TEXT: Gen 5: 28 – 29, 6: 1-8, Matthew 24: 37-42, Proverbs 4 :20 -25
An intercessor should first be a person with a life, high standards and Godly character not just someone that prays.

Examples of Intercessors in the Bible are Jeremiah, Moses and Daniel.

God expected moses to deal with Pharaoh by walking with him (God) to produce results.

Daniel was to grow from praying with his friends to re-establishing the kingdom of God in Israel.

God expected Jeremiah to hear him then speak and uproot evil empires in the Land.

TEXT: 2 Timothy 3: 1-5, Jeremiah 17:9-10

Being an Intercessor goes beyond Just knowing the Scriptures.

God wants us to know how he feels, understand his expectations around Africa to execute his agenda in the Nation.


Follow successful biblical characters to lead you through the tide of this perilous times.

Let us encourage ourselves to learn new ways of praying as it takes the Holy Spirit to know the signs of Jesus Second coming so we must pay attention to the Holy Spirit, the Word and Guard our hearts with all diligence.


Understanding and coping with the times. Barrister Emeka Nwankpa


TEXT: Psalm 34:18, 51:17, Genesis 18:31-33


A Broken and a Contrite Heart

A contrite heart is a repentant, willing, humble, teachable heart.
A Broken Heart speaks of Total Surrender to God from our spirit and soul.

The Bible Tells us that the lord is ever present, close, near to a broken heart. Psalm 34:18

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TEXT: Genesis 18:17-33)

  • An intercessor must desire to be a Person to whom God is near.
  • You are called to be a Person who stands before God.
  • God Tells an Intercessor what he wants to do.
  • An Intercessor takes it upon himself/herself to speak to God about a People or Nation continuously.
  • An Intercessor negotiates Gods Judgement upon a People.
  • An intercessor should not hold grudges against God if prayers are not answered but should try again.

As we surrender to God he removes aspects of our sin nature gradually from our will, desires, and words thus enabling us to be more useful for the Kingdom.

Let us decide today to adjust ourselves so that God can take us from were we are to were he wants us to be.




DAVID – Psalm 78:70-72, Acts 13:36, Psalm 51:17
He was a Man of integrity trained to be a warrior, shepherd and king, a prophet who served his generation in the will of God.

David submitted to Samuels authority but Saul didn’t, and until you learn to submit to authority God does not give you authority.
MOSES – Numbers 12:3
The meekest man on Earth who spoke and heard from God. He was a national intercessor at the highest level.

Samuel was born as a result of his mothers intercessory prayers.
He lived a righteous life before God and Man and the Children of Israel bear witness to his servanthood to God. He was a Judge, Prophet and Intercessor to the Israelites.

CORNELIUS – Acts 10: 1-8
A Devout man to the things of God, who became the gateway to Minister to the gentiles. The Holy spirit was manifested in his household touching the lives of family and friends.


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The above named characters of the Bible are typical and practical examples of people who we as christians should emulate in our walk with God, pleasing him, serving him and being in total Obedience.

As Pastor Elton would say “You need to come to a place in your life where God puts his hand on you”. Not just someone that comes to the congregation of believers to gain a few miracles and leave, rather we should stay under the hand of God continually.

Find out what God wants of you and walk by it.

Learn to do things orderly, learn new skills,read and train yourself.


Barr. Emeka Nwankpa
Chairman IFN

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