FEB. 1ST ? FEB. 7TH, 2014 (12MIDNIGHT ? 3AM)




  • Take about 2 worship songs.


  • Proclaim 1 SAM. 2:1-10 and use it to make general thanksgiving for the gift of MR. PRESIDENT. Recall the spectacular circumstances that orchestrated his coming into leadership.


  • Make elaborate Repentance and Confession of sins on his behalf, family and government. (Remember that God can judge a nation on account of the sins of their king)


  • Ask God to grant MR. PRESIDENT a new encounter/visitation to encourage him, and to renew his heart with divine assurance.


  • Pray that as God insured and assured Joshua when he faced the grim task of leadership, so will He do to our President as he leads Nigeria into a new season. JOSHUA 1:5


  • Pray that God will not leave nor forsake him at such a time like this in the history of Nigeria. JOSHUA 1:5


  • With lifted up voices, proclaim his full name 7times and fasten JOSHUA 1:6 upon him. ? DR. GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN


  • Pray that the grace to do right and to walk in the perfect will of God for Nigeria will come strongly on him in this season. JOSHUA 1:7


  • Pray that he will maximize the use of his authority in all areas and not ?bear the sword in vain? as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. ROM.13:4


  • Ask the Lord to open his eyes to strategic things to do in the new season that has come upon the Nation.




  • READ JUDGES 6:34

Pray that the Spirit of God will come upon MR. PRESIDENT, turn him into a new man and enable him to achieve unusual feats that will amaze Nigerians.


  • READ 1 TIM. 4:12

Pray that he will never give room for anyone to despise him or his position and authority as the leader of the most populous black country of the world.

  • Give God praise; rejoice in His presence as you bring your personal/family needs before Him.



Begin by singing this song many times: –

Jesus never fails

He will never fail

Heaven and Earth will pass away

But Jesus never fails


  • Proclaim PSALM 72:1-END


  • Let us present ourselves before God, renew our consecration and mandate to pray for MR. PRESIDENT continually as the Church in the nation.

PSALM 72:16, 1 TIM. 2:1-4


  • Raise atonement over every mistake he has made in the past. HEB. 9:13-14


  • Pray that God will grant the President His judgment and wisdom as he takes major decisions at such a critical time in the history of Nigeria. PSALM 72:1, 1 KINGS 3:28


  • READ GEN. 1:3

Let us prophesy light, understanding, divine help and counsel upon the President in all he says and does.


  • Let us prophesy that in this new season, every difficult thing will become easy for him.


  • Prophesy and decree divine protection guidance and preservation for him as long as He lasts as President over this nation.


  • Pray down the grace, wisdom and strategy of God on him as he tackles the peculiar and structured problems of a Nation as complex as Nigeria.


  • READ ISA. 11:2

Pray that the Seven Spirits of God will manifest strongly in the life of MR. PRESIDENT and His cabinet in this season of birthing a new nation.


  • READ ZECH. 4:9

Ask God to bless him with good health to enable him accomplish his divine mission in the nation and to complete his tenure according to the will of God.


  • JOEL 2:25

Pray that God in this Year of Double Release will restore all the Years, Opportunities, Privileges, Honour, Respect and Breakthroughs that the army of darkness has devoured in the PRESIDENCY.


  • PSALM 18:32-34

Proclaim this scripture loudly and fasten it upon MR. PRESIDENT.


  • Pray that God will brood over the entire Aso Rock and shield the PRESIDENT from every evil influence of ceaseless enchantment, spells, divinations, sorcery, curses and other wicked imaginations of men. NUM. 23:23


  • Bind every spirit of witchcraft and manipulations around him.


  • Deal with every veils and coverings over the heart and mind of the President. Let God cause Him to spring to new levels of decisions and boldness that will truly surprise the nation.


  • Read PSALM 104:9

Using this scripture, set a boundary over the President?s life such that no assassination attempt shall succeed against him.





Sing this song if you can or any other.

?Why worry, when you can Pray

Trusting, Jesus, for He will know the way

Don?t be like doubting Thomas

Only lean upon His promise

Why worry, worry, when you can Pray?.


  • Proclaim PSALM 111 and use it to adore and magnify God.


  • As God revealed the pattern of the Tabernacle to Moses, Ask God to reveal to the President, the VISION of the Nigeria of God?s Dream.


  • Proclaim EZK. 36:25-36 and patiently fasten it verse by verse on Nigeria.


  • Proclaim and decree that this NEW Nigeria is one that is united harmoniously under God?s Sovereignty. PSALM 133:1-3, EZK. 37:22


  • Proclaim and decree that it will be a Nigeria that provides leadership role and responsibility that will be a model for Africa and the black race.

EXO. 4:21 (God?s first born Nation in Africa).


  • Proclaim and decree that it will be a Nigeria where every citizen feels secure and free to develop to the highest potentials as individuals and ethnic nationalities.


  • Proclaim and decree that it will be a Nigeria where citizens develop a sense of dignity, integrity and accountability and therefore shun corruption in its entirety.


  • Proclaim and decree that it will be a Nigeria where the Youth are Patriotic, Committed and Resourceful because they are well Educated, Trained and Healthy.


  • Proclaim and decree that it will be a Nigeria with world-class functional and well maintained public utilities and infrastructure.





  • Pray that God will grant the President and his team wisdom to avoid cumbersome and complicated procedures in determining the structure and size of the Conference.


  • Lift up the Administrative team that shall run the affairs of the Conference and that will perform very important functions even before the take-off of the Conference. Pray that God will anoint them with the Spirit of excellence and the fear of God.


  • Pray for the would-be Chairman of the National Conference and his deputies, that they will be servant leaders who understand God?s agenda for Nigeria and that they pilot the affairs of the Conference with integrity of hearts and skillfulness of hands. PSALM 78:72 DEUT. 16:19


  • Pray that the National Conference and all the associated processes shall be owned and driven by the Nigerian people. Ask God to prevail on the President to make the structure of the Conference to be an all-inclusive one.


  • Pray that people who finally make it to the National Conference will be leaders who are intelligent, sprit-filled; leaders, who love the truth, fear God and who hate covetousness. EXO. 18:21


  • Pray that election into the National Conference will strictly be by merit and not by political affiliation, tribal or religious sentiments.


  • Pray that God will automatically take over the hearts of all who become elected into National Conference and cause them to speak as the oracles of the Almighty God.


  • Pray that God will make a way for men from the Praying Community in Nigeria who understand the mind of God for Nigeria and who have been standing in the gap for the Nation to get elected into this National Conference.


  • The Presidential Advisory Committee has recommended that the Conference should hold for duration of not less than 3months and not more than 6months. Pray that whatever be the duration of the Conference that it will not suffer any form of satanic confusion, sponsored distractions, bewitchment and unnecessary elongation.


  • Pray to bind the spirit of violence, arrogance and bitterness in the midst of the National Conference. Ask God to cloth members with the garment of love, maturity, humility and responsibility.


  • Pray to raise an altar of truth, righteousness and justice to guide all the proceedings of this Conference.


  • Because this National Conference is in the Will of God, pray that it will record a huge success and that Nigeria will become better for it.





  • READ ISA. 7:7

Ask God to arise and tackle and scatter every oppositions, obstacles and conspiracies against the National Conference. Prophesy that such oppositions will not see the light of day.


  • The Presidential Advisory Committee has recommended that this Conference be convened between the months of February and July. Pray and Register this period in the heavenlies and decree that nothing will disrupt the Conference from holding within this time frame.


  • READ ISA. 4:5-6

Pray that the presence of the LORD will tabernacle over the venue of this Conference. Take out a divine insurance over every delegate?s life and property.


  • READ ZECH. 6:4-5

Ask God to send out the four Spirits of Heaven to go from the presence of the Lord and quieten the entire Nation and make a way for this Conference to hold.


  • Pray that the National Assembly shall not use any form of Legislative bureaucracy to scuttle this National Conference or delay its commencement.


  • Decree that ACTS 15:28 will accurately describe the outcome of the National Conference. The consensus reached there will represent the interest of the Holy Spirit.


  • Pray that the resolutions of the Conference should not be tampered with or altered by the National Assembly or Executive arm of government. But should be subjected to Referendum.


  • Let us pray that the National Conference will discuss and agree on the terms and conditions to be embodied in a new constitution as the basis on which the various ethnic Nationalities and peoples in Nigeria can live together in peace and unity as one country under one common government.



  • PSALM 121:1-2

Invite God to come to the help of Nigeria in this season of our National Conference for vain is the help of man.


  • READ DAN. 2:19-21

Invite God to come and change our times and seasons. Decree that after 100years of our existence, Nigeria shall never remain the same.





  • READ ISA. 19:1

Ask God to ride upon a swift cloud into Aso Rock and let all supervising demon spirits tremble and depart at His presence.

Proclaim ISA. 33:22 with lifted up voices. Declare it 21times and use it to invite God to come and help us in this time of National Conference.


  • READ ISA. 3:1-3

Invite God to come and judge all classes of evildoers and shut the door against them to the National Conference.


  • Proclaim ISA. 3:13-14

Request God to stand to plead and judge all greedy and corrupt leaders in the land who seek to continue to plunder people and will resist any restructuring of the nation that will put them out of their wicked enterprise.


  • ZECH. 5: 1-4

Ask God to release the Flying Scroll into the homes of all troublers of the Nation of Nigeria.


  • MATT. 15:13

Pray that God will use the occasion of this National Conference to dismantle all structures of injustice and oppression in the Nation.


  • JOB 42:2

Pray that no purpose of God for Nigeria shall suffer disappointment. Decree that with God nothing shall be impossible in Nigeria.


  • Proclaim NAH. 1:14

Seven times and fasten it upon all the ?satanic cedars? in the land. Ask God to delete the sound of the names and voices from the houses of the sun.


  • Dethrone in warfare, the demonic strongman assigned against the Prophetic destiny of Nigeria.


  • Using the weapons of our warfare as recorded in PSALM 18, destroy every evil veil of ignorance, deception, unwillingness to change, doctrinal biases and wrong allegiances that prevent the Church from fulfilling her kingdom mandate for Nigeria.


  • Lift up your voices and decree boldly that there should be peaceful and progressive transition of government in 2015.


  • Cancel all negative prophecies of international observers concerning Nigeria.







  • Begin by proclaiming PSALM 46:1-END.

Read PSALM 107:15-16 and take it as a song.


  • Give God quality thanks and praise for every blessing and answered prayers you can remember over your life, your family and the body of Christ in the nation.


  • Appreciate God for enabling you participate in this Prophetic Watch from day one to the last day. Thank Him for His grace and mercy that have been at work in your life.


  • On behalf of yourself, family and church, confess and renounce every sin of anger, strife, disobedience, offenses, bitterness, unforgiveness, pride, dishonesty, craftiness, laziness, compromise, immorality and disunity.


  • Make atonement by the blood of Jesus at personal, family and church levels. Reconcile yourself and all things around you to God.


  • Ask God to open the eyes of the Church and her leadership that this is the season of laying new foundation for Nigeria through the forth coming National Conference.


  • As part owner of this Land of Nigeria, ask God henceforth to change your attitudes, thinking, mentality and dispositions towards the Nation.


  • As an INTERCESSOR ask God for a new daily consciousness of your responsibilities towards the land and the people of this Nation.


  • ISA. 62:4-7 ? Pray that God will open the understanding of the Church to practically marry the land of Nigeria and her institutions as the bible commands.


  • JER. 29:4-7 ? Pray that in this New Season the Church may be touched to renounce vanities and seek the peace of our great Nation.


  • PROV. 18:20-21 ? Ask God to open the eyes of the church to discern that this 2014 is a year of ceaseless prophetic utterance and praying for Nigeria.


  • Pray that many more youths will heed God?s clarion call to be INTERCESSORS for the great nation of Nigeria.


  • JOEL 3:9, ISA. 51:18-19 ? Pray that God will wake up the mighty men in the Church and teach them how to shepherd the nation and guide her into destiny.


  • GEN. 13:18, JOEL 2:15 ? Pray that the Church will receive grace for all manner of Prayer strategies in this year including Solemn Assemblies, Prophetic Walks, Prophetic Journeys, Prophetic Actions, etc.


  • DEUT. 11:25 ? Pray that as the Church comes alive with her kingdom responsibility of marrying the Land, let God cause the enemy camp to come under her dread and fear.


  • ISA. 56:7 ? Pray that the Church will return to the business of Prayer as her foremost calling and mandate.


  • ISA. 62:4 ? Pray that our relationship with the Land of Nigeria must change in this season. Lord teach us to love Nigeria, seek to develop her, invest in her, provide for her, add value to her just the same way the bridegroom marries a Virgin.


Finally pray for yourself and your family.


Pray that God will:


  1. Give you Spiritual insight and bring you to the place of growth and maturity.


  1. Protect you and your family from the snare of the fowler and every noisome pestilence.


  1. Give His angels permanent charge over you and prosecute all your battles in this season.


  1. Supply all your needs exceedingly abundantly according to His riches in glory.


  1. Overshadow yourself and your family with his healing power upon your Body, Soul and Spirit.


  1. Proclaim 2 COR. 9:8 loudly 7times and pray it over yourself and your family. Blow the Shofar; seal your Prayers with a covenant meal.
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