When the Lord brought back the captivity of Zion,

We were like those who dream.

Then our mouth was filled with laughter,

And our tongue with singing.

Then they said among the nations,

“The Lord has done great things for them.”

The Lord has done great things for us,

And we are glad. PSALM126:1-3 (NKJV)


No doubt, God is answering our prayers in Nigeria and we have every reason to rejoice and be glad. On the 16th of Sept. 2014, President Goodluck Jonathan officially announced that Nigeria has become completely free of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). Only God would have helped us to come by this amazing achievement. He put a hook by its nose and bridle in its lips and turned it back by the way it came.


Recall that this same deadly virus has killed more than 2,800 people in six months in West Africa. Till date Nigeria only lost 7 people. The World Health Organization has adjudged the Ebola containment in Nigeria a success story.


Similarly, Heaven has also had respect to our voice with respect to the on-going battle against Boko Haram. The Nigeria troops that used to run away from these terrorists are now overwhelming them and making them count their loses. Some things must really have shifted in the realm of the spirit.


The latest killing of one Mohammed Bashir, who has been posing on videos as the deceased Abubakar Shekau has further put their camp in disarray as many of them including their commanders are willingly surrendering to the Nigerian Troops. With this sudden turn of the tide and with God on our side, the end of the Boko Haram menace in the country is now in view.


All these call for quality thanksgiving and praise to the Almighty who has been our Ebenezer. This being the case, we should be encouraged to commit more to standing in the gap until total victory is ensured. I need to remind us that God made no provision for any seat in the Old Tabernacle, meaning there is no going on vacation in Watchman ministry.


Now that the 2015 elections are almost with us, we need to increase the volume and quality of incense we contribute to the Golden Censer in heaven.


We must diligently manage this season of great help from the presence of God.


It is with great joy and gratitude to God that I send out this Prayer guide for the month of October. Please endeavor to make copies and circulate widely to Churches and Watchmen.


Abuja residents and as many as can make it should please join us to observe a 24 hour chain proclamation of the entire Bible as a special way of marking Nigeria’s 54th Independence Anniversary. These promises to be unprecedented; the first of its kind in the history of the Nation. I pray you will be part of it.


This said program commences at 10pm on Tuesday, the 30th Sept. and runs through the whole of 1st October. The venue is the National Christian Centre, Abuja.


Everyone is at liberty to come in and contribute any number of hours of Sacrifice upon this national altar as we fasten the entire word of God over the heavens of Nigeria.


May the Almighty continue to depend on you.










DAY 1, 8, 15, 22, 29



  • Begin with this Hymn ? ?To God be the glory? (See Appendix I)


  • Continue with these Choruses ? ?All the glory must be to the Lord?

?There is nothing greater than God?


Use other worship songs to give God quality thanks and appreciation. Congratulate and celebrate Him for all His mercies. He has shown Himself faithful to the last digit.


  • Proclaim ? PSALM 89: 1-18, PSALM 65: 1-13


  • Let us lift up our hands and give God a wave offering. Acknowledge and declare that He has indeed done great things in answer to the prayers of the Nigerian people.


  • PSALM 65: 2,5

Acknowledge and declare that He is a prayer answering, covenant keeping God; He is the confidence of the ends of the earth.


  • 1 SAM. 17:47

Give Him thanks because He has taken over the Battle over the soul of Nigeria and has made it His own.


  • LAM. 3:22-23

Let us honour and praise the Almighty for the mercies that helped Nigeria to contain the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). This is an amazing and unprecedented achievement. Only God would have given us help to do this.


  • Thank God for the renewed morale, fighting spirit and combat effectiveness of the Nigerian Troops that has received a miraculous boost in the last couple of weeks.


  • Praise God for several reports of strong victories for the Nigerian Troops leading to the killing of Abubakar Shekau or his impersonator. Thank God for taking away that cloud of ?invincibility? that surrounded their late leader. God has proved them to be mere men.


  • DAN. 6:26

Declare that the God of Nigeria is the living God. He is not like the idols of other nations.


  • EPH. 3: 20

Declare that the God of Nigeria is able to do exceedingly; abundantly above all we can ask Him concerning Nigeria. He is able to fix Nigeria’s unnumbered problems and challenges.


  • PSALM 80: 3, 7, 19

Declare that the God of Nigeria will surely restore Nigeria, He will cause His face to shine on Nigeria and Nigeria shall be saved.


  • PSALM 68: 30

God will rebuke the company of spear men in Nigeria. He will scatter those who delight in war in Jesus name.


  • PSALM 46: 1-END

NIGERIA, God is your refuge and strength. God is your very present help in trouble.


God is in the midst of Nigeria. God shall help Nigeria just at the break of dawn.

The Lord of Host is with Nigeria, the God of Jacob is Nigeria?s refuge. Nigeria, God will make your wars to cease. He will break the enemies? bows and cut their spears in two.


  • ISA. 60: 20

Nigeria, your sun shall no longer go down

Nor shall your moon withdraw itself

The Lord will be your everlasting light

And the days of your mourning shall soon be ended


  • ISA. 60: 15

NIGERIA, whereas you have been forsaken and hated by Boko Haram so that no one went through you. Yet will God make you an Eternal Excellence, a joy of many generations.


  • ISA. 60: 18

NIGERIA, it shall come to pass that violence shall no longer be heard in your land. Neither wasting nor destruction within your borders. But you shall call yours walls Salvation, and your gates Praise.


  • Conclude the prayers by breaking bread and Seal it with thanksgiving and praises.



DAY 2, 9, 16, 23, 30



  • Begin by singing the Hymn ? ?Thy Kingdom Come, O God? (See Appendix II)


  • Proclaim ? 1 SAM. 16: 1 ? 13


  • The Independent National Electoral Commission has released a time table

(See Appendix III) for the General Elections of 2015 and the polity has been heated up lately by the activities of the leading political parties.


  • The People?s Democratic Party had endorsed President Goodluck Jonathan as their candidate in the 2015 elections. A couple of people have also declared their intention to run for various positions at different levels.


  • 2 TIMOTHY 1: 12(B), PROVERBS 16: 3

Let us present the 2015 General Election timetable before the Lord and invite Him to take preeminence over the pre-election, election and post-election activities. Let us affirm the Lordship of God over Nigeria and decree that Nigeria is His and the fullness thereof. Let?s ask the Lord to direct the activities of the elections from the campaigns to the announcement of the results.


  • PSALM 24: 1 -10 ? Proclaim this 7 Times

Let us speak into the gate of the time of the election as the Notice of Election has already been given. Let us lay a spiritual foundation for the elections. Let us command all creation to align with the counsel of God for the elections and to abort every projections of darkness into this gate of time.


  • 1 TIMOTHY 2: 2; ISA. 45: 1

Let us pray for the electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) led by Professor Attahiru Jega. Let us declare that God will use this Chairman of the Commission just like He used Cyrus to fulfil His purpose for the elections. Let INEC serve as an impartial and incorruptible electoral body.


  • 2 CHRONICLES 9: 4; 1 CORINTHIANS 14: 40

Let us pray for every staff of the Commission that will be deployed during the elections and ask the Lord to anoint them with fresh oil and fill them with his wisdom towards the conduct of the elections. Let us declare that just as in the palace of King Solomon that all things will be done orderly and to the glory of God.


  • ISAIAH 46: 10

Let us declare the lordship of the Most High in all the 119,973 polling units cut across the Federation. Declare that no injustice will succeed in any polling unit during the execution of the elections. Let us present the plan of the Commission to establish more 30,027 to bring the total number to 150,000 polling units to the Lord and ask that His Counsel will stand.


  • HAGGAI 2: 9

Let us thank God for the successful conduct the Ekiti and Osun Elections in July and August 2014 respectively. Let us thank God for the wisdom He granted the electoral officials and the security operatives during the elections. Let us declare that the elections to come will even be better that these ones. Let us proclaim that ?the Glory of the latter elections will be greater than that of the former!!?


  • Let us thank God for the success of the first and second phases of the distribution of the Permanent Voters Cards (PVC) in May and August 2014. Let us pray that the third phase of distribution slated for the Adamawa, Borno, Edo Imo, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina Lagos, Nasarawa, Niger, Ogun, Plateau and Rivers States will also succeed all over the country.


  • 2 THES. 3:16

Let us declare peace during the electioneering campaigns. Let us pray to abort every plan of the devil to cause blood shed during the campaigns. As the embargo on campaigns is lifted on the 16th of November 2014, let us command all creation to yield peace to the campaigns and refute any contrary intention of darkness.


  • JOB 5: 12; ISAIAH 44: 25

Let us declare all plans for assassinations, kidnapping, abduction, bombing and all other forms of violence to come to nothing. Let us declare that any altar from which any injustice or evil is orchestrated will be destroyed and their priests be turned mad. Pray that the wisdom of these crafty men will be turned into foolishness and that their judgment will be swift. Pray that Security Agencies will be properly equipped to bring unruly people to order.



Proclaim the text 7 times and ask God to chase away every unreasonable and wicked men from the reins of power and to scuttle their plans for anyone to get in. Pray that men after God’s heart as David will be propelled in their spirits to offer up themselves for elective positions.


  • Let us pray that many more genuine Christians will be encouraged to enter into politics and governance of Nigeria, this is the only way to redeem the nation and set her on the part of fulfilling her destiny in God.


  • There are certain wicked and evil men and women who have done great wickedness against Nigeria, and they are seeking to remain in power as senators, etc. Decree that no matter their political party affiliations, they will fail and be humiliated.



DAY 3, 10, 17, 24, 31



  • Begin by singing this song many times:


In heaven He won the battle

On the earth He won the battle

In the waters He won the battle

Praise Jesus the man of war


  • Open your mouth with strength and speedily proclaim NAHUM 2:1 ?

ZEPH 1:12 (100 verses in 20mins)


Command these proclaimed 100 verses of scripture to move the stars in their courses to fight against all the remaining terrorists and troublers of Nigeria.


  • READ PSALM 74:3-4

From this scripture ask the Lord to lift up his feet and step into all the perpetual desolations in Nigeria and bring judgment upon all that the enemy has done in the land. Let Him silence their voices and break their banners.


  • NAHUM 2:11-13

This is God?s declaration of war against all the networks of wicked human lions in the land. Lift up your voice and declare it 7 times and turn it into prayers


  • Pray and invite God as the LORD OF HOST, MAN OF WAR and as the LION of the tribe of JUDAH to visit the strategic hideouts, installations and strongholds of every terrorist organization in Nigeria


  • PSALM 58:6-8

Declare this 7 times and turn into Prayers against all agents of wickedness and insecurity in the land.


  • PSALM 58: 10-11

Declare this 7 times and decree that this will come to pass in Nigeria.


  • EZK. 12:21-28

Declare that henceforth none of God?s word of judgment over the house of Ishmael in Nigeria shall any longer be postponed or delayed. Plead with God to sovereignly hasten the ruin and burial of this house.


  • Prophesy that Boko Haram and all it represents shall be a proverb that shall be laid to rest in this country.


  • READ EXODUS 7:10-12

Ask God to extraordinarily empower the Rod of the church in this season to swallow the evil rod of the wicked in the land.


  • HOSEA 9:14

Pray and target the spiritual womb and breast of Boko Haram. While the womb speaks of the source or foundation of it, the breast refers to means of nurture and discipleship. Invite God to scuttle the whole structure with miscarriage and dryness.


  • DEUT. 27:18

Ask God to begin to expose those behind radicalizing and indoctrinating youths into suicide bombing. Decree that God will take vengeance on them to cut them off from the land of the living.


  • EZEKIEL 7:3

Pray that all the contemporary sons of “Haman” and all those who promote terrorism and insecurity will be judged fiercely in this season. Let God recompense upon them all their abominations.


  • Prophesy the following scriptures against all the Apostles of terrorism who are determined to unleash misery and destruction on Nigeria and Nigerians


-?? ISA. 33:10-12???????? – PSALM 37:35-36

-?? PSALM 37:10?? ?????- JER. 17:18

  1. JER. 15:2-3


  • There is a divine judgement going on, on many evil men and women in the country now, some are dead, and many more will follow. Ask the Almighty for a powerful visitation on all the agents of Islamization in Nigeria, their sun must be cast down and their foundations rooted out in Jesus name.


  • Let us pray that God will continue to judge the false, occult men who claim to represent Him, but are Sorcerers in disguise. Let the Lord arise and purge the nation of these evil men!


  • Let us petition God to please judge all those who have directly or indirectly sponsored these evil of militancy, persecution of the church, and wastage of lives and resources.



DAY 4, 11, 18, 25



  • Begin today?s prayers with this song many times ?


Nigeria will flourish again

Nigeria will flourish again

Nigeria will flourish again

Nigeria will flourish again

God will heal the land

Restore us again

Nigeria will flourish again


  • Proclaim EZEKIEL 36: 1-38 and be led by the Holy Spirit to turn the verses into prayer points.


  • Let us pray that help be given from heaven to the electricity projects of the government, so that adequate power generation will be achieved.


  • Let us also pray that the restructuring going on in the Power Sector will succeed, so that all the corrupt officers will be swept away and more righteous persons come to serve the nation well.


  • The pace of industrial, infrastructural, agricultural, social, and political development in Nigeria is a good sign of revival in the polity. Let us ask the Lord to give the leadership of our nation wisdom, counsel, knowledge needed to make the impact of these developments felt by the majority of the peoples of Nigeria.
  • “Knowledge based Wealth” is fast becoming the order in the nations of the world, let us pray for the millions of Nigeria’s youths and unemployed to receive divine visitations of angels of knowledge, craft and inventions, this will make them creators of wealth and jobs instead of waiting for the few jobs available.


  • The great revival coming through our Agriculture sector holds the key to the glory of our nation?s economic emancipation, let us uphold the federal and all states ministries of agriculture in prayers and ask that wisdom and insight be given to them to encourage our youths and unemployed to explore these untapped resource zone.


  • Let us ask God to help the government of Nigeria to put in place such plans of rehabilitation in the war affected areas of the country that will bring accelerated development of our youths in those places, giving them new vision of their country and turning them away from the violence-prone message of their imams and leaders.


  • EZEKIEL 37:5

Let us ask GOD to cause His breath to enter into the ?dry bone? situations of all our institutions and sectors of life in Nigeria, so they will live and not die. (Mention them by their name)


  • EZEKIEL 37:6

Some of these institutions are emaciated so badly. Ask GOD to bring flesh on them and cover them with beautiful skin.


  • EZEKIEL 37:7-10

Ask GOD to raise a company of obedient and committed prophetic watchmen over this nation who will not be silent or hold their peace until GOD makes Nigeria a praise in the earth.


  • EZEKIEL 37:12

Ask GOD to open the graves and bring all aspects of our National life out of the grave. That includes ? Our Politics, our PHCN, Education, HealthCare Delivery, Agriculture, Family Life, Church etc.


  • EZEKIEL 37:14, ISA. 32:15

Pray that the Spirit of GOD will be poured upon the Nation of Nigeria so that every wilderness will become a fruitful field, and the fruitful field grows to become a forest.



DAY 5, 12, 19, 26



A minister friend of mine was driving along a street in his city and suddenly sensed God wanted to speak to him. He pulled out of the way, parked the car and began to listen to and to take notes. God said to him ?


?The church in your nation is sedentary.

She is not raising an army because she does not have any territory in mind to conquer.?


I believe God is indirectly reminding the church of the territorial nature of her calling in the nation.


  • Let us begin today?s prayer by singing this song many times.


?We are able to go up and take the country.

To possess the land from Jordan to the sea,

Though the giants may be on the way to hinder

God will surely give us victory.?


  • READ JER. 3: 14

Pray for the grace and humility to acknowledge our backslidings as the church and to return to God with all our hearts to do His will in the nation.


  • READ JER. 3: 14

Even in the natural, children are not invited when issues of the land are discussed. Only mature Elders talk about the land. Pray that in this season the church will mature and become intentional in raising the new Joshua generation that will fight the battles of the Lord to take over territories. Let God deliver us from juvenile ideas.


  • READ JER. 3: 14-18

To successfully deal with the Land, you must first deal with God. You must first be married to Him in order to properly marry the Land. Pray that God?s people will come into deeper covenantal relationship with God that will move Him to give us the land of Nigeria.


  • READ JER. 3: 14-18

Pray that God will begin to network an end time remnant company that will work together diligently and strategically despite denominational differences to turn the kingdoms of this nation to become the kingdom of God and of His Christ.

  • READ JER. 3: 14-18

Remember that inspiration cannot come without instruction. Ask God to raise Apostolic teachers in the church that will feed the people with knowledge and understanding that will provoke in them a territorial mindset and vision.


  • READ JER. 3: 16 , ACTS 7:17

A vision of territorial dominion without people is bound to fail. Pray that God will multiply and increase knowledgeable sons of Zion who can make a huge difference in all the mountains of societal influence. Let the army of God in the nation grow into a mighty Host.


  • READ JER. 3: 16-17

Pray that the church will no longer remain temple-centered but city-centered. Declare that the denominational church will no longer continue to grow at the expense of the territorial church. Let God deliver us from monastic Christianity.


  • READ JER. 3: 17

Plead with God for a shift in the understanding of the church that will make her take responsibility to make all our territories become the Throne of the God in the nation.


  • READ NEH. 9: 7-8 , GEN. 12: 1-3

Pray for the church leaders, that their eyes will open to see that God first calls us to the Land; that our inheritance is in the land not just in the four walls of the temple. Pray that God will find their hearts faithful to bring them into covenant with the land as He did with Abraham.


If the template we have for training people in the church is monastic in nature, it can never produce an army. It is the mould that determines the shape of the block. It is only the territorial church that raises an army.


  • Ask God to raise masters in the church that will model and teach territorial dominion as the ultimate calling of the church on earth.


  • GEN. 13: 17 , LUKE 3: 2-3

Only those who take responsibility over their land can effectively exercise territorial dominion. Pray that God will stir up the church to begin to deploy her priesthood over all her territories.


  • JONAH 4: 10-12 , NEH. 2: 3

Ask God to enable you understand and embrace the burden of God for your particular territory. Pray and desire to become the NEHEMIAH of your neighborhood, city, and community. Pray to develop a heart for Nigeria.



DAY 6, 13, 20, 27



  • Sing this song many times to commence today’s Prayers.


In heaven He won the Battle

On the earth He won the battle

In the Waters He won the battle

Praise Jesus the Man of War


God has granted the Nigerian Armed Forces unprecedented victory in the war against Boko Haram in recent times. On the 17th of September 2014 the 7th Division of the Nigerian Military recovered Konduga from the control of Boko Haram and Killed Bashir Mohammed the Boko Haram Commander who has been impersonating Abubakar Shekau. God has also used the Armed forces to foil two more attempts by the insurgents to gain entry to Maiduguri through Konduga and Benisheikh, the latest of which was on the 26th of September 2014.


  • With lifted up voices Proclaim PSALM 18: 1-15 and fasten it over the heavens of Nigeria especially over the North East to quietness the land and still the enemies of the nation.


  • Let us thank God for the victory He has granted the 7th Infantry Division of our Armed Forces in the war against Boko Haram. Thank God for the recovery of Konduga in Borno State and the killing of Abubakar Shekau. Praise God for the surrendering of over 130 Boko Haram Members. Declare that the Nigeria is The Lord’s and the fullness thereof!


  • EXODUS 7: 11

Like Aaron and Hur, let us pray to uphold the hands of the military in this war. Let us decree that the path of their victory shall shine brighter and brighter unto the day when Boko Haram shall be crushed to powder. Pray that the lord will raise a Joshua army in the Nigerian Armed Forces and that the Amalekites will fall under their sword as they did under Joshua.


  • ESTHER 6: 13

Let us declare that Nigeria is the seed of God and her prophetic destiny is prime in the heart of God, therefore this fall of Boko Haram that has commenced will not cease until they are totally destroyed. Let us declare that God will cause them to be hanged on their own gallows just like Haman.


  • 2 KINGS 6: 17

Let us pray and ask God to inspire the High Command of the armed forces to develop better strategy to prosecute the war against the insurgents. Let us pray that God will enhance the ability of the Armed forces by inspiration and divine insight. They will not be discouraged by the losses they have suffered by will be strengthened in the lord just as in the battle of Ziklag in 1 SAMUEL 30.


  • ISAIAH 37: 36

Let us declare that the angel of the Lord will arise over Nigeria and devastate the camp of Boko Haram. Let us ask God to deploy strong angels to end this war in the favour of Nigeria. May the eyes of the military be opened to see that greater is He who is with us that those that are against us. We will wake up and see the corpses littered about in The Name Of Jesus. Declare that the Battle is the Lords 7 times.


  • Pray for the four batches of the Nigerian Security personnel being trained as Special Forces in Russia to beef up the country?s fight against terrorism. That they will return like the men that David trained.


  • Let us thank God for the approval by the Senate for the Nigerian government to secure a 1 billion dollar loan for the prosecution of the war against Boko Haram and other insecurity matters. Let Government receive grace for proper management and utilization of the fund. Decree that corruption will not negate the intention and motive for the loan.


  • Pray that God will open a door for the acquisition of the required equipment for the prosecution of the war against Boko Haram. America and their Western Allies have been blocking all our efforts at acquiring weapons for our Military.
  • 1 CHRONICLES 12: 1-40

Let us proclaim the text responsively and ask God will raise men amongst the military who will be as fierce as the mighty men of David.



DAY 7, 14, 21, 28



Joseph experienced fruitfulness at two levels. While as a slave in Potiphar?s house and also as a prefect in the prison. However, a day came and every conceivable limitation was broken over him. He came into full liberty that enabled him experience fruitfulness at the highest level.


This can be your personal experience as you diligently pray these prayers.


  • Proclaim GEN. 41: 37-57


  • Pray that GOD will bring you through the Joseph kind of transition that will enable you become extremely fruitful in all your endeavors.


  • Renounce every form of tribal, social, family and historical bondages that have disabled you from serving GOD with liberty.


  • HOS. 2:15

Pray according to this passage that the blessings of God will transform every valley of trouble in your life into the door of hope for you and your entire family.


  • Joseph knew something about a next phase of life. From serving a couple of prisoners to serving a whole Nation. Pray that GOD will broaden the horizon of your career and calling in this New Season.


  • A day came and Joseph was no longer to be restricted within the confines of a prison compound. He could now move in service all over the Nation of Egypt. Pray therefore and break every limitation to fruitfulness and enlargement in your life, ministry, academics, finances etc.


  • READ DEUT. 15:1-2

There is something called ?The Lord?s Release? it is not release by man but by GOD. Pray and bring yourself, business, family and calling into the Lord?s Release. Remember this is the Second 7th Year in this millennium.


  • Read GEN. 41: 47-49 ? Repeat the reading 2 times

Mark the following phrases and adjectives and pray them into your life, family and business.


Ground brought forth abundantly.

Gathered very much grain.

As the sand of the Sea shore.

Until he stopped counting.

For it was immeasurable.


  • READ GEN. 41: 50-52

Pray that GOD will bring you into a new level of faithfulness in all department of life that will make you forget your previous years of suffering and barrenness.


  • Ask GOD to enable you enter into the season of ?the birth of Ephraim? ? ?For GOD has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction?. It is a time of Double Fruitfulness (Spiritual and Physical) for GOD?s honour and glory.


  • JER. 40: 4

Pray for such a great release that will open limitless doors of opportunities to you in the cities and Nations of the world.


  • Pray that believers will have the foresight to begin to syndicate funds that will give them capacity to enter into big time businesses and ventures.


  • Conclude the prayers by breaking bread and Seal it with thanksgiving and praises.








  1. To God be the glory, great things He hath done,

So loved He the world that He gave us His Son,

Who yielded His life our redemption to win,

And opened the life-gate that all may go in.

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,

Let the earth hear His voice;

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,

Let the people rejoice;

Oh, come to the Father, through Jesus the Son,

And give Him the glory; great things He hath done.


  1. Oh, perfect redemption, the purchase of blood,

To every believer the promise of God;

The vilest offender who truly believes,

That moment from Jesus a pardon receives.


  1. Great things He hath taught us, great things He hath done,

And great our rejoicing through Jesus the Son;

But purer, and higher, and greater will be

Our wonder, our transport when Jesus we see.








1. THY Kingdom come, O God,

Thy rule, O Christ, begin;

Break with thine Iron rod

Thy tyrannies of sin.


2. Where is thy reign of peace

And purity and love?

When shall all hatred cease,

As in the realms above?


3. When comes the promised time

That war shall be no more,

And lust, oppression, crime

Shall flee thy face before?


4. We pray thee, Lord, arise,

And come in thy great might;

Revive our longing eyes,

Which languish for thy sight.


5. Men scorn thy sacred name,

And wolves devour thy fold;

By many deeds of shame

We learn that love grows cold.


6. O?er heathen lands afar

Thick darkness broodeth yet:

Arise, O morning star,

Arise, and never set!










1 Notice of Election 1st October, 2014
2 Commencement of Campaigns by Political Parties. Presidential & National Assembly ? 16th November, 2014 Governorship & State House of Assembly ? 30th November, 2014
3 Collection of Forms for all Elections by Political Parties at INEC Headquarters. 4th ? 11th November, 2014
4 Conduct of Party Primaries including resolution of disputes from the Primaries. Commencement Date 2nd October, 2014 End 11th December, 2014
5 Last days for submission of Forms CF001 and CF002 at the INEC Headquarters (for all Elections). Presidential & National Assembly ? 18th December, 2014

Governorship & State House of Assembly ? 25th December, 2014

6 Publication of Personal Particulars of candidates (CF001) (for all Elections). Presidential & National Assembly ? 25th December, 2014

Governorship & State House of Assembly ? 1st January, 2015

7 Last day for withdrawal by candidate(s)/replacement of withdrawn candidate(s) by Political Parties. Presidential & National Assembly ? 30th December, 2014

Governorship & State House of Assembly ? 13th January, 2015

8 Last day for the submission of Nomination forms by Political Parties. Presidential & National Assembly ? 6th January, 2015

Governorship & State House of Assembly ? 20th January, 2015

9 Publication of official Register of Voters for the Election. 13th January, 2015
10 Publication of list of nominated candidates. Presidential & National Assembly ? 13th January, 2015

Governorship & State House of Assembly ? 27th January, 2015

11 Publication of Notice of Poll (for all Elections) 28th January, 2015
12 Submission of names of Party Agents for the Election to the Electoral Officer of the Local Government Areas or Area Councils. Presidential & National Assembly ? 29th January, 2015

Governorship & State House of Assembly ? 12th February, 2015

13 Last day for Campaigns Presidential & National Assembly ? 12th February, 2015

Governorship & State House of Assembly ? 26th February, 2015

14 Dates of Elections National Assembly/Presidential Governorship/State House of Assembly Presidential & National Assembly ? 14th February, 2015

Governorship & State House of Assembly ? 28th February, 2015


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