate God for the youths that have refused to compromise godly standards even in the face of peer pressure, oppositions, temptations and rejections. PS: 144:12, JER. 2: 2

Exalt the Lord for the youths that God has used and is still using to challenge others unto righteousness. Pray that God help our youths to live with eternity in view. ISA. 40:30-31, 54:4

Bring repentance on behalf of our youths and pray that God would deliver them from the desire for worldly passions, indecent dressing, sexual immorality, undue quest for quick & instant success, etc. Ps. 25:7

Satan?s greatest strategy against youths is seeking to gain control of their minds though negative influences. Pray that God would help all parents, guardians, custodians, teachers and pastors to bring up our youths in the fear of the Lord and inculcate in them the mind of Christ so that they would reject the lifestyle of falsehood, pride, violence, and other vices that they may be tempted with. EST 2:5-11, PHIL 2:5-11

Pray that they would be baptized with the passion for soul winning, evangelism, missions, intercession, true worship, servant-leadership, academic pursuit, skills acquisition, etc. 2 TIM. 2:22, PS. 110:3.

Pray for the spirit of excellence, purity, uprightness, godliness, love for God to come upon our youths. EZK. 16:60, 1 TIM. 4:12

Pray for the forthcoming IFN National Youth Conference in Ondo State from 5th – 9th August. Ask the Lord to gather us at His feet for another glorious encounter.

Pray for the Local Organizing Committee and National Planning Committee for wisdom, resources and everything needed to make the programme impactful.

Pray for our Guest Speakers and other seminar leaders that God would prepare them to bless us as well as lead us to POSSESS THE SEVEN MOUNTAINS which is our conference theme. ISA: 2:1-3

Pray for journey mercies for our youths and leaders of various delegations from different parts of our nation to and fro Ondo town. PSALM 18:32, PSALM 32:8

Pray for the LOC that God would give them strategies for proper mobilization so that a greater number of youths would be in attendance this year than in our previous conferences. Disconnect the youths from every obstacle that would hinder them. Pray for release of resources. PSALM 101:6

Declare that their future is wonderful, marvelous, better, brighter, bountiful and they must surely get there. No demonic device will divert, pollute or distract them. EZK. 4:14

Appreciate God for answered prayers over our youths and declare that their zeal and passion for God will never go down in Jesus name. PSALM 48:14, PROV. 4:18





GEN 37: 9, ISA. 34: 1, JER. 3: 4, 1 TIM. 4: 12

Prophecy this over our youths:

?? The sun, moon and stars shall honour the divine callings and destinies of our youths!

?? The land shall respect and cooperate with them!

?? The land shall yield her increase for our youths!

?? The land shall not swallow up our youths nor drink their blood!

?? Our youths shall sow in the land and receive hundred fold increases!

?? Our youths shall do well and excel in the land!

?? May the Lord never regret their existence on earth!

?? May the Lord continually rejoice over our youths.

Break bread and take Personal/Family prayers and give God praise for answered prayers.


DAY 6, 13, 20, 27


Take about 2 worship songs.

ISA 45:1-2, 1 TIM 2:1-3


Let us praise and eulogize the Almighty God for His sovereignty and ability to use any of His creatures to fulfill His will and agenda at any time. ROM 9:17-18

Let us therefore come before God on behalf of Mr. President, all elected government officials and those that are yet to be appointed into the cabinet; present them before God and ask Him to use them as vessels and instruments in His hands for the realization of His divine purpose for Nigeria. (Mention as many as you know by their names ? state governors, senators, legislators, local govt. chairmen, etc.). Ask that God would take hold of their hearts and turn them to favour His purpose for Nigeria. PROV 26:1

Remind God that He is the King, the Lawgiver and the Savior of Nigeria, therefore we rely on Him to work through Mr. President like ?Cyrus? to rule this nation and lead us out of our present troubles. ISA 45:4-5, ISA. 33: 22

Pray also that God would surround Mr. President with men of like mind ? men who desire and who will work to see the eradication of corruption and the healing of the economy of Nigeria. PROV. 25:5?

Pray that God would deliver Mr. President from satanic advisers and men who don’t love Nigeria. EZK 11:1-4

You would agree that the assignment before the president of Nigeria at this time is enormous and almost overwhelming, so also is the expectation of the people that voted him into power. Ask that God would strengthen and endow him with the wisdom required to carry out the task before him. 1 KINGS 3:7-9???

Thank God for the President?s resolve to fight corruption, recover the nation?s stolen funds and properties and to bring positive change to Nigeria. He has declared that ?the days of impunity, lack of accountability and fiscal recklessness are over.? However, except God intervenes, this noble aspiration would remain a mere day dream; it would be a one man battle against a ?hydra headed monster?.?

Pray that God would move upon the hearts of all Nigerians, especially those in government, to embrace this cause and join hands with Mr. President to bring about the national reforms that we all desire. PSALM 127: 1, ROM 9:16

Let us pray that God would show mercy towards Nigeria as a nation by helping all Nigerians to appreciate the damage that corruption has done to our economy and image as a nation and moving us to genuinely repent and take steps to deal with it.??

Ask the LORD to favour this government in the eyes of the international community for partnerships, aids and assistance in tackling the problem of corruption, unemployment, insecurity, etc.

Pray also that God would grant Mr. President wisdom as he solicits for international aids for Nigeria so that He would not succumb to the pressures of accepting ungodly terms and conditions that sometimes come with accessing such aids.

As of now, the president is yet to announce his cabinet members, pray that God would direct him to choose noble men and women who are ordained for the assignments to fill the various posts.??

Ask that God would direct President Muhammad Buhari in all his decisions and policy making for the good of Nigeria and all Nigerians.???????

Break bread and take Personal/Family prayers and give God praise for answered prayers.



DAY 7, 14, 21, 28


Proclaim PSALM 100 and 137

Thank God for who He is and for his faithfulness to Israel.? Thank Him for making Israel his own children.? Declare that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. HEB. 13:8?

Thank Him for fulfilling His word and gathering His people from the ends of the earth. JER. 31:8

Pray that the streets of Jerusalem be free from violence. Pray that any attempt at terror in God?s Holy City be thwarted; pray for the protection of all of Jerusalem?s citizens. ZEPH. 3:16-17A

Pray for the families of these most recent victims of terror. Pray that violence and murder throughout Israel will come to an end. Pray that the UN and the international community will recognize the truth of the on-going Palestinian violence in the West Bank and put their support behind Israel. PSALM 61:1-3

Ramadan is always a time of tension. Pray that the Lord would protect Israel and the Jewish people worldwide at this time of potential Islamic violence. DEUT. 33:27-28A

Praise the Lord that some international voices, including the United States, are speaking out against this heinous report that Israel violated international rules wars during the 50days of conflict with Hamas.? Pray that it will be discredited, as it should be, and the truth made known to the world. Pray that the Palestinian Authority?s plan to lodge a war crimes case against Israel comes to nothing. PSALM 9: 19-20

Pray that the Lord will put an end to this evil alliance and keep their attempts to destroy Israel from being successful. Pray that Israel?s government will stand strong in the face of an international community that often sides with their enemies. PSALM 83: 1-4

Pray that the nations of the world will come to their senses and heed the warnings of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu who has repeatedly cautioned against allowing Iran?s nuclear program to grow. Pray that no agreement will be signed that allows for Iran to become a nuclear state, endangering Israel and the rest of the world. ISA. 41:10-11

Recently Israel and the World Bank signed agreement to share water technologies with developing countries. Praise the Lord for this collaboration. Thank Him for the wisdom and creativity that He has given His people and for their desire to use their innovations to help make the world a better place. Pray that such cooperative efforts will continue and expand, helping to create a more positive image of Israel in the nations. ISA. 49:6

Praise the Lord for Israel?s medical community and their dedication to saving lives. Also pray for the many young people who have suffered permanent injury as they protected the nation of Israel from its enemies. Ask the Lord to mightily bless all of these who have been and continue to be a blessing to Israel. PSALM 31:20

Pray that peace and calm be maintained in the northern and southern borders of Israel. Let the glory of God protect both the Israeli soldiers and the citizens from the murderous and evil will of Hezbollah terrorists in the North and Hamaz terrorists in the South. PS 121:1-5

Pray for the body of believers in Israel as well as their leaders. As God to pour out His Spirit upon them. Pray for the salvation of Israel as promised in the Scriptures.?ZECH?12:10?

Break bread and take Personal/Family prayers and give God praise for answered prayers.

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