(Friday 20th ? Tuesday 31st December, 2013)

To all IFN members and partners ?

Dearly beloved,

I bring you greetings in the matchless name of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

The forth-coming New Year, 2014 is so pivotal and critical that the least we can do as Intercessors is to adequately come into it in the Spirit.

As you may know, 2014 is Nigeria?s year of Centenary celebration. Therefore, it presents us, the church the golden opportunity of properly laying the Spiritual foundation for Nigeria?s next one hundred years of existence. This entails a lot of hardwork.


Again, 2014 is likely to be the year when the much talked-about National Dialogue will hold. This matter is already heating up the polity with many being for it and others opposed to it. This also leaves us with a lot of responsibilities as the church; we must seek God to know the right positions to take and to midwife the entire process in prayers.


Similarly, 2014 coming before the dreaded 2015 will no doubt be a critical year of political campaign and elections in many quarters.


Viewed against this background and in addition to the unabating security challenges in the nation, these 12 nights of Prophetic Watch have been declared to enable us lay a prayer siege for the New Year. The understanding is that each night watch will be a seed for every month of 2014.


The prayer programme, which will be observed by all Intercessors for Nigeria members and partners, will hold from the 20th Dec. to the 31st Dec. 2013. Each night watch will last from 12midnight to 3am.


It can be observed at family levels, prayer cell levels, houses of prayer levels etc.


I direct that brethren should endeavour to gather together at the various houses of prayer platforms to summarize it on the last night being the 31st of December 2013.


Coordinators at all levels are advised to encourage all to be faithful and committed to this prayer programme.













READ PSALM 92:1-5, PS. 148:1-END

-?????? Lift up your voices and give God thanks for Nigeria, for the Church, for your Family, for your Salvation, for your Calling, for IFN, Personal blessing, Answered prayers, Provision, Good health, Forgiveness of sins etc.

-?????? Acknowledge all His mighty works and faithfulness in the midst of the year 2013.




COL. 1:9-10, 16-18, ISA. 33:22

-?????? Declare His Lordship over the Church, Principalities, Powers, Religion of Great Deception, Occult Groups, Sorcerers, Enchanters, Diviners, Soothsayers, Ancestral gods, Witchcraft spirit, Water spirits etc.

-?????? Declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all things in all Towns, Villages, States of the federation, LGAs, Senatorial zones, Federal and State constituencies, Electoral wards and Polling boots.

-?????? Declare that He is Lord over the Presidency. Legislature, Judiciary, Political parties, all politicians, Military, the Police, Navy, Air Force, all classes of Leaders, Mischief makers, Troublers of the nation etc.



PS. 24:3-4, PS. 15: 1-5, ISA. 56:9-12

-?????? Bring confession of sins at all levels: personal, family, church, government, politicians, Nigeria.

-?????? Bring lamentation over the following:

o?? Profane ministers

o?? The works of the flesh in the church

o?? Bloodshed in the land

o?? Activities of the children of the bondwoman in the nation

o?? Corrupt, self-centred and wicked leaders in the land



HEB. 9:12-14

-?????? Ask God for mercy and bring atonement by the blood of Jesus Christ





N/B: These preliminary prayers must be taken before the prayers specified for each day.









Day One

20th Dec. 2013

Making Bold Declarations For Nigeria ? I

Boldly declare and decree:

-?????? That the year 2014 is the year to determine the future of Nigeria according to the Will of God.

-?????? That the year 2014 is the year to lay new foundations for Nigeria?s next 100years.

-?????? That the year 2014 will be the year of our National Dialogue/Conference.

-?????? That the year 2014 will be the year of restructuring Nigeria according to the Will and Purpose of God.

-?????? That the year 2014 will mark the beginning of God?s fierce judgment against all the wicked in the land.

-?????? That the year 2014 is the year God will shake the heaven and the earth over Nigeria and give her a new configuration.

-?????? That in 2014, Nigeria will know peace and not trouble.

N/B: Use relevant scriptures to elaborate on these Declarations.


Day Two

21st Dec. 2013

Dealing with Satanic Thrones and Kingdoms

????????? HAG. 2:21-23


Thanksgiving, Repentance, Atonement, Declaring His Lordship and prophesying into the day as above.


-?????? Pray that God will overthrow the thrones of satanic kingdoms. This will include all idolatrous thrones and thrones of the religion of great deception. HAG. 2:22, PS. 94:20

-?????? Ask God to destroy the strength of all gentile kingdoms. Target their economic strength, ethnic strength, political strength etc. ?HAG. 2:22B

-?????? Ask God to overthrow all satanic military chariots and those who ride on them. Pay special attention to their sponsors and champions. HAG. 2:22C

-?????? Pray that those riders of Horses will come down, everyone by the sword of his brothers. HAG. 2:22D

-?????? Pray and dethrone every politician that have been crowned in the kingdom of darkness to rule in Nigeria. EZK. 21:25-27


Day Three

22nd Dec. 2013

Inquiry Prayers


Thanksgiving, Repentance, Atonement, Declaring His Lordship and prophesying into the day as above.


EXO. 39:32, 42-43, EXO. 25:8-9

-?????? Make inquiries into the heart of God by asking Him the following questions:

  1. Lord you revealed the pattern of the tabernacle to Moses on the mountain and insisted that everything be done according to that pattern. Please reveal to us, the pattern you have in mind for Nigeria in politics, government, agriculture, economy etc?
  2. Lord what is the constitution you have for Nigeria?
  3. What position do you want the church to take, come the year 2014?
  4. Lord what class of leaders do you desire for Nigeria in 2015?
  5. Lord, what prayer focus, direction, and strategy do you want the church to adopt in 2014?
  6. Using the language of PS. 2:1-2, Ask God the reasons behind all the raging and evil imaginations of the devil against Nigeria.


Day Four

23rd Dec. 2013

Prayers for the Church I


Thanksgiving, Repentance, Atonement, Declaring His Lordship and prophesying into the day as above.?


-?????? Pray against the spirit of denominationalism, individualism and divisions that has weakened and impoverished the church. HAG. 1:4

-?????? Take authority over the spirit of strife, competition, and selfishness and cast it away from the church. PHIL. 2:3-4

-?????? PS. 133:1-3

Pray for the spirit of Unity and Love to pervade the church and for Christians to see eye to eye and dwell together in Unity.

-?????? JAMES 5:17-18

Pray for renewal and revival in the church and that the Lord will raise to Himself a faithful priesthood who will operate in Elijah?s anointing to effectively deal with the increasing evil in the land.

-?????? Take authority over all forms of spiritual weakness, slumbering and lukewarmness. Root these out of the church as the tree the father has not planted. REV. 3: 15-16

-?????? Pray that God will train and prepare men and women who will take the place of leadership in all the Seven Mountain of Society. ISA. 22: 20-25


Day Five

24th Dec. 2013

Prayer for the Church II


Thanksgiving, Repentance, Atonement, Declaring His Lordship and prophesying into the day as above.


-?????? Take authority and pray against religious spirits, spirits of immorality, mammon, occultism, witchcraft, Jezebel, lukewarm-ness, prayerlessness, worldliness, worship of men of God, division etc. pray for the resurrection of churches that are dead but think they are alive.

-?????? Pray that they will repent and see themselves the way God sees them. REV. 3:1-5. Pray for churches that have been taken over by Jezebel, being seduced into immorality, witchcraft, occultism and mammon worship that they will repent and be delivered.

-?????? Pray against the spirit of queen of heaven. JER. 7:18; 44:17,25

-?????? Pray that the Lord will baptize His church in Nigeria and worldwide with a fire of revival ? revival of righteousness and revival of power. JOEL 2:28-32

-?????? Pray for greater harvest of souls and proper discipleship.

-?????? Pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. EPH. 1:17-19


Day Six

25th Dec. 2013

Prayer against Satanic Gate keeping and Men I ?


Thanksgiving, Repentance, Atonement, Declaring His Lordship and prophesying into the day as above.


-?????? Cover yourself, family, and properties with the blood of Jesus

-?????? Cloth yourself with the whole armour of God and put on the garments of your royal priesthood

-?????? Now declare and enforce OBAD. 1: 3-4 on all satanic gatekeepers and strongmen who like pharaoh have hijacked this nation for their interest.

-?????? Sack the evil priesthood serving them sustaining them in their present lofty positions

-?????? Renounce, desecrate and pollute all the sacrifices they have made in the past including the ones they are making presently and the ones they intend to do. Use the blood of Jesus to nullify those sacrifices and make them unacceptable

-?????? Decree JER. 10:11 on all satanic strongmen, their satanic priesthood and prophets. Because they did not create Nigeria, they must perish in this New season

-?????? Pray and fasten JOB 20: 15-20 on all these satanic gatekeepers who swallow the wealth of Nigeria, thereby impoverishing the land

-?????? Pray that God through the coming elections will deliver Nigeria and her resources from their wicked hands. Withdraw the keys and control of governance from their hands

-?????? Ask God to bring fierce judgment on these wicked satanic gatekeepers according to EZK. 15:7


Day Seven

26th Dec. 2013

Prayer against Satanic Gate Keepers and Strongmen II


Thanksgiving, Repentance, Atonement, Declaring His Lordship and prophesying into the day as above.


LUKE 1: 51-53

-?????? Pray that God will thunder and scatter these proud men in the imagination of their hearts concerning the future of this nation.

-?????? Ask God to send them away empty and plundered.

-?????? Pray that God will put them down from their exalted positions of influence

-?????? Ask God to fulfill 1 SAM. 2:10 and JER. 15:1-4 over these satanic gatekeepers who have made life unbearable in the land

-?????? Invite God to search out these wicked gate keepers and break their bows according to 1 SAM. 2:4

-?????? Read EZK. 33:23-26

Use it to dismiss the argument and claims of these satanic gatekeepers over the government of this nation

-?????? Because these wicked men do not obey the law of God, pray that they be judged according to the provisions of EZRA 7:26

-?????? Proclaim PS. 10:1-end against the deeds of the wicked in the nation.


Day Eight

27th Dec. 2013

The Youths ? to know God


Thanksgiving, Repentance, Atonement, Declaring His Lordship and prophesying into the day as above.


-?????? Pray against frustration and susceptibility to crime.

Youths are the strength and future of a nation and there is need to invest in their ethics, values, character and education. Statistics has it that 45%-48% of our populations are Youths and children.

-?????? Bind the spirit of witchcraft, rebellion, violence, pornography, lawlessness, mammon, laziness and command these spirits to loose our youths and let them go. ISA. 49: 24-26

-?????? Pray that the Lord will ride on a swift cloud into our primary and secondary schools, polytechnics, universities, and other institutions and into the hearts of our youths and command all oppressive demons to tremble at His presence.

-?????? Pray that God will break and convict the hearts of these young ones with the things that break His heart. PS. 51:17; ISA. 19:1

-?????? Pray that they shall be

As arrows in the hands of a warrior

They shall not bring shame

They shall speak with the enemies at the gate and

That they shall be as olive plants around their parents table. PS. 127:4-5, PS. 128:3, PROV. 22:6

-?????? Pray that our children will be brought up by their parents in the way of the Lord so that when they grow up, they will not depart from them. PROV. 22:6

-?????? Pray for children who have become orphans, that the Lord will become their father and He will take care of them.


Day Nine

28th Dec. 2013

Making Spiritual Decrees For Nigeria – I


Thanksgiving, Repentance, Atonement, Declaring His Lordship and prophesying into the day as above.


????????? EZK. 37: 15-22

-?????? Decree and declare that Nigeria shall not be divided fragmented or otherwise dismembered. Nullify all satanic prophesies predicting disintegration for Nigeria. Declare that every ungodly prophecy concerning Nigeria shall not come to pass.

-?????? Decree that no war or violent conflict shall break out again in Nigeria. Decree that the sort of genocide in Rwanda or break up in Ethiopia and Sudan will not happen in Nigeria. Decree that no group or segment of Nigeria shall oppress or afflict another on account of tribe, creed or political leaning. As a nation under God, we shall forever live in peace and harmony.

-?????? Lift up your voice and decree that though peace and unity have eluded Nigeria in the past 100years, from today and for the next 100years, Nigeria will enjoy unqualified peace in all its borders.

PROV. 14:34

-?????? Decree that corruption be wiped out of our nation, that righteousness be enthroned, that proper social order take root and Nigeria be firmly established on a sound moral foundation.

-?????? Decree and cancel the sins of homosexuality, child marriage and all forms of marriages that contradict the will of God. Declare that these evils become eternally illegal in Nigeria.


Day Ten

29th Dec. 2013

Making Spiritual Decrees For Nigeria – II


Thanksgiving, Repentance, Atonement, Declaring His Lordship and prophesying into the day as above.


ECCL. 10:16. PROV. 29:2

-?????? Declare and decree that only righteous, mature and properly trained visionary and servant leaders will rule Nigeria henceforth.

-?????? According to PS. 33:12 decree that God Almighty shall rule and reign over Nigeria forever. Proclaim that the various kingdoms of this nation have become the kingdoms of our God and His Christ and He shall reign forever and ever. REV. 11:15

JOHN 1:4-5

-?????? Declare and decree that the light of Christ shall shine on Nigeria to banish all darkness and expose all evil.

-?????? Decree that every root of strike actions, confusion, stagnation, socio-economic degradation or retrogression be uprooted completely and permanently in Jesus name.

-?????? Negotiate with God to please send the angels of transformation to begin their work in Nigeria. Let the rebuild this nation according to God?s pattern and will.

-?????? Let Nigeria be transformed from glory to glory and let God?s name be praised on account of Nigeria forever.

-?????? Decree that the wisdom of God will guide the committee organizing the National Dialogue.

-?????? Pray that this National Dialogue will produce the pleasure of God over Nigeria and reposition her for greater advancement.


Day Eleven

30th Dec. 2013

Making Spiritual Decrees For Nigeria – III


Thanksgiving, Repentance, Atonement, Declaring His Lordship and prophesying into the day as above.


ACTS 17:26

-?????? Declare and decree that Nigeria shall wholly fulfill God?s plan for its existence.

-?????? Decree that Nigeria shall be a holy nation, a light bearer to the ends of the earth.

-?????? Decree that Nigeria shall become and remain a perpetual blessing on the earth.

-?????? Decree that Nigeria shall not die. She shall survive all her crisis and come out stronger and better.

-?????? Whereas no nation can rise above the strength of its foundation and whereas there is only one sure foundation, decree and proclaim that the foundation of Nigeria is hereby re-laid upon the foundation of Jesus Christ.

-?????? Declare and decree that Nigeria?s next century will be one of greater glory and unstoppable rising to global spiritual and socio-economic prominence. JER. 13:11

-?????? Seal these decrees with the blood of the Jesus Christ and thank God as it is ratified in heaven to the blessing and upliftment of Nigeria and all Nigerians.


Day Twelve

31st Dec. 2013

Personal Prayers


Thanksgiving, Repentance, Atonement, Declaring His Lordship and prophesying into the day as above.


Firstly, thank God for bringing you/family to the end of 2013. Reflect over all the things that happened all over the world and Nigeria in 2013 and thank God for protection, provision and preservation.


-?????? Ask God to instruct you, teach you in the way to go in the coming year.? PS. 32:8

-?????? Pray and request for the grace to die to self daily in the coming year. JOHN 12:24

-?????? Lord increase your zeal in my life all through 2014 and beyond.

-?????? Ask God for grace to dwell in His secret place always, to study His work more and be a doer of it so that my life will prosper greatly. PS. 91:1-2

-?????? COL. 1:9-12 Pray for fruitfulness, growth in godly knowledge, divine empowerment and a heart of thankfulness.

-?????? Pray that the voice of God will henceforth become louder and clearer in your life.

-?????? Declare that you are marching into 2014 gallantly and triumphantly.

-?????? Take authority over speak into the womb of 2014 abort all forms of danger, tears, sorrow, calamities, disasters and untimely death.

-?????? Speak to the sun, moon and stars and forbid them from cooperating with the agents of Satan to smite you and your family.

-?????? Pray against any sorcery and enchantment by the camp of darkness to capture 2014. Nullify their scarifies and retrieve 2014 from their hands.

-?????? ESTHER 3:7,12 cancel every decree that have been made on any altar or in any coven against you, your family and the church.

-?????? Finally, pray and redeem every moment, second, minute, hour, day, week and month by the blood of Jesus and program the will, blessings, peace, favour and breakthrough of God into them.

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