It is very crucial to remind us that Nigeria is not just a geographical entity but a nation put together by the Almighty God to fulfil a prophetic destiny. Over the years God has spoken prophetically concerning our nation and we have a divine responsibility to put Him in remembrance of those words and also war with them till they are fulfilled ? ISA 43:26, 1TIM 1:18

1983 – National Prayer Conference (CSSM) Port Harcourt.
“Son of man say to Nigeria; though you have passed through the valley of the shadow of death, thus saith the Lord, you shall not die but shall live.?

2002 – Word of the Lord through Cindy Jacobs – “And I’m going to use Nigeria to heal the rest of Africa because what happens in Nigeria will affect the whole continent. Your eyes shall behold strange things in this land but at the end I will bring you into a Sabbath of rest with myself.”
NUM. 23:19
Let us pray against every satanic force that is waring against the destiny of Nigeria as a nation. These satanic forces manifest in unguarded statements of our politicians which are capable of fermenting crisis and setting the nation ablaze. Let us pray that the same God who saved and kept Nigeria on course during and after the 2015 elections will continue to keep her to the glory of His name.

Pray and remind God of His promise to bring Nigeria into a Sabbath of rest after the time of turmoil.? Ask Him to establish that rest now and bring an end to insurgency, kidnappings and killings in this nation.

Take up a lamentation against every contrary voice that is speaking negatively against the destiny of our nation Nigeria. Nullify their enchantments, sorceries and incantations made into the elements and mid heavens at different time gates.? Declare madness on the enchanters, diviners and sorcerers. Invoke the speaking of the token of the blood of Jesus over Nigeria to frustrate the token of liars over this nation.

You will agree that the media plays a very major role in the society. Let us pray that God would touch the conscience of the drivers of our media industry, that they would understand their responsibility in shapening the mindset of the people and therefore desist from publishing to fragment the nation of Nigeria.

ISAIAH 14:26-27
Declare that the counsel of the Lord shall stand over the destiny of Nigeria. As the executives, legislature and judiciary at every level take counsel over this nation; they shall be controlled by the Lord.

PSALM 118:17
Let us as priests of the most High God proclaim and affirm that Nigeria shall not die but live to do the will of the Lord.

REV. 4:2-8
Thank God for the screening of the ministerial list. Raise atonement over the senate for the areas they may not have done well. Pray that the drive and perceived sincerity exhibited by some of the nominees during the screening exercise would indeed be translated into the actual work for the transformation of our economy.

God said, ?I am going to use Nigeria to heal the rest of Africa? and for the first time in history, a Nigerian has been made the President of the African Development Bank. Pray that this opportunity would not be mishandled and that God would give Nigeria a greater voice and influence in the committee of nations to fulfil this prophecy.

In 2002, God said to Nigeria through His vessel Cindy Jacobs, ?And the Lord says the unity of the leaders is coming. It?s going to uproot and dethrone the occult….I?m getting ready to change many things. I?m getting ready to expose this occult in the highest level.? In the next few months, I?m going to tear it down and I?m going to make it shift and there will be a day when violence will no longer be heard of in the streets of Nigeria.? And it will be one of the safest nations on the face of the earth says God.?
PSALM 35:27, JER 29:11
Let us hold God to these words and plead with Him to unite the leaders in the body of Christ in Nigeria. Ask God to expose and deal with the high level occultic powers that have bedevilled different sectors of our government, especially the power sector. Cry to God to deal with the different cartels and syndicates that have institutionalised corruption within our government thereby crippling the Nation?s economy and ruining her global image. Ask God to deal with these elements as He has promised so as to bring Nigeria into her place of rest.

Pray also against the wave of kidnappings in the country which is fast creating fear in the hearts of many Nigerians. It has become so bad that kidnappers now ask for as little as fifty thousand naira as a ransom. This ugly trend must stop!? Pray that those in the telecommunications industry would rise up to their responsibilities in assisting the police and other law enforcement agents to track down some of these kidnappers and other fraudsters that are defrauding the people of Nigeria.
The prophecy by Cindy Jacobs continues? ?The Lord says, ?I am going to begin to unravel the corrupt system in Nigeria and men will say it is impossible but I say with God all things are possible?. There is going to be a revival in the Universities and this revival is going to be of such a large magnitude, that the revival in the Universities will affect the secondary schools and will affect the primary schools. And I am going to change Nigeria to the next generation says God.?
LUKE 1:37
Ask God, according to His word in this prophecy to use everything within His power to unravel the corrupt system in Nigeria. This is impossible with men, but with God nothing shall be impossible.

The Federal Government has earmarked N92.2billion to execute the marshal plan for rebuilding the North East. Let us pray for the fear of God, honesty and commitment on the part of those who will be administering this fund. Pray against the cankerworm of corruption and wicked diversion of public funds to private pocket which has been the undoing of our nation.

Pray that there would be a revival in our universities that would spread to the secondary and primary schools.

Nigeria is said to be one of the nations with the highest number of children out of school. Coupled with the number of internally displaced persons due to the insurgence, this has worsened. Pray for sincerity of purpose among private investors and even Government stakeholders in this sector. Pray also for greater commitment to policy implementation and increase in financing for education.

Also, pray earnestly against the growing unemployment situation in Nigeria. Every year we turn out graduates without adequate employment opportunities that would enable them contribute to the development of the nation. If nothing is done about the current unemployment level in Nigeria, the Government may very soon have to declare a state of emergency. Pray and ask God to give the Government and people of Nigeria strategies for rapid industrialization, entrepreneurship, job creation as well as diversification of our economy.
Take other personal prayer points and conclude by breaking bread.


Our power to overcome Satan is based on Jesus Christ?s exaltation in heaven, having conquered sin, death and the grave. He rose for our justification and is now exalted above every name that is named not only in this age but also in the age to come. At His name, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord. It is on the basis of these indisputable facts that we make bold to instruct and pray to control the heavens, waters and earth of NIGERIA so they will align to the purposes of God for us in this end of year season.

Sing this song many times to commence today?s prayer.

In heaven, He won the battle
On the Earth, He won the battle
In the sea, He won the battle
Praise Jesus, the Man of War

Proclaim PSALM 148: 1-END

Proclaim the victory of the cross over NIGERIA as we come to the end of the year 2015. Command the heaven to declare the Glory of God and the firmament to declare His handiwork.

Speak to the heavenlies – the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets in the galaxies ? to abort, delete and cancel whatever covenants, agreements and pacts that have been made with them to enable God’s enemies prevail and dominate the most of this end of the year 2015 in NIGERIA.
Pray to halt any powers or Agencies seeking to manipulate the courses and the ordinances of the moon for evil purposes against the peace and unity of NIGERIA in the month of November and December 2015.

Prophesy into Satan?s archives in the heavenlies and destroy all files, records, programmes, handwritings and ordinances against the church and the Nation.

Cancel and render null and void all incantations, divinations and enchantments made into the heavens to negatively manipulate and control the destiny of the land, government and people of NIGERIA in this season.

Renounce all evil inheritances, patterns and cycles of violence, deaths and destruction in all territories especially the North East of NIGERIA.

Petition the Father, Jehovah the Man of war to shake the foundations of everything that is hidden in the heavenly bodies used to orchestrate violence, deaths, destruction, and evil hegemony over NIGERIA.

We renew and strengthen the altars of the Lord in all locations in NIGERIA and provoke them to fight and destroy the works of the enemy over individuals, families, institutions, states, cities and the nation of NIGERIA in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

ISAIAH 27: 1
?In that day the Lord – with His severe sword, great and strong ? will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent; Leviathan that twisted serpent. And He will slay the reptile that is in the sea.?

Pray to break the powers of the leviathan and the waters spirits that inhabit all the bodies of waters in NIGERIA. Destroy all legal rights and grounds that give them reason to operate in the affairs of the Nation.

ISAIAH 28: 18
We cancel, revoke and vacate and destroy all covenants, tokens and agreements made with you water Spirits by the leaders. Those covenants, pacts and agreements are hereby declared null and void in the name of Jesus.

Every sacrifice (human or animal) made in any body of water in the Nation to draw power by wicked men is hereby rendered useless and declared null and void by the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ the Son of the living God.

According to PSALMS 24:1, the land and all its fullness belong to God, therefore we proclaim and declare to all false gods and powers (claiming ownership of NIGERIA) – You have not made the heavens and the earth.

We command you to perish in the name of Jesus. For the scripture says in JER. 10: 11, ?Thus shall ye say unto them, The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, even they shall perish from the earth, and from under these heavens.”

We revoke all contracts, pacts, agreements, covenants, obligations that evil men have made with the mountain gods, forest spirits, queen of the coast, queen of heaven, grave spirits and demon-ancestors. We forbid you to speak into this end of the year in Jesus name.

According to ISAIAH 2: 2-4, we proclaim the exaltation of the mountain of the Lord?s house over every mountain of this location.

From this day, we decree that all who will work upon this earth of NIGERIA will begin to hunger after, seek for and submit to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ and His church.

This land will no longer devour its inhabitants thereof in Jesus name. As the year draws to an end, we silence all evil speakings from the earth of NIGERIA (graveyards, road junctions, mountains, forests, groves, all evil altars, all praying mats, witches covens, the rivers and all other water bodies) by the superior speakings of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We proclaim a new dawn and a new day of peace, unity, progress, development, revival and sanity to you, oh land of NIGERIA.

1THES 5:24
Praise and thank God for all the impact and victories that He has achieved for Himself through IFN since inception: the raising of men and women, deliverances at diverse levels, answered prayers for the nation and the Church, etc. Thank God for providing for all IFN programmes and projects over the years; for protection, preservation and journey mercies on behalf of all the leaders and members.

Proclaim ISA. 60:1-22
Fasten and appropriate these prophetic scriptures on all aspects of the operations of Intercessors For Nigeria. Ask God to manifest it again in the 36th National Prayer Conference in 2016.

2 CHRON. 31:5-6
Pray for all IFN faithful financial partners. Pray that they will be richly blessed and that their lives and endeavours will shine on continually like the moon, the sun and the stars.

JOEL 3:9-10
Pray that the Lord would awaken His mighty men in this land through the 36th National Prayer Conference. Let God?s favour, mercy and glory cover all aspects of the preparations for this conference.

ROM. 8:28
God has plans and purposes for every arm of IFN, for every meeting/conference or gathering convened. Pray that His will for all of these initiatives would manifest fully, especially now and in the year 2016.

PSALM 32:8, PROV 3:6
Pray for direction and guidance for all IFN leaders at various levels-the Board of Trustees, the NEC members etc: Ask the Lord to speak expressly to them concerning IFN and issues of the nation.

PHIL. 4:13
Pray that the Lord would strengthen and specially endow the leaders and members of IFN with every grace and strength required for the work of intercession. Ask that God would take away weariness, discouragements, distractions, and afflictions of every kind from us. And that he would subdue the enemy and destroy all his works (satanic manipulations, sorceries, witchcraft, attacks, etc) against IFN and its members.

Tell God to baptize every IFN member with the spirit of urgency and to take away slackness and lethargy from us.

Ask that God would help us to understand the desperation and determination of the enemies of God?s kingdom and thereby arise to enforce the victory that we already have through Christ Jesus.

2 TIM. 2:2
Pray that the Lord would raise faithful and committed workers for IFN at all levels, those who would run tirelessly with His vision for this ministry.

Pray that God would help us go beyond praying for our nation with our lips only, but also with our acts of intervention where and when necessary, so that we would not stop at praying prayers but also work out our prayers.

2 SAM. 7:10
Ask God to provide a permanent accommodation facility that will be owned by IFN in Abuja, the Nation?s Capital so that we cease moving from place to place for our programmes.

There is no doubt that 2015 has been a difficult year for Israel. President Obama?s Iran deal passed and is already pumping new wealth into the hands of terrorists determined to destroy Israel. As Israel?s enemies are growing even bolder, it is critical that watchmen grow even stronger in standing in the gap for Israel.

PSALM 121:4
Give thanks to God who will neither slumber nor sleep over Israel. Praise Him for watching over the nation and for being her Saviour in the time of trouble.

ZECH. 12:1-9
Proclaim this scripture loudly two times and pray that God will make Jerusalem like a heavy stone to all the nations that have gathered against her. Invite Him to fight for Jerusalem and defend and strengthen the inhabitants of the city.

ISA. 59:14
Pray for those in the Christian media and main stream media who are called to speak and write and broadcast the truth about Israel. Let God anoint them to expose all the lies and deception against Israel.

JER. 8:22
Pray for all victims of terrorism who are still recovering from physical injuries. Ask God to do His work of healing in their bodies and give strength and wisdom to medical teams caring for them.

2 COR. 4:3-4
Pray that the Lord will remove the veil which is over the eyes and hearts of the Jewish people. Let Him reveal Himself to religious, secular, young, old, native born Israelis and immigrants.

PSALM 3:1?3
In the past four weeks of October Israel has recorded 50 stabings,4 shootings 6 car rammings, and dozens of stone throwing. However the Israeli government’s response of tighter security measures especially within Jerusalem has indeed proved effective in easing the flood of terror.

Pray for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ya?alon and others who are leading the fight against terrorism. Ask the Lord to grant them wisdom and understanding as they guide this nation. Give thanks for the faithfulness of God.

PSALM 18:30?32
Israel’s Northern front is undergoing an unprecedented change. The deteriorating security situation in both Syria and Lebanon allows terrorists such as Hezbolla and Islamic Jihad to be virtually present on Israel’s borders.

Pray for the young men and women of the Israeli Defence Force who are stationed on Israel?s northern border. Ask the Lord to be their shield and protection as they stand ready to protect Israel?s citizens.

Proclaim ISA. 52:1-2
Pray and fasten these prophetic words on Jerusalem especially in these difficult times of insecurity and fear. Pray also for the Israeli Defence Force Northern Command chief, Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi, and all frontline commanders in the region, asking that they will have accurate intelligence and clear strategy.

ISA. 41:8?10
Pray that the people of Israel who are facing ever-increasing threats for their destruction will not give in to fear but remember God?s promises. Proclaim the Word of the Lord?He has brought them back to this Land; He will strengthen them and help them.

PSALM 33:18
The US Secretary of state John Kerry recently visited the King of Jordan and they reached a proposal to install Video cameras on the Temple Mount to monitor everything all the time.

Pray that the plan to install cameras will relieve the latest round of violence centered on the Temple Mount. But more importantly, pray that people will look to the Lord to bring mercy and peace to this ongoing and volatile situation.

PSALM 27:12
The enemies of the Jews are boasting and threatening to annihilate and turn them into “lifeless corpses and scattered body parts”.

Silence the mouths of those who breathe out violence against Your people, O Lord. Bring to nothing their plans to wipe out the nation of Israel.

PROV. 16:8
About 20,000 Israelis are suing Facebook, but they do not want money. What they want is Facebook “to stop allowing Palestinian terrorists to incite violent acts against Israeli citizens on its Internet platform.”

Cry out to the Lord, asking for a change of heart in the management of Facebook. Pray that they will turn from their ?hands-off? conduct and actively pursue means to prevent violent terrorists from using this social media platform to influence and intimidate the world.

PSALM 33:8
The Israeli and German armies have conducted joint exercises in urban combat in recent weeks ? the largest joint training ever between the two countries.

Pray that Germany, both on a diplomatic and security basis, will continue to support and stand with God?s chosen people. Give thanks that the army?s commander chose to acknowledge the past and visit Israel?s Holocaust Research Center, Yad Vashem.

ZECH. 8:11
Ask God to deploy His angels to do ceaseless patrol in the length and breadth of Israel so that the land would be at rest.

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