1ST MAY ? 30TH MAY 2015 (12MIDNIGHT ? 3AM)




ISA 43:18-19

8 “Forget the former things;

do not dwell on the past.

19 See, I am doing a new thing!

Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the desert

and streams in the wasteland.


Now that the 2015 General Elections in Nigeria has entered into the arms of history, it is time for all watchmen to seek God and embrace the new things He desires to do in the nation.

When the prophet cautioned the Jews to forget the former things, it meant for them not to romanticize the past because if you are continuously looking behind, you can?t see where you are going.

Recall that while the people of Israel were in Exile in Babylon, all their former victories of deliverance from bondage in Egypt, walking through the Red Sea and Jordan, getting the Ten Commandments, among many others, did nothing to set them free. They needed a new work, a new miracle, a new victory.

The issue now brethren, is not what God has done but rather what the new things He desires to do are. It is therefore our responsibility to discern where He is presently pointing to and the emphasis He is bringing to the church by the Holy Spirit. REV. 2: 29

Let us bear all these in mind as we latch on to the MAY PRAYER GUIDE.

You are also invited to join us for the Intercessors for Nigeria City Prayer Project Workshop and Coordinators Retreat with the Theme: *Receiving Our Territorial Inheritance* Venue: St. Andrew’s Anglican Diocesan Church Centre (DCC), beside Nkwo Triangle Nnewi, Anambra State. Date: Thurs. 7 – Sat. 9 May, 2015. Time: 5pm.

For all the brethren in Abuja, please be part of the Intercessors for Nigeria Prayer Seminar by Barr. Emeka Nwankpa scheduled to hold from Thurs. 14 ? Sat. 16 May, 2015, Time: 5pm, Venue: GracePoint Hotel, Kananga Str. off Yaounde Close, Wuse, Zone 6

I encourage you to PRINT OUT this Prayer Guide and circulate it widely amongst praying and concerned WATCHMEN/CHURCHES.

May the Lord continue to depend on us.



DAY 1, 8, 15, 22, 29


Let us begin by proclaiming PSALM 103:1-22

Let us appreciate God for His love over our lives which has enriched us with quality living and good health. Thank Him for divine protection and preservation towards us, our families and businesses etc.

Let us thank God for the entire church of Jesus Christ and also including all the Christian groups and bodies for how God has helped us even in our weaknesses to prevail over this season and to remain steadfast, prayerful and strategic in the purpose of God in the nations.

Our Lord we thank You for not dealing with us according to our sins as a nation. We thank You for forgiving our many sins as a nation. Despite the fact that wickedness pervades our society, You have always forgiven our sins when we cry unto You in repentance. We thank You for the blood of Jesus Christ by which we receive atonement. PSALM 103:10-12

Let us all appreciate and honor God on behalf of our nation Nigeria for the Great mercies He showed us on the just last concluded 2015 General Election. God by Himself supervised the process and frustrated the predictions of men and nations who had said that Nigeria shall break and be a failed state by the end of the whole process. PSALM 57:2-3

We thank God for the many results of prayer we see in our nation on a daily basis.? We thank You for encouraging us with answers to prayers over national issues.? Thank You for the answers to prayers recorded daily at various national prayer altars.? Thank You also for sustaining the fire of prayer on those altars. PSALM 65:2

Father, we thank you for your mercy over the different tribes that make Nigeria. Despite our ethnic or tribal hostility and animosity to one another, You have continued to be merciful to us and have kept us together as one nation over the years.

We thank You Lord for Your interventions at various instances in our history when the nation was at political or leadership crossroads. We thank You for Your intervention during the turbulence of military dictatorships and the June 12 saga. We thank You also for Your interventions during the coups and the unpatriotic attempts to break the nation into fragments.? Thank You also for not allowing the civil war agenda to prosper. Now also the much feared 2015 elections have become history. Father, we say we are grateful that Nigerians have never become refugees.

Let us also thank God for using the electoral body in Nigeria (INEC) to conduct the elections and to at least finish the process. Also thank God for averting violence and bloodshed beyond the magnitude witnessed during this exercise. God indeed scattered the company of spear men and all who delight in war.

Appreciate God for our gallant and brave military men who have laid down their lives to defend the territories of Nigeria and how God has been giving them victory in their combat against insurgency even to reclaim our territories. PSALM 18:29-34

Just recently the Nigerian troops in a daring and precise operation rescued 200 girls and 93 women from Sambisa forest in Borno state. They also destroyed 3 major terrorist camps. Let rejoice and thank God for His merciful kindness on account of these positive development in the on-going battle against terrorism in Nigeria.

Let us formally thank God for the wisdom, sacrifice and humility He granted President Dr. Goodluk Jonathan to concede defeat in the special way he did it that paved way for the peace we now all enjoy.? PSALM72:1-3

Lord, we thank You for your special interests and plans for Nigeria. We thank You Lord for the prophetic words You have spoken over Nigeria through Your servants in history. Thank You for carefully and systematically bringing these prophecies to fulfilment before our eyes. JOB 42:2

Seeing what has recently happened in the nation of Nepal where many thousands have died as a result of a deadly earthquake. Let us thank God for providential absence of natural disasters in our nation. Thank Him for sparing our nation from the ordeals of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. We have seen what other nations have suffered from these disasters, and we are grateful to You Lord for not allowing their occurrence in our nation. PSALM 91:4-7

Thank You Lord for raising intercessors and watchmen who labour day and night for the fulfilment of Your propose in the nation. We thank You for Nigeria Prays, Intercessors for Nigeria, Wailing women international, Watchman Ministries, Pastors and Ministers network, Gethsemane Prayer ministries, Throneroom Trust ministries and other national intercessory bodies.? Thank You Lord for the work of national intercession at all levels of society. EZEKIEL 22:30

Declare the following scriptures and fasten them upon Nigeria and NIGERIANS:

DAN. 6:26, PSALM 46:1-11, PSALM 40:1-5, EPH. 3:20, PSALM 80:3,7,19. ISAIAH 60:28

Conclude with personal prayers, break bread and seal it with songs of praises.

DAY 2, 9, 16, 23, 30


The book of ISAIAH is filled with tremendous promises of God?s desire and ability to redeem, restore and establish His people for His honour and glory.

In ISAIAH 43:19-20 ? He specifically promises to do a new thing among them. What does a new thing in this context mean?

It means a new work, such as was never done in the world. A new thing is an uncommon and an unheard work; it means something imprecedent in its wonderful character. A new thing means something that will eclipse and swallow the old.

With all these in mind, let us cry to God in this month of Grace to do brand new things in our lives especially in our spiritual walk with God as this is the key to all other blessings of God.

Proclaim ISA. 43: 1-28 ? Repeat the proclamation.

God is our creator, redeemer and owner. He is all knowing. Give Him thanks and praise for He is able to do new things among His people.

PSALM 149:4, ISA. 43:4

Thank God and praise His glorious name because He takes pleasure in His people hence His promise to do new things in them and for them.

ISA. 43:1-7

Give God praise for the assurance of His providential care for His people. God is committed to the cause His people. He loves and honours His own. He is not ashamed to identify with them. Appreciate Him and Him thanks.

ISA. 42:9, ISA. 43:18

Let us repent as individuals for all the ways we have allowed ourselves to be bogged down by our past experiences.? We sin before God and belittle Him when we make the past the measure for the future. Ask God for forgiveness and make atonement by the Blood of Jesus.

ISA. 43:22-23

Confess every unfaithfulness, doubts, prayerlessness, fear, disgust, weariness, discouragement and confusion. Ask God to do a new thing in restoring you into a deeper dimension of fellowship and relationship with Him.

ISA. 43: 24-25

Ask God to blot out every transgressions and besetting sins in your life. Plead with Him to do a new thing by giving you a brand new walk with Him in Holy living; find grace to consciously and consistently resist sin in your life.

2 TIM. 2: 1-7

Beseech God to do a new thing in you in the area of building personal spiritual capacity. Pray that God will teach you how to achieve mastery over food, sleep and distractions.

MICAH 4: 11-13

Pray for new grace to grow horns in the spirit for exploits and spiritual warfare.

MICAH 4: 11-13

Ask God for the baptism of grace to develop shoes of brass in the spirit for judgment against all forms of wickedness.

MICAH 4: 10

Declare that you will no longer labour in idleness, but will begin to be in pains to labour in order to bring forth. Ask God to restore the joy of regular fasting, midnight prayers and volumetric bible proclamations.

MICAH 4: 11-13

Satan is arrogantly entrenched in all sectors of society. Pray that you grow up in a hurry to arrive where your priesthood can begin to bulldoze all the structures of Babylon around you.

REV. 8:3-5

Altars, priesthood and covenants are basic principles that govern access to spiritual strength, power and relevance.

Pray that God will strengthen your priesthood and altar at the personal level. Pray for the diligence to live a covenanted life before God always. Cry out for God to do a new thing in you.

Serious minded watchmen get serious attention from heaven. Renounce being a frivolous watchman, pray for the discipline to engage in strategic praying and to pay attention to details.

Ask God to enable you sustain and expand the influence of your personal altar around the territory where you live and work. Let the battles you fight and win make it into the book of the wars of God. NUM. 21:1.

There is an establishment waiting for you. Pray therefore for the grace of diligence and consistent cooperation with the Holy Spirit that will make you a dependable kingdom of God agent.

PHIL. 4: 8

Talents and gifts without character does not glorify God. Ask God to do a new thing in your character in the area of Integrity, Discipline, Honesty, and Reliability etc.

Take time now using GEN. 41: 39-57 to pray that God will do a new thing in the following areas:

Your health, finances, marriage, business, family, local church, city, and in Nigeria

DAY 3, 10, 17, 24, 30


Unknown to many Africans, China is presently playing a leading role in the new ?Scramble for Africa?.

In the greatest movement of people the world has ever seen, China is secretly working to turn the entire Continent of Africa into a new colony. China?s rulers believe Africa can become a ?Satellite? state, solving its own problems of over-population and shortage of natural resources at a stroke.

With little fanfare, a staggering over one million Chinese have settled in Africa over the past decade and many more are on the way. Read what Sir. Francis Galton, the cousin of Charles Darwin and a distinguished African explorer wrote on 5th June 1873 to the Times ? ?My proposal is to make the encouragement of Chinese settlement of Africa a part of our national policy, in the belief that Chinese immigrants would not only maintain their position, but that they would multiply and their descendants supplant the inferior negro race?. Galton was the pioneer of Eugenics, the theory that was used by Hitler to try to fulfil his mad dreams of a German Master Race. Now it appears Galton was ahead of his time. His vision is coming true ? An astonishing invasion of Africa is going on. The strategy has been carefully devised and one Chinese expert estimates that china will eventually need to send 300million people to Africa to solve the problems of over-population and pollution.

The fact that they come in with their strong idolatry and imperialistic business deals are additional reasonable causes for worry. There are also inevitable corruptions that accompany these business deals involving African leaders.

Begin today?s prayers by proclaiming ? 2 KINGS19:1-35

Give God praise and thanks for blessing Africa in various enviable dimensions. She remains the world?s second largest Continent and has over 750million people.

Thank God and praise His name because Africa?s vast solid and mineral resources make it the most resource-rich Continent on the planet. Africa has 99% of the world?s Chrome reserves, 85% of Platinum reserves, 70% of the Tantalite reserves, 68% of Cobalt reserves and 54% of the gold reserves. In addition, it has 60% of the world?s uncultivated arable land. Give Him quality praise.

Confess the sins of our leaders in Africa who collude with these Chinese to plunder Africa and to perpetually mortgage our land and resources. NEH. 5:8-11

Let us invite God to defend the land of Africa which He graciously gave us as an inheritance without our lobbying for it. Ask God to also defend the rich human and natural resources which He has blessed Africa with. 2 KINGS19:34

Declare that all power belongs to God. China may boast of Liquid Cash; may be bigger and stronger than us but we make our boast in God Almighty who is well able to deliver us from their wicked exploitation and slavery as He did for Israel in the land of Egypt.

Dethrone corruption and corrupt leaders who connive with the Chinese offering them mining concessions for arms and currency with which they buy loyalty from their army and use them to intimidate and oppress their nations, staying in power as long as they wish.

Pray that God will raise a standard in heaven and stop this flood of Chinese into Africa with the sinister motive of disinheriting us of our land and resources.

Let God rescue us from the hands of these giant whose right hand is the right-hand of falsehood and deceit. 2 KINGS 19:32-33

In some nations of Africa over 50% of tendered public work must go to Chinese firms most of which do not employ local nationals. Sometimes they prefer to ship Chinese prisoners to produce the goods cheaper. Cry out to God against this wickedness and ask for God?s intervention.

As far as this giant is concerned this exploitation and invasion will only stop when Africa no longer has any minerals or oil to be extracted from the Continent. Pray therefore and ask God to disappoint their expectations. Let God cause them not to prevail but rather prove to them that they are mere mortals.

Pray against the under-the-table-deals between China and corrupt leaders in Africa. Instead of building civil society, these deals actually hurt Africa?s long term interest, reinforcing the tendency of corrupt elites to secure resources at low price. Ask God to judge their greed and unbridled selfishness. NAH. 3:19

?Pray that God will give African government the political will, understanding and wisdom to make difficult decisions about how to resist and manage this growing threat of Chinese invasion of the Continent. 2 KING19: 16-18

PSALM 68: 31

Pray that God will raise and empower Engineering Princes from Africa who will be filled with knowledge and expertise to manage and develop our God given huge natural resources. We can have a decent life without foreign powers interference.

Chinese disregard Africans and this accounts for the near-absence of partnerships between Chinese and local businesses. Again when ever a project is launched, fellow Chinese are recruited as engineers, technicians and workers. This denies Africans the benefit of any robust transfer of knowledge and expertise. Pray therefore that the gates of Africa be shut against them and their racist tendencies.? 2 KINGS 19:27-28

Pray that the God will enable the church in Africa to maximize the opportunity of this influx of Chinese citizens into our nations to preach to them and get them converted.

Let God in His wisdom open the eyes of the Chinese to find alternative workable solutions to the land and accommodation challenges confronting them in their country so they can cease to thorns in the flesh of Africa.

Bring judgment against the spirit of witchcraft, the satanic covenants, altars, the priesthood by which they deceive and manipulate African leaders into deals that ultimately hurt our people and cause them untold deprivations. NAH. 3:4-5

God delivered us from British colonialism when the church in Africa did not know much spiritual warfare. Let us now raise a war cry in every local assembly against the spirit of this dragon from the East. Let us bind all its forces of manipulation, exploitation and cast it out of the borders of Africa.

Chinese strong attraction for Africa for Continues to be a corruptible governing class ready to let Chinese come into the country and do as they please in return for a bribe. Therefore raise a cry of judgment against all despotic, wicked and selfish leaders in Africa.

Pray that God will open the eye of Africa’s leaders and the whole church in the Continent to a better understanding of this on-going subtle invasion of our Continent. Pray and refuse that Africa will turn around to become China?s second continent.

DAY 4, 11, 18, 25


Thanksgiving & Praise

Proclaim PSALMS 149; 138; and 29

Thank God for making us and accepting us as His heirs – PSALM 149:2

Thank God for arming us with the weapon of His word: PSALM. 149:6; JER. 23:29

Thank God for our dominion mandate: PSALM 149:7-8

Thank God for the responsibility and honor which He has given to us: PSALM. 149:9

Thank Jesus for the finished work and our deliverance.

Praise God for the power of His word and thank Him for the various ways and dimensions that He has demonstrated the efficacy of the word in the context of PSALM 29

Acknowledge and lament the state of the world and nations: NAHUM 3; 1 JOHN 5:19. Remember the deadly earthquake in Nepal, the on-going killings and beheadings by ISIS etc.

Acknowledge our individual and collective sins that justify the judgment of God: PSALM 51:3-6

Ask for the Lord?s mercy and forgiveness in the order of: PSALM 51:1-2; 7-11; 14

Ask the Holy Spirit for penitence and deep contrition in acknowledgment of our acts of omission and commission.

Repent of the sin of carnality that engenders strife, envy divisions in the body: 1 COR. 3:3-5

Repent of the sin and acts of idolatry, disobedience and rejection of the responsibility of priesthood as demanded by God in EXODUS 19:6; 2 COR. 6:16

Renounce the covering of the spirit of witchcraft arising in consequence of our disobedience to the command of the priesthood and lack of commitment to its demands: ISA. 25:7; 1 SAM. 15:23

Denounce the authority and influence of principalities, powers and fallen spirits over self, family (nuclear & extended), workplaces, associations, companies, organizations, persons, thrones, kingdoms, territories, institutions, localities, cultures, professions, etc.

Rejection and denunciation of every religious, spiritual or social system or order that is founded on falsehood or on the idea of natural man or fallen humanity. 1 COR. 2: 2-6

Judgment and proclamation of judgment against ideas, religious, spiritual and social systems and order that are anti-Christ and whose foundations are based on falsehood; rather than the Truth and the wisdom of God: 1 COR. 1:19-20

Ask the Lord for fresh/renewed and deeper understanding of the Church as the Bride of Christ: REV.21:9; 1 COR. 6:13-20

Ask for deliverance;

From the spirit of carelessness and indiscipline as was manifest in the life of Samson: JUDGES 14:1-3; 16:1-21

From spiritual immorality and infidelity in using the temple of His Body which is dedicated to God to serve man; JUDGES 17:5, 9-10; 18:4

From the privatization of the Priesthood and the Gospel: JUDGES 17:12-13; 2 PETER 1:20

All forms of defilement and unclean acts that keep the Groom away

As individuals ask God through the working of the Holy Spirit prove, establish and give understanding of what the perfect will of God is in respect of everything we do and idea we have; and impart upon us the grace to teach and pass them unto all those over whom the Lord has placed as leaders in homes and other societal organizations and associations: ROM. 12:1-2; 1THESS. 5:21

Ask and demand for the release of the gift of the spirit of wisdom upon the Church that would make Christians to manifest as solution providers rather than solution seekers: MARK 6:2; JOHN 6:22-26

Entreat the Lord to heal the Church of spiritual barrenness so as to conceive and birth true kingdom princes who will contend and prevail at the various gates of society in our days: GEN. 24:60; 25:21; PSALM. 68:31

Ask the Lord to purify the Church of the sins and acts that defile her womb and compromise her capacity to give birth to deliverers: PSALM 51:7-8

Pray for grace and fresh commitments as priests and servants of God, rather than as spiritual hirelings in the service of men: ISA. 61:6

Ask for the destruction of the spirit of competition, selfishness, isolation; and the enkindling of the unity of the spirit and co-operation amongst Christians, Churches, fellowships and Church-based associations: JUDGES 18:28

Ask for the deliverance of the Church from spirit that produces strange children without spiritual virtues (ISA. 11:1-5) and Kingdom values in the order of Abimelech. JUDGES 9:1-6

Ask the Lord to brood His Spirit over the entire peoples of God for the emergence of the Church of Christ against which the gates of hell shall not prevail.

Ask the Lord for the empowering grace of the Holy Spirit upon the Body of Christ for the birth and emergence of Sons of Zion (deliverers) OBADIAH 21

Ask for the spirit of knowledge and understanding upon the Church for the teaching and inculcation of spiritual discipline of the purpose of God to the Church in order to;

-????????? Dislodge existing anti-Christ order in the land: GEN. 36:31

-????????? Dislodge existing Anti-Christ systems and world order: ZECH: 9:13 and

-????????? To rebuild new territorial kingdom and social systems and order that glorifies God after the order of David. ACTS 15:16-18

Ask for the release of the power and anointing of the Holy Ghost for the impartation of prophetic and apostolic grace upon the Church for the discipleship of nations in the order of Elijah/Elisha and the Apostles: ACTS 10:38; 17:6

DAY 5, 12, 19, 26


Proclaim EZEKIEL 36: 1-38

Commit the outgoing administration of the President Good luck Jonathan and pray that God will give him the Grace to finish well. Pray also for the entire transition process that it will be done smoothly.

EZEKIEL 36:10-11

Pray for the incoming administration led by General Muhammadu Buhari that God will help them to move Nigeria forward and that the high expectations of the citizens will not be disappointed.


Pray that God will overthrow whatever agenda they have which is contrary to the mind of God. Let God work through Him and his cabinet members to fulfil his own counsel for the land.

ISAIAH 43:18-21

The in-coming administration of General Buhari has its huge responsibilities defined. They include – the Boko haram insurgency, the endemic and systemic corruption, poor infrastructure, constant power outages, comatose health and education sectors and in addition, the decline in global oil prices. Pray that through honest and dedicated leadership, God will use them to do a new thing in the nation.

Ask the Lord to deliver the nation from the control or strangle hold of strange children and false sons and princes; and uproot their dynasties: GEN. 24:17 ?And these are the sons of Ishmael, and these are their names, by their towns, and by their castles; twelve princes according to their names?

Pray that God will awaken the youths and indeed all Nigerians to hold the incoming government to their campaign promises so that never again will the Politicians take Nigerians for a ride by reneging on their promises.


Prophesy over the mountains, the hills, the rivers and the valleys of Nigeria to shoot forth their branches and yield their fruit of peace and tranquillity to the people in this season.

Let that peace reign over the entire land of Nigeria especially in the troubled Northeast region.

Pray that God will quench the fire of violence and restore peace and normalcy to those regions.

Pray that God will make every elected leader an agent and instrument of peace wherever they serve in Nigeria.

Let us pray for our economies both the dwindling oil prices and the devaluation of our naira as a point of contact as touching other sectors. That God will give our economic management team great wisdom to salvage the nation?s economy.

Recently four Nigerians were among those sentenced to death in Indonesia by firing squad over drug related activities. Let us ask the Lord to have mercy on us and forgive our evil ways and deeds that have brought us shame and reproach in the eye of the world. EZEKIEL 36:31-32

Lift up the Military men and women who are defending us and pray for power and might from God to help them to decisively crush insurgency. Let God back them with heavenly amour and the let the enemy, both their foot soldiers and sponsors be crushed.

Pray for all the Government parastatals to be proficient and efficient to move Nigeria forward in their different functions. E.g. Educational sector, Legislatures, etc?

Pray that God will arrest the youths in our nation and make them his vessels of service. That God will destroy all the mediums used by the enemy to hijack the minds of the youths to be engaged in being thugs, arm robbers, kidnappers, prostitutes etc and deliver our youths.

Pray that God will help then discover their life assignments and be sold out to fulfil it all.

Pray that the youths will be creative and be inspirational thinkers who dwell on concepts to bring innovations that will entirely change our nation. That these young ones will love righteousness and that the zeal of God will consume them.

Judge the spirits of laziness, procrastinations, wanderings that the enemy has to use to usurp the fresh energy in the mind of the youths for his unfortunate desires. Let the youths be used by God.


DAY 6, 13, 20, 27



Proclaim PSALM 100 and 137

Thank God for who He is and for his faithfulness to Israel.? Thank Him for making Israel his own children.? Declare that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. HEBREWS 13:8

?Thank Him for fulfilling His word and gathering His people from the ends of the earth.

JER. 31:8

Thank God for Israel’s recent 67th Independence Day anniversary. Give Him praise for how He kept this nation through all the wars for 67 years. For as the heavens are high above the earth, so great is His mercy toward those who fear Him. PSALM 103:11

Thank God for the privilege and blessing He has given us to stand in the gap for His own chosen people. EZK. 22:30

Forming the new government coalition in Israel continues to be problematic as leaders of other Parties are making excessive demands as conditions for giving their support for Netanyahu’s government. Anoint Binyamin Netanyahu with wisdom, with strength to lead the way, with favor from these party leaders. Give him grace to turn to You, to trust in the Lord with all his heart, and lean not on his own understanding. Lord may you please be the one to build this government. PROV. 3:5, PSALM 127:1

Please give a spirit of humility to all the party leaders, putting the interests of the country ahead of their own personal or party interests. Give Israel a strong and united government with a spirit of cooperation.

Give them the strength to do what is biblically correct particularly in the face of world pressure to compromise on what is right.

Lord, give Israel the government which they need rather than what they deserve – a government through which You will be glorified. Expose all hidden corruption and manipulation, any blackmail or extortion. He reveals deep and secret things; He knows what is in the darkness, and light dwells with Him. DAN. 2:22

There are reports of technological breakthroughs in equipment to detect tunnels and Israel’s increasing deployment of such equipment. Thank God for answering prayers regarding detection of tunnels. All the glory to You, Lord! Please Lord allow the release of all the necessary funding for this detection equipment.

Hezbollah remain a greater danger to Israel on the borders with Lebanon and Syria. They have a much greater stockpile of rockets and also, reportedly, an infrastructure of tunnels to launch attacks into Israel notably to kidnap Israelis.

Lord, give Israel good intelligence – a well-protected network of spies anointed to discover the truth of the enemy’s plans and get the information back to Israel. Keep them hidden!

Protect Israel from kidnappings. Especially protect soldiers, children, and youth. Give particular protection in areas where Jews are living side-by-side with those who are their. Keep all Israelis alert and watchful. Particularly keep the soldiers on guard whether on duty or off duty, keep them watching rather than absorbed on their mobile phones or fast asleep on the bus going home. Set Your angels to watch over them and provoke them to watch over each other.

While the leaders of Iran speak arrogantly and clearly of their plans to annihilate Israel they mean what they say and are spitting in God’s face. It is increasingly clear that there is no good agreement which Iran is possible to make in this situation. While Israel’s very existence is on the line, it appears that the world powers are mainly motivated by the money to be made through the removal of sanctions against Iran. Pray that God exposes this motivation behind the talks and give some nations the courage to speak the truth. Put a fear of God into the negotiators at the on-going talks.

Help these nations (USA, Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany) see that giving in to Iran will empower radical Islam even in their own populations. Cause the believers in these countries to cry out to You on behalf of their nations. Let them say no to the charade of these talks.

Give us a Defence Minister who will be in complete unity with the Prime Minister and Chief of Staff regarding what Israel needs to do regarding Iran. Bring the right people into the new Security Cabinet which will be formed when the new government is formed.

Lord be a fire surrounding Israel. For I, says the Lord, will be a wall of fire all around her, and I will be the glory in her midst. ZECH. 2:5. Set Your angels with drawn swords around all Israel borders. NUM. 22:31

Bless the soldiers guarding the borders and the areas around the borders. Keep them watchful, just as You are watchful and let them discern the plans of the enemy. Give wisdom and vigilance to the Israeli Defense Force and to all the people.

Raise up the Iranian believers to pray for their nation and its rulers. Divide Iran’s house against itself so that it cannot stand. MATT. 12:25

Comfort and reveal Yourself to those mourning the loss of loved ones in wars or terror attacks.

Protect and refresh Prime Minister Netanyahu and all his family.

DAY 7, 14, 21, 28



Our power to overcome Satan is based on Jesus Christ?s exaltation in heaven, having conquered sin, death and the grave. He rose for our justification and is now exalted above every name that is named not only in this age but also in the age to come. At His name, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord. It is on the basis of these indisputable facts that we make bold to instruct and pray to control the heavens, waters and earth of NIGERIA so they will align to the purposes of God for us in this time of change of government.

Sing this song many times to commence today?s prayer.

In heaven, He won the battle

On the Earth, He won the battle

In the sea, He won the battle

Praise Jesus, the Man of War

Proclaim PSALM 148: 1-END

PSALM 19: 1-6

Proclaim the victory of the cross over NIGERIA as we experience a new government. Command the heaven to declare the Glory of God and the firmament to declare His handiwork, over the nation in this New season.

Speak to the heavenlies – the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets in the galaxies ? to abort, delete and cancel whatever covenants, agreements and pacts that have been made with them to enable God’s enemies prevail and dominate in NIGERIA.

Pray to halt any powers or Agencies seeking to manipulate the courses and the ordinances of the moon for evil purposes against the peace and unity of NIGERIA in this month of May.

Prophesy into Satan?s archives in the heavenlies and destroy all files, records, programmes, handwritings and ordinances against the church and the Nation in this May of 2015.

Cancel and render null and void all incantations, divinations and enchantments made into the heavens to negatively manipulate and control the destiny of the land, government and people of NIGERIA as the new government comes on board.

Renounce all evil inheritances, patterns and cycles of violence, deaths and destruction in all territories especially the North East of NIGERIA in this remaining days of May.

Petition the Father, Jehovah the Man of war to shake the foundations of everything that is hidden in the heavenly bodies used to orchestrate violence, deaths, destruction, and evil hegemony over NIGERIA.

We renew and strengthen the altars of the Lord in all locations in NIGERIA and provoke them to fight and destroy the works of the enemy over individuals, families, institutions, states, cities and the nation of NIGERIA in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

ISAIAH 27: 1

?In that day the Lord – with His severe sword, great and strong ? will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent; Leviathan that twisted serpent. And He will slay the reptile that is in the sea.?

Pray to break the powers of the leviathan and the waters spirits that inhabit all the bodies of waters in NIGERIA. Destroy all legal rights and grounds that give them reason to operate in the affairs of the Nation.

ISAIAH 28: 18

We cancel, revoke and vacate and destroy all covenants, tokens and agreements made with you water Spirits by the leaders. Those covenants, pacts and agreements are hereby declared null and void in the name of Jesus.

Every sacrifice (human or animal) made in any body of water in the Nation to draw power by wicked men is hereby rendered useless and declared null and void by the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ the Son of the living God.

According to PSALMS 24:1, the land and all its fullness belong to God, therefore we proclaim and declare to all false gods and powers (claiming ownership of NIGERIA) – You have not made the heavens and the earth.

We command you to perish in the name of Jesus. For the scripture says in JER. 10: 11, ?Thus shall ye say unto them, The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, even they shall perish from the earth, and from under these heavens.”

We revoke all contracts, pacts, agreements, covenants, obligations that evil men have made with the mountain gods, forest spirits, queen of the Coast, queen of Heaven, grave spirits and demon-ancestors. We forbid you to speak into this New Administration in Jesus name.

According to ISA. 2: 2-4, we proclaim the exaltation of the mountain of the Lord?s house over every mountain of this location.

From this day, we decree that all who will serve in any capacity and work upon this earth of NIGERIA will begin to hunger after, seek for and submit to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ and His church.

This land will no longer devour its inhabitants thereof in Jesus name. In this year 2015, we silence all evil speakings from the earth of NIGERIA (graveyards, road junctions, mountains, forests, groves, all evil altars, all praying mats, witches covens, the rivers and all other water bodies) by the superior speakings of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We proclaim a new dawn and a new day of peace, unity, progress, development, revival and sanity to you, oh land of NIGERIA.

Take personal prayers and close by breaking bread.

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