It is with great joy that I welcome you to participate in next month’s 7 Nights of Prophetic Watch.


I am sure those who took part in the February Edition of this Programme and who are catching up with the news will agree that God is amazingly answering our Prayers. We are surely getting there by His grace.


I have purposely incorporated some bible proclamation exercise in this Edition.


You sure will find it very exciting. I will also suggest that you ahead after now to make it part of your personal spiritual exercise.


Please take note of the following suggestions:


.? This prayer Programme can be observed at church or House of Prayer level. Families can also observe it in their homes.


.? I recommend that Leaders should quickly PRINT OUT these Prayer Points, make photocopies for the Brethren even if they have to pay a token for it.


.? Where people cannot all gather together for all the 7 Nights, Coordinators/Leaders can assign the various nights to specific families, prayer cells or local Church Assemblies.


.? Where possible, I encourage participants to gather together to generally inaugurate the watches on the First day and to end it corporately on the last day.


.? Those assigned to lead on any day of the watches must prayerfully go through the scriptures beforehand.


.? Remember that these prayer points are mere guides. Make room for the Holy Spirit to enlarge and elaborate on the suggested prayer points while the prayers last.


Do not hesitate to call the IFN National Office (08033380417 / 08063470449) for more inquiries.


May The Lord depend on you.


Your brother,

Iheanyi Uzoma

National Coordinator




1ST MAR. ? 7TH MAR. 2014 (12MIDNIGHT ? 3AM)






  • Start with 3 or 4 Praise songs


  • Thank God immensely for the success of February?s 7 Days of Prophetic Night Watches.


  • Thank God for the testimonies of what God did in response to those timely Prayers especially the bold changes effected by the President.


  • Lift up your voice and boldly proclaim GEN. 1 ? GEN. 4:20. (100 verses in 20mins)


  • Profusely fasten these proclaimed 100 Verses of the scripture in to the realm of the Spirit. Send them out as arrows, swords, hammer, stones of fire, voice of God, and direct them in prayer to take hold of the atmosphere, individuals, situations, circumstances, institutions, territories, presidency, legislature, judiciary, the church etc for blessings and judgments accordingly


  • Raise a mighty lamentation over the numerous lives wasted by the sword of Ishmael in Borno State in recent times. Remind God of the anguish, pain devastation, regrets, wasted destinies, sorrow inflicted on the victims by these senseless murderers.


  • Make elaborate confession and atonement over our collective sins, and acts of wickedness in this land of Nigeria. Ask God to cloth the nation with the Garment of His Mercy and Grace.


  • READ JER. 26:15

Pray that God will open the eyes of the church leaders to the need for Solemn Assemblies to deal with the matter of the cry of innocent blood against the government and people of this nation.


  • READ 2KINGS 1:10

Let us pray and make a bold and authoritative request to God to end these persistent killings in Borno State and other parts of North-East in Nigeria.


  • Lift up your voice and tackle the Witchcraft spirit that drives the Boko Haram killings in Nigeria. Bind this spirit and chase it out of this nation.


  • READ JOSHUA 6:3-5

Ask God to give government the master strategy that will end the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria.


  • Ask God to increase the concern and sensitivity of church leaders to the incessant killings and destruction of properties in the North-East that has become the order of the day.


  • READ PSALM24: 7-10

Proclaim this scripture 3 times and command the gates of all the States, Cities, Local Governments, and Villages to lift up their heads so the King of glory, the Prince of peace may come in.


  • READ GEN 4: 11-12

Prophesy that the Perpetrators of these human massacre together with their generations following, their network and all their supporters be cursed from the presence of God.


  • READ GEN.1:2

Invite the Holy Spirit our Helper to brood over all the weaknesses and formlessness in our National Security Outfit so that it will become most effective especially in the face of the new threats coming from these Terrorists.


  • Give God quality thanks for answered Prayers. Break bread together and deepen your consecration for the remaining days of the Night Watches.






Begin by singing this song many times: –

Jesus never fails

He will never fail

Heaven and Earth will pass away

But Jesus never fails





  • Proclaim PSALM 72:1-END


  • Let us present ourselves before God, renew our consecration and mandate to pray for MR. PRESIDENT continually as the Church in the nation.

PSALM 72:16, 1 TIM. 2:1-4


  • Raise atonement over every mistake he has made in the past. HEB. 9:13-14


  • Pray that God will grant the President His judgment and wisdom as he takes major decisions at such a critical time in the history of Nigeria. PSALM 72:1, 1 KINGS 3:28


  • READ GEN. 1:3

Let us prophesy light, understanding, divine help and counsel upon the President in all he says and does.


  • Let us prophesy that in this new season, every difficult thing will become easy for him.


  • Prophesy and decree divine protection guidance and preservation for him as long as He lasts as President over this nation.


  • Pray down the grace, wisdom and strategy of God on him as he tackles the peculiar and structured problems of a Nation as complex as Nigeria.


  • READ ISA. 11:2

Pray that the Seven Spirits of God will manifest strongly in the life of MR. PRESIDENT and His cabinet in this season of birthing a new nation.


  • READ ZECH. 4:9

Ask God to bless him with good health to enable him accomplish his divine mission in the nation and to complete his tenure according to the will of God.


  • JOEL 2:25

Pray that God in this Year of Double Release will restore all the Years, Opportunities, Privileges, Honour, Respect and Breakthroughs that the army of darkness has devoured in the PRESIDENCY.


  • PSALM 18:32-34

Proclaim this scripture loudly and fasten it upon MR. PRESIDENT.


  • Pray that God will brood over the entire Aso Rock and shield the PRESIDENT from every evil influence of ceaseless enchantment, spells, divinations, sorcery, curses and other wicked imaginations of men. NUM. 23:23


  • Bind every spirit of witchcraft and manipulations around him.


  • Deal with every veils and coverings over the heart and mind of the President. Let God cause Him to spring to new levels of decisions and boldness that will truly surprise the nation.


  • Read PSALM 104:9

Using this scripture, set a boundary over the President?s life such that no assassination attempt shall succeed against him.







  • Begin by singing this song many times:


In heaven He won the battle

On the earth He won the battle

In the waters He won the battle

Praise Jesus the man of war


  • Open your mouth with strength and speedily proclaim NAHUM 2:1 ? ZEPH 1:12? [100 verses in 20mins]


  • Command these proclaimed 100 verses of scripture to move the stars in their courses to fight against all the mischief makers and troublers of Nigeria.



  • From this scripture ask the Lord to lift up his feet and step into all the perpetual desolations in Nigeria and bring judgment upon all that the enemy has done in the land. Let Him silence their voices and break their banners.


NAHUM 2:11-13

  • This is God?s declaration of war against all the networks of wicked human lions in the land. Lift up your voice and declare it 7times and turn it into prayers


  • Pray and invite God as the LORD OF HOST, MAN OF WAR and as the LION of the tribe of JUDAH to visit the strategic hideouts installations and strongholds of every terrorist organization in Nigeria


  • Raise a mighty lamentation against the activities of wicked rulers with evil scepters



  • Pray that all the contemporary sons of “Haman” and all those who promote terrorism and insecurity will be judged in this season. let God recompense upon them all their abominations.


  • Prophesy the following scriptures against all the agents of terrorism who have renewed their vow to unleash misery and destruction on Nigeria and Nigerians



  • PROV .10:27

???????? PSALM 37:35-36

???????? PSALM 37:10-11

???????? PSALM 9:6







  • Begin by singing 2 or 3 worship songs


  • Open your mouth with strength and speed and proclaim JOEL 1:9 ? AMOS 3:4. [100 verses in 20mins]


  • Command the heavens and the earth in Nigeria to hear your proclamation and begin to respond accordingly.


  • Pray using the proclaimed 100 verses of scriptures to sweep the heavens by the broom of the Lord to sanctify and purge it of everything that will militate against the National Conference.


  • Send forth those proclaimed words as the Sword of the Lord to war in the camp of those who delight in war and violence in the nation.


  • Pray and usher out the constellation of stars in their courses to declare the power, rule and authority of God?s government over National Conference.


  • Cut off everything that has been programmed into the heavens, earth and waters to trouble the smooth conduct of the National Conference.


JOEL 2:25

  • Pray that God will use the occasion of the national conference to restore the years that the locusts of injustice, inequality, corruption, nepotism, tribalism and ineptitude have eaten and devoured.


  • Pray that God will use the opportunity of the national conference to reconcile, restore, repair, restructure and reposition the nation.


  • Pray that this national conference will not suffer any resistance, opposition, stumbling block and miscarriage.



  • Pray that God will bring men into the National Conference who will speak the counsel of God by the spirit of the father.



  • Pray that God will use the National Conference to uncover and address all forms of structured anomalies, acts of corruption, injustices, inequalities, abuses and discriminations that have been the bane of the Nation.


  • Pray and prophesy that the seven fold voice of the lord as recorded in Psalm 29:3-9 will sound over the length and breadth of Abuja to still the city to make way for the national conference.


PS. 29:5

  • Invite the voice of the Lord to break all human and spiritual ?Cedars? that have continued to oppose the National Conference.


PS. 29:9

  • Pray that the voice of the God will roar over the National conference and cause it to give birth to the new Nigeria of God?s design and dream.


  • Let the voice of God thunder through the National Conference to uncover all the ills of the Nigerian society and to strip the forest bare.


  • Nullify all satanic deals and alliances on altars of darkness that will seek to trouble, frustrate and incapacitate the National conference.







Enter into His courts today with this song:


Jesus shall reign

Forever more

He shall reign

Forever more

He shall reign, He shall reign

He shall reign forever more.


  • With strength and speed proclaim REV. 18:7 ? REV. 22:19 (100 verses in 20mins)
  • Fasten these proclaimed 100 verses as seeds and arrows of Judgment on all systems of Religious Babylon in Nigeria.
  • Let these proclaimed verses take hold of all systems of religious Babylon and cause them to begin to crumble in this nation.?

REV 19:1

  • Repeat this specific proclamation seven times and turn it unto prayers. ?Halleluiah, Salvation, and glory and honor and power belong to the lord our God?.


  • Declare God?s lordship and ownership over the whole territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

READ, REV. 18:7 ? 22:19

  • Ask the lord to fiercely judge the religion of the children of the bond woman in the tenor of the words of this scripture.

READ REV. 18:7-8

  • The lord judged communism and crumbled it. In the same way, plead with Him to come and judge the Religious Babylon troubling this nation according to the tenor of these verses.

READ, REV. 18:9-10

  • Ask God to target all the pillars, champions and merchants of Nigeria Religious Babylon and fill them with torment, anguish, sorrow and disappointment.

REV. 18:17-9

  • Pray that the judgment of this religious Babylon will be sudden, drastic and comprehensive. Let God bring it to nothing according to his earlier prophetic words.

REV. 18:20 REV 19:2

  • Invite heaven to rejoice over this Religious Babylon and to average on her all the blood of God?s servants shed by her.

REV. 19:1-5

  • Pray that in this Nation, heaven will always rejoice in victory over Babylon in all situations and circumstances.

REV. 18:5

  • Bring strong lamentation against the manifold evils and wicked activities of the religion of great deception, bloodshed, rebellion, persecution of God?s people etc.


  • Ask God to overthrow the spirit of all forms of religious fanaticism and fundamentalism in Nigeria.







  • Begin by singing 2 or 3 worship songs.


  • With strength and speed commence the proclamation of 1 TIM 4:1 ? 1 TIM. 6:11 ????[100 verses in 20mins]


  • Pray that the anointing to shepherd the nation, to manage daily National happenings by prayer and proper action will come upon the church.


JER. 51:20-24

  • Pray that the church in Nigeria will transform into The Lord’s battle axe and weapons of war against all the wicked in the land.

EXODUS 7:10-12

  • Ask God to empower the ?rods? of the praying church to swallow the ?rods? of the sorcerers and enchanters as was the case in Egypt.


PSALM 110:1-3

  • Pray that God will make the church especially the intercessors to be willing to sacrifice more in intercession and spiritual warfare in this auspicious season of Nigeria?s Passover



  • The basis for ministry is continual commitment to character. Pray for the restoration of ethical standards amongst Christian Leaders – Spiritual Preparedness, Social Graciousness, Self-Control, Domestic Order And Holy Living.


1 TIMOTHY 2: 1

  • Pray to God to open the understanding of the church to make the ministry of intercession a priority of all priorities. Notice the emphasis of ?FIRST OF ALL?.


1 TIMOTHY 2: 2-4

  • Ask God for the spirit of prayer and intercession to come strongly upon the body of Christ especially the youth.


1 TIMOTHY 4: 12

  • Pray that love, unity and exemplary living will be the watchword of the church.


ACTS 7: 19-20

  • Pray for the church to transform from just being a praying people to becoming a ?Moses Generation? that will deliver their nation from bondage to her proper inheritance.


LUKE 17: 5

  • Ask the Lord to increase the faith of the church to believe all the prophetic words God has spoken concerning Nigeria.

ISA 41:14-15

  • Pray that in this season that God will toughen the church and use her as sharp threshing instruments to radically change the course of Nigeria?s history as we pray aggressively.




PSALM 69:9-10

  • Lord, wake up the church from sleep and slumber. Let the zeal of God for Nigeria come upon us and let the reproaches of those who reproach God in this nation fall on us.







  • Begin by proclaiming PSALM 46:1-END.


  • READ PSALM 107:15-16 and take it as a song.


  • Give God quality thanks and praise for every blessing and answered prayers you can remember over your life, your family and the body of Christ in the nation.
  • Appreciate God for enabling you participate in this Prophetic Watch from day one to the last day. Thank Him for His grace and mercy that have been at work in your life.


  • On behalf of yourself, family and church, confess and renounce every sin of anger, strife, disobedience, offenses, bitterness, unforgiveness, pride, dishonesty, craftiness, laziness, compromise, immorality and disunity.


  • Make atonement by the blood of Jesus at personal, family and church levels. Reconcile yourself and all things around you to God.


  • Ask God to open the eyes of the Church and her leadership that this is the season of laying new foundation for Nigeria through the forth coming National Conference.


  • As part owner of this Land of Nigeria, ask God henceforth to change your attitudes, thinking, mentality and dispositions towards the Nation.


  • As an INTERCESSOR ask God for a new daily consciousness of your responsibilities towards the land and the people of this Nation.
  • ISA. 62:4-7 ? Pray that God will open the understanding of the Church to practically marry the land of Nigeria and her institutions as the bible commands.


  • JER. 29:4-7 ? Pray that in this New Season the Church may be touched to renounce vanities and seek the peace of our great Nation.


  • PROV. 18:20-21 ? Ask God to open the eyes of the church to discern that this 2014 is a year of ceaseless prophetic utterance and praying for Nigeria.
  • Pray that many more youths will heed God?s clarion call to be INTERCESSORS for the great nation of Nigeria.


  • JOEL 3:9, ISA. 51:18-19 ? Pray that God will wake up the mighty men in the Church and teach them how to shepherd the nation and guide her into destiny.


  • GEN. 13:18, JOEL 2:15 ? Pray that the Church will receive grace for all manner of Prayer strategies in this year including Solemn Assemblies, Prophetic Walks, Prophetic Journeys, Prophetic Actions, etc.


  • DEUT. 11:25 ? Pray that as the Church comes alive with her kingdom responsibility of marrying the Land, let God cause the enemy camp to come under her dread and fear.


  • ISA. 56:7 ? Pray that the Church will return to the business of Prayer as her foremost calling and mandate.


  • ISA. 62:4 ? Pray that our relationship with the Land of Nigeria must change in this season. Lord teach us to love Nigeria, seek to develop her, invest in her, provide for her, add value to her just the same way the bridegroom marries a Virgin.


Finally pray for yourself and your family.


  • Pray that God will:


o?? Give you Spiritual insight and bring you to the place of growth and maturity.


o?? Protect you and your family from the snare of the fowler and every noisome pestilence.


o?? Give His angels permanent charge over you and prosecute all your battles in this season.


o?? Supply all your needs exceedingly abundantly according to His riches in glory.


o?? Overshadow yourself and your family with his healing power upon your Body, Soul and Spirit.


o?? Proclaim 2 COR. 9:8 loudly 7times and pray it over yourself and your family. Blow the Shofar; seal your Prayers with a covenant meal.

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