SUNDAY?? ?? Thanksgiving and Praise
MONDAY? ??? Prayer For The Church
TUESDAY? ?? Prayers For The Church
WEDNESDAY ? Prayer For Nigeria
THURSDAY ?? Prayer For Nigeria 2
FRIDAY ???? Weights And Measures
SATURDAY ?? Prayer For Israel



In the year 1517 when Martin Luther wrote his 95 thesis that led to the protestant reformation in those days, the three cardinal teachings of his thesis were (i) the sole authority of the word of God (ii) the issue of justification by faith and (iii) the priesthood of every believer. Of these three, the Church has dwelt so much on the first two; we acknowledge the sole authority of the word of God and appropriate the justification that is ours by faith in Chris Jesus. But we have to a very large extent neglected the priesthood of the believer, in terms of teaching and practicing it.

God originally ordained every Christian to be a priest. From the day you were born again, you were born into the priesthood. That is your calling and your designation (REV. 5:10). Whether you are a doctor, policeman, bus driver, seamstress, fuel station attendant or bricklayer, whatever your profession or occupation, you are there, first and foremost, to function as a priest for God. The day we recover this notion in the body of Christ, would mark the beginning of a revolution, which is what we need to enthrone God and achieve true national transformation.

The world today is in search of leaders with answers, while God is looking for faithful priests who will, like Samuel, do according to all that is in His heart and thereby lead the nations into the fulfilment of His divine plans and purposes (1 SAM. 2:35).

As we mark this 55th anniversary of Nigeria?s independence, I therefore call on every Watchman to ?return to Bethel? (GEN. 35:1-15). Let us return to the place of renewal of covenants with God ? to rededicate our nation NIGERIA to Him and to receive fresh grace to function in our calling as priests in the days ahead. Oh that we would meet God?s need for faithful priests in this generation.

May the Holy Spirit enlarge these prayer points in your heart and enable you to pray God?s will for NIGERIA, the Church, your family, endeavours, etc in this season.

Also, feel free to print and circulate this prayer guide widely among praying people and local assemblies. We have had to repeat most of last month?s prayer points because they are still relevant to the current situations in the nation.
God bless all who contribute to these Prayer Guides and those who diligently use them.


National Coordinator




The Bible says in 1THESSALONIANS 5:18, ?In all things give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.? In the 55 years of her independence, Nigeria has so many stories to tell, both good and bad. But in all, we have reasons to thank God who has been our Ebenezer thus far.
Proclaim PS 92 & 1 CHRON. 16:8-12.
Lift up your voice in high praises and give thanks to God for His mercies over NIGERIA, from the time we became a nation to the time of independence, till now. Thank God for His mercy in allowing the British to put this entity together as a nation.

PS. 118:1-4
Acknowledge His mercy for our strategic population, diversity and geographical location in Africa. Thank Him also for all our rulers both past and present.

PS. 136:1-4
As a nation, God has seen us through colonial rule, the struggles for independence, civil war, military administrations, coups and countercoups, economic recession, political administrations, student crisis, religious wars, insurgency, epidemics, etc. Yet, in the midst of these, Nigeria has at different times played host to large numbers of refugees from nations like Ghana, Lebanon, etc. Let us consciously thank God for His obvious hand upon our nation. In spite of the enormous challenges that could have dashed Nigeria into splinters, God has, time without number, averted the plans of the enemy. Appreciate Him heartily and acknowledge His manifold interventions.

Thank God for His special interest and plans for Nigeria, thank Him for the prophetic words He has spoken over Nigeria through His servants in history. Thank Him for systematically bringing these prophecies into fulfilment before our eyes.

LAM 3:37, ISA 14:24
Against the wishes and expectations of the western world, Nigeria remains a nation till this day, not because the ethnic groups and religious factions within her love themselves so much, but because God has chosen to keep Nigeria one for His purpose. Let us thank Him for being the unifying factor in this great nation.

Nigeria is currently the most populous black nation on the earth while other nations are becoming desolate and some are disappearing from the world map as a result of war and famine. Let us thank God for not allowing Nigeria to become a desolated and deserted land. Our population is not a burden but a blessing from the Lord. (JER 30:19).

Praise God for the increasing peace in the land. Thank Him for gradually driving back the wild beasts that sought to overrun and devour our land (EXO. 23:30). Worship the Prince of Peace who sits enthroned over Nigeria (JOHN 14:27).

ZECH. 1:17
Thank God for the level of infrastructural development going on in the nation, even though we could have done much better, we are still grateful to Him for all that He has helped us to achieve in this regard.

Thank God for all the arms of government – the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary, that despite the initial rumblings and turmoil, things are gradually settling down. 1 TIM. 2:1-4

Praise God for the renewed and sustained determination among the Nigerian armed forces to work and fight together to put an end to terrorism in Nigeria. Thank Him also for the victories they have achieved so far. DEUT 20:4, 1COR 15:57

Praise God for the extent of help and support that Nigeria has received so far in this war against terrorism and insurgence. ISA 49:23
Praise God for the rising good image and respect that Nigeria is galvanizing in the committee of nations and particularly in Africa. The healing has begun! Praise God for this and thank Him in advance that this testimony will not be truncated until Nigeria truly becomes a nation of integrity. 2CHRON 7:14

Present your personal thanksgivings before the Lord; thank Him on behalf of yourself, your family, business and other endeavours.


Proclaim REV. 2: 18-29
From our Bible reading, we see that the Church in Thyatira was known and commended for love, service, faith, patience and improvements. But it was also a church that lacked discernment of spirits and as a result, they were seduced into fornication, sorcery and idolatry. Seduction is a major weapon that Satan uses to lure many Christians away from the love of God, and the Holy Spirit is calling on the Church to repent, deal with and watch against the spirit of seduction.
REV. 2: 19-25, PROV. 4:18

First, we must acknowledge the fact that by the help of God, the Church in Nigeria can be credited with some good works; the Church has grown and advanced on many frontiers over the years. Give God thanks for all of these testimonies.

REV. 2:20, JOEL 2:28, LEV. 10:1-2
Pray that God would pour out His Spirit afresh upon the Church in Nigeria and strengthen the grace for discernment among Believers. Pray that those who practise deception and falsehood on the altar of the Lord; offering strange fires, promoting fornication and idolatry would be exposed, disgraced and judged by the power of God.

Cry to God to deliver and cleanse His Church of all forms of seduction; ask Him to destroy the veils of deception and spiritual blindness that Satan has cast over the hearts and minds of His people.

REV. 2:21, JOHN 16:7-11
Pray that God would move His Church to the place of true repentance while we still have the chance to do so. Ask that the Spirit of God would convict us of our sins, lead us to have a positive change of heart and attitude so that we would be able to bring forth fruits of righteousness (MATT. 3:8-12).

REV. 2:22-23
Pray strongly that the judgment of God would come upon the hardened agents of darkness within the Church; who would not repent despite the grace and mercy of God. Declare the judgment written upon them and ask that the fear of God would be revived in the Church once again.

REV. 2:24, ISA 47:1-5, PS 149:6-9
Pray that the doctrine of Jezebel (the mistress of witchcraft) who promotes fornication and idolatry be eradicated from the church. Declare judgement upon her covering of lies and falsehood.

Declare against those who enthrone themselves in the Church through witchcraft; cast them down, overturn their altars and command the thrones that strengthen them to be judged (2 KGS 9:30-37).

Bring repentance for the worship and veneration of the queen of heaven (mistress of witchcraft) in our culture, traditions and even in the Church (JER 7:17-20).

Renounce her worship, her altars, priesthood, government, covenants, dedication and her influence over our land, people, families, the Church and the nation.

Dethrone her from her seat of control, bring down her govt, and destroy her coverings and veils, over the people, families, our government and leaders at all levels. (ISA 25:7-8).

Blot out her voices and speaking over the land and destroy her seductions by which she sedates the Church, the government and people of Nigeria to believe in lies.

ISA: 41:1, NAHUM 3:1-4
Renounce all allegiance to the mistress of witchcraft that sells families and nations through her sorceries and harlotries. Receive cleansing by the blood of Jesus on behalf of the Church, the nation of Nigeria and your family.

ROM. 8:26, HEB. 12:1
Come before the Lord and acknowledge your infirmities, weakness, failures, sins, iniquities ? unholy thoughts, transgressions and all sins that easily beset us ? these are the things that are likely to hinder us from receiving the Lords reward on the last day.

REV. 2:7,11,17,26, REV. 3:5,12,21
Every reward promised by Jesus is reserved only for those who overcome. Cry to God to enable, help, energize and empower you to overcome and be strong unto to the end.

REV. 2:29, ISA. 50:4-5
Pray that God would deliver His church from spiritual deafness. Oh that God would deliver us from worldly distractions and de-wax our ears so we can hear distinctly and do what the Spirit is saying to the Church as the second coming of the Lord Jesus draws nearer.

2 TIM. 3:5
Plead with God to deliver His Church in Nigeria from the obsession of wanting to be more appealing to the world than to God, which has pushed many into ?Having a form of godliness, but denying the power therefore.? Pray that the Church would seek to please Jesus more than anything or anyone else.

REV. 2:4-5, MATT. 22:37-38
Pray passionately that God would restore our ?First Love? for Him and His Kingdom, and enable us to express that love through obedience, righteousness, service and kindness to one another.

Conclude by breaking bread.


Proclaim PSALMS 46:1-11

According to UN ? one out of every 122 persons on the earth today is either a refugee, an asylum seeker or internally displaced. Nigeria has her fair share of IDPs as an aftermath of terrorist activities particularly in the North Eastern part of the country.

The Most High God knows, recognises and evaluates the sufferings of our brethren in the various IDP camps in different parts of the country. Some months ago, two northern governors adopted a good number of children from IDP camps (mostly from the Christian dominated areas). But only God knows the motives behind their gesture. Recently in the IDP camp in Benin the children vehemently refused to vacate the camp, since the agenda behind the relocation exercise was not known.

PS 23:4, 124:7
Let’s thank God for the lives of people in the IDP camps across the nation, especially the Christians. Give God praise for sparing their lives, even though thousands of families have been scattered and separated from one another and many of their relatives have died.

If the devil had had his way, today majority of Nigerians would have been refugee in neighbouring countries. Thank God for frustrating that plan and not allowing it to materialise (JOB 5:12).

ISA. 40:1, 51:3, 2 COR 1:4
In as much as God has preserved and will continue to preserve these internally displaced persons, let us ask Him to comfort and deliver them from the effects of shock and the excruciating pains they underwent in the course of the terrorist attacks ? the loss of family members and properties, disabilities and other issues too numerous to mention.

Ask God for quick and timely healings for the injuries they sustained. Some of the injuries can degenerate into worse health problems if not promptly treated. Pray that God would send them helps to receive the necessary health care and on time.

Let’s equally appreciate God for the good spirited individuals and groups that have visited the camps with various relief materials to augment the efforts of the federal and state governments. Ask God to give the camp management teams the wisdom for proper distribution.

All manner of people with different and difficult health challenges are camped within the same environment, hence, various communicable diseases are prevalent. Ask God for divine intervention and proper health care delivery system to avoid an epidemic situation (PS. 91:1-8).

Ask God to frustrate every agenda to transfer the displaced people for religious interests. Pray and deal with every tribal, ethnic and religious victimization of people in the camps.

PS 126:1-4, RUTH 1:1-6
Plead with the Lord that our people will not be perpetually kept in these camps. Let the Lord make a way for them to be released and adequately assisted to start a new life.

Pray for adequate educational assistance for the children in the camps so that they would be able to fulfil their destinies and be able live competently in the society.

Let us prayerfully rise against the spirit of immorality and other vices usually reported in some of the camps (PS. 46:8).

Ask that the Lord would stir the hearts of more people with genuine interests to adopt some of the children in the camps, particularly those who have lost both parents (EST. 2:5-7).

Pray particularly for the Christian children that have already been adopted either by government or individuals; that the hand of God would be mighty to deliver them from any ritual attempts, human trafficking, slavery, abuse or Islamization. Let the seed of God?s word that has been sown in their lives be permanent and give them the courage to stand for Jesus at all times.

Let’s pray for Churches and other Christian organizations that are already involved in adopting and training these children that the Lord would empower and encourage them not to slack or be tempted to abandon these projects. Pray for abundance of resources and other materials needed to continue.

Appreciate the Lord for the peace that is gradually being restored to our nation, and petition Him to perfect it in accordance with the prophecy – that Nigeria would become one of the safest and most peaceful nations in the world (PS 89:34).

ISA. 62:6-7, 2 THESS. 3:16
Let God be exalted in the affairs of our nation – Nigeria and make it a praise in the earth.


REV. 4:2-8
All earthly thrones should be patterned after the Heavenly throne. From the above Bible reference we see that the throne of the Most High God is surrounded by other thrones occupied by the 24 Elders or Wise Counsellors whose duty is to compliment and support the activities on God’s throne.

Shortly before the 55th independence anniversary, the president was said to have forwarded the first list of ministerial nominees to the National Assembly. Present this list to God and ask that only His counsel would stand (PROV. 19:21).

Proclaim GEN. 41:14-49
There have been speculations that Nigeria?s economy might slip into recession by 2016 if proactive steps are not taken by the Federal Government to revive certain key sectors. Present this issue before the Lord and ask that He would use this opportunity to raise the Josephs of our generation who would proffer lasting solutions to our nation?s economic malaise.

Pray that God would move the president to appoint economic policy managers like his last three predecessors; let God direct and help president Buhari to appoint men who can mange relative surplus or affluence as the case may be (GEN 41:38-40).

A strong economy is the bedrock of the nation. As at date, neither a chief economic adviser nor a minister of finance has been appointed. Pray that God would by His Spirit move Mr. President to fill these vacancies urgently with the right men.

Nigeria presently runs a mono economy, being heavily dependent on oil for its revenue generation. It has however become glaring that diversification of revenue sources seems to be the only sustainable option to generate funds to finance govt budgets. Pray that God would give Nigeria and Nigerians the wisdom to explore and develop non-oil revenue sources like cocoa, cotton, rubber, groundnut and other commodities which formed the traditional sources of revenue in the past.

Pray that Nigerians would wake up to the limitless opportunities available in agriculture and solid mineral development.

Ask that the Lord would not only give us the strategies to attract foreign investors into our nation but also give us the wisdom for negotiating capacity so as not to put our nation into a disadvantaged position.

1 CHRON. 12:18
Lift the President and his inner core group of advisers before the Almighty God; ask that the Spirit of God would brood upon them and move their hearts away from petty politics to statesmanship. Let their hearts be enlarged to imbue a Nationalistic spirit to rebuild Nigeria with the best available skills and talents, irrespective of whatever part of the country such talents emerge from.

1 CHRON. 12:19-32, 2 SAM 8:15-18
Pray that the Spirit of the Lord would move President Buhari to have a broad based government; drawing skills and talents from different tribes of Nigeria. Let God open his heart to receive all the vessels that God has prepared to rebuild Nigeria no matter their ethnic or tribal identifications ? both those at home and those in the Diaspora.

Pray that the Lord would take control over the formation of the Federal Executive Council, appointment of Ministers, and reconstituting of various Strategic Boards which have been dissolved.

Ask that the Structure of the Federal Government be fully established so that the task of governing the nation would begin in earnest (1 KGS 4:1-7).

EPH 4:1-3
Pray that the Presidency and the National Assembly would develop a working relationship as a deliberate choice. This can only happen as they (both as individuals & institutions) develop love for our Nation Nigeria, develop mutual love and respect for one another and uphold the principles of constitutional democracy.

MATT. 15:13
Pray and uproot the negative mentalities among our leaders that hinder effective administration in our nation. These are –
???? Private business mentality – using government positions to appropriate private benefits.
???? Chief executive mentality- self-worship, idolatry and false messianic tendencies.
???? Government protocol mentality- Setting up administrative structures that create an aura of false importance, which impede efficiency and speed.
???? Generational dichotomy – Recycling ?old hands? from previous generations and administrations. They need to understand that no generation can single handily change our nation. We need the wisdom and experience of the old, as well as the skill, innovation and energy of the young to achieve our goal of birthing a new Nigeria.
???? Inferiority and superiority complex mentality.
Pray that God would help to break down the walls of tribalism in our government and uproot the insecurities that our leaders have towards working with people from other tribes.

PSALM 51:17; 1 SAM. 10:9
Ask the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon our Leaders in various structures of Society. Let the Lord give them another heart, a broken and contrite spirit that will stir up National rebirth regarding protecting our Common Wealth in whatever Institutions or office they find themselves.

1 SAM. 10:25
Pray for the re-introduction of Civic education at various levels of our School Curricula, including National Youth Service Corps program, to prepare our youths for public service.


While stressing his administration?s commitment to the war against corruption recently, President Mohammadu Buhari said, ?Our fight against corruption is not just a battle for virtue and righteousness in our land, it is a fight for the soul and substance of our nation.? Let us pray that this war against corruption would not end as mere words and good intentions but would indeed translate into constructive and productive actions (PROV. 14:23)

MATT. 19:26, LUKE 18:27
Many analysts have described the kind of corruption being practiced in Nigeria as ?lootocracy? that is a constitutionally approved and protected looting of the public treasury by officials, which makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to deal with. As such, many believe that the war against corruption in Nigeria is a mission impossible. Remind God of His word that says there is nothing impossible with Him and we therefore invite Him to undertake this battle against corruption in our nation Nigeria.

JUDG. 3:9, MATT. 5:6
Corruption is believed to be one of the major causes of poverty in Nigeria, and in some cases, poverty is one of the major causes of corruption. Petition God to hear the cries and prayers of well meaning Nigerians who desire to see righteousness, integrity and equity enthroned in our nation.

Pray that the new machineries of accountability that are currently being put in place by the Federal Government would function effectively.

LEV. 26:40-42, 2 CHRON. 7:13-14
Bring repentance for all our corrupt practices; from the home front to our educational sector, the Church, our business dealings, etc. Ask God to forgive us and give all Nigerians a change of heart, to be able to embrace integrity.

The fight against corruption must first be won at the personal level before it can be effective on the national level, pray that God would cause every Nigerian to embrace this cause with great commitment and enforce the same wherever they go.

PS. 11:3, PROV. 14:34
The fight against corruption cannot be driven by institutions that are weak and corruption ridden. Pray that the legal foundations of key government institutions that would drive this vision be laid.

Ask the Lord to stir up the President to overhaul the following Agencies of Government to ensure effective operations. – EFCC, ICPC, Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), INEC, DSS, FEDERAL HIGH COURT, FEDERAL COURTS OF APPEAL, SUPREME COURT OF NIGERIA, OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL, etc. Plead the blood of Jesus over these institutions and their executives.

There is also the need to fight corruption systematically, holistically and in a sustainable manner. Ask that God would give our government the wisdom and right strategies to be able to do this so as to comprehensively deal with corruption. Pray that the Lord would indeed heal Nigeria of corruption and that the healing would be permanent.

MATT. 15:7-8, PROV 19:5, 9
Pray that the anti-corruption war will be fought with sincerity of purpose, for the sustainable development and benefit of the nation.

Pray also that no corrupt person(s) shall escape the arms of the law and that there shall be no discrimination or sectionalism. Decree fairness and true justice in the execution of this course.

EXD 23:6, DEUT 10:18
Pray for the judiciary that honest judges with integrity would emerge.? Pray that God who is the judge of all would unseat corrupt judges in our nation.

Pray earnestly that the Church of God in Nigeria would be purged and that she will be in the forefront of the fight against corruption. JOB 29:14, PS 106:3

Ask that the Lord would give the government and people of Nigeria unflinching determination to put an end to the insecurity in the land. NEH. 4:9-13

1 CHRON 22:12, 2 SAM 15:1-14
Pray for continuous and increased collaboration among the security agents. Scatter every plan or act of sabotage from any quarters.

ISA 8:9-10
Pray that the attempt of the terrorists to advance and extend their attacks to other parts and organisations of the nation shall utterly fail.

Make a strong decree against the evil spirits behind communal clash, killing and destruction in all parts of Nigeria, particularly in Plateau and Benue states. PSA 68:30

EXD 31:3, JAS.1:5
Pray for divine wisdom and skills for our intelligence personnel. Pray that the December 2015 deadline declared by the president as the time to overcome the insurgence and restore peace in the North East, shall be a reality by the grace of God.

PSA 149:6-9, JOB 22:26-28
Decree that all Nigerian borders have become a no go area for wicked human agents; that every attempt they make to enter Nigeria shall utterly fail. Pray that there would be a re-engineering in our immigration service and laws to effectively checkmate illegal migrations.

The agenda of ISIS is to rule the world by 2020, (five years from now). Ask the LORD of Host to send His strong Angels to halt the advancement of this satanic group and their agenda.

JOB 34:29
Plead with the LORD to end the reign of terror and Boko Haram, militancy, robbery, and kidnappings in Nigeria.


Many Believers no longer consider it out of place (or a sin) to engage in dishonest business practices like frauds, giving and taking of bribes, falsifying receipts and invoices, adulteration of products, exorbitant profit margin, etc.

We must understand that God rules even in the market place; the way we make our profit matters to Him. He expects us to carry out all our business and financial transactions with 100% honesty no matter who we are dealing with. Any infringement in the areas of weights and measures is counted as unrighteousness and abomination before Him.

Sing this song a few times:

I will make my heart Your dwelling place;
I will build Your throne in my heart;
Come and take your place,
In my heart!

DEUT. 25: 13-15
Let us start this prayer session by bringing all our business and financial dealings before God; let us ask Him to search us and help us to identify areas where we have violated the law of just weights and measures.

Let us bring repentance for all forms of dishonesty, inequalities, inaccuracies, falsehood and ungodliness in our transactions. Let us also bring repentance on behalf of private business organizations, government parastatals, institutions and spiritual organizations where we work, as employers, employees or business owners.

PROV. 20: 23
Dishonest scales and dishonest measures are an abomination to the Lord! He hates it because it speaks of the condition of the heart of the man that uses them. The use of dishonest scales and measures is an expression of rebellion against God; a defiance of His law and an act of greed and theft. It speaks of a lack of consideration for the life and well being of the client/customer.

Let us bring repentance to God for all of these on behalf of ourselves and all classes of professions represented in our cities and nation NIGERIA.

Ask God to forgive us for all the damage that has been done to human lives, society and properties by the use of dishonest weights and measures.

Let us apologize to God on behalf of the Church in NIGERIA for the disgrace and blasphemies that have been brought upon His great name by our permissiveness and use of dishonest weights and measures. 2 SAM. 12: 13-14

LEV. 19: 35-37
Let us cry to God in repentance for the level of corruption in our nation that has destroyed our economy and our global reputation over the years. These are some of the consequences of using false weights and measures.
PROV. 11:1
Let us confess to Him how that our business men and women and traders at all levels are users of false weights and measures. Some have been involved in the production, importation and sale of fake drugs which have claimed many innocent lives. Let us confess to God how that exam malpractice is ?legalized? in most of our institutions and examination centres.

PROV. 20:10
Some public servants in the civil service sector, armed forces, para-military and government sector have made bribery, paying of salaries to ghost workers and falsifying of documents, a way of life. While artisans like tailors, mechanics, electricians, labourers etc have made lying and cheating the ?unwritten code of conduct? of their profession. Let us accept responsibility for all of these and bring repentance to God. PSALM 51: 17

Let bring atonement by the blood of Jesus over our lives, the organizations we represent and the entire nation of Nigeria, to cleanse us from the unrighteousness and abomination of using unjust weight and measures. LEV. 17: 11

MICAH 6: 11, EZK. 36: 26
The eyes of the Lord are purer than to behold iniquity. Let us plead with Him to cleanse and receive us again as His people, and not reject us.

DEUT. 35: 14
The use of weights and measures can affect our relationship with God and can determine length of life.? Let us pray that God would deliver and cleanse us and our land from all the consequences of using dishonest weight and measures.

EZK. 45: 10-11, ISA. 11: 3, 48: 17
Pray that God would pour upon us as a nation, the spirit of the fear of God. Ask that spirit would direct and influence all our transactions.

Plead that God would help us (first the Church and then the nation) to understand that no aspect of our life?s endeavours are secular. That He is interested, involved, oversees and desires to be enthroned in all areas of our lives; including our business transactions, and all forms of income and profit making.

PROV. 17:34
Let us cry to God to help us as a people and nation to overcome this hydra headed monster called ?CORRUPTION? by the power in the name of JESUS!

LUKE. 3: 9
Command that the tree of ?corruption? in Nigeria to be cut down and thrown into the un-quenching fire of the HOLY GHOST. Let it wither and dry up from its roots and never bear fruits again, in JESUS? mighty name!

Let ?corruption? be swept and flushed out of our government parastatals, out of our civil service sectors, out of our educational institutions, out of our market places and Churches, by the blood of Jesus.

LUKE 3: 10-14 & 12: 15
Let us ask that God would take away the spirit of greed and excessive craving for material wealth from the hearts of all Nigerians, beginning from the youngest to the oldest.


Let us begin by giving God praise for being the God of Israel, her Saviour and stronghold in the day of trouble. Praise Him because He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Thank Him for His faithfulness and for being Israel’s divine security. NAHUM 1:7, MAL. 3:6

Give thanks for all believers who stand with Israel, those who come to Jerusalem to celebrate Feasts as well as those who are not able to be there in person. NUM. 24:5, 9B

In the face of the current world situation which relates to Israel namely – the flag of Palestine being raised at the United Nations, the Iranian deal and what that means to the Middle East, the U.S. administration’s total lack of reliability and courage, rising anti- Semitism etc let us pray that Israel’s leaders the spirit of Issachar’s sons to make decisions in with God’s will. May the eyes of the leaders of Israel open to see and hear God. PROV. 19:21, 2 KINGS 6:7

Pray specifically for Bibi Netanyahu that God’s hand will be upon Him to make him strong. Ask God to bless him with health, sleep, wisdom and understanding. May God surround him with people of wisdom and integrity.

On the 1st October, Israel’s Prime Minister spoke to the Nations of the world from the podium of the United Nations in New York. He indicted Iran’s explicit intent to annihilate Israel and announced to the rulers of Iran that their plan will fail. He affirmed that Israel will not permit any force on earth to threaten its future.

ISA. 49:15?16
Proclaim this word of the Lord! Even though all the nations of the world stand against His chosen people, He will not forget them. Their walls are continually before Him. Come to the rescue of Your people, O God.

ISA. 40:1
Let us pray for Israel’s internal security. Just recently there was another terror attack on the roads, killing a mother and father in? front of their four young children. Terror attacks are on the increase in Israel – especially in Jerusalem and on the roads. It was also revealed that an ISIS cell was captured in Israel a month ago.

Intercede for these four young children who have had their parents torn from them by this brutal act. Pray that they, and the whole nation of Israel who mourns with them, will receive God?s comfort in the days to come.? Ask God to join these little children with a new family. Pray for the protection of the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, asking that any further terrorist acts will be stopped.

Recently Russian and Iranian troopers have entered Syria to rescue the government of Syria’s despotic ruler Assad. Israel’s external security has therefore become more dangerous.
Pray that God will give Israel game- changing weapons so that if it needs to deal with Hizbullah in Syria and Lebanon, not even the Russian Bear would consider getting in the way.

Intercede for God?s people in this dangerous situation, asking that the Lord cause Russia?s own devices to bring about its downfall. Pray that Israel will have accurate intelligence regarding the role Iran is playing in Syria and will know what action to take. PSALM 5:9?10 NASB

Series of rockets have been launched from the Hamas – controlled Gaza Strip on Israeli civilians over some weeks.

Remember the residents of Southern Israel who have endured many rocket attacks from Gaza. Give thanks to the Lord who is their help and shield in time of trouble. Pray for the alertness of the soldiers manning the Iron Dome systems. PSALM 115:9

The Israel Defense Force recently conducted two artillery strikes on some Syrian positions following earlier rocket strikes in the Golan on the 27th September 2015.

Pray for Israel?s military commanders and leaders responsible for her security, including Defense Minister Moshe Ya?alon, and the Israeli defense force. Pray that they will acknowledge the Lord and seek His direction for Israel?s protection on this critical northern border. PROV. 3:5?6

In the just concluded 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, which was attended by many world leaders, virtually every Speaker had something to say that has a direct impact on Israel.

Plead with the Lord to pour out a spirit of repentance upon the world, whose leaders seem determined to live in rebellion against His Word. Pray for courageous men and women to speak, calling for righteous action rather than the empty rhetoric being spoken at the UN. PSALM 27:12

Monday the 28th September was the fourth and final blood moon in a series of four consecutive lunar eclipses coinciding with the biblical feasts commanded by the Lord in LEV. 23.
This rare celestial event has sparked intense discussion on whether the tetras blood moon serve as a sign of the times.

Pray that the recent tetrad of blood moons will remind many to earnestly seek the Lord while He may be found. ISA. 55:6

Pray for the Israeli local body of Messiah. Ask that God will continue to add to their numbers and bring many Israeli secret believers out of the closet. May God protect the Israeli Body from all attempts by the enemy to infiltrate and grant them spiritual discernment. HEB 5:14

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